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Genres: Music 2019

Dave Soroka

“I’ve written over a thousand songs, and I’ve recorded probably 50 albums’ worth of material, ranging from kitchen and basement recordings on old cassette machines right up to full studio productions.

As far as my goals for my art: I just want the listener to feel some of what I feel.”



Rae Spoon

Mental Health, is Rae Spoon’s tenth full-length album and is being released on their label Coax Records. Giving a voice to a perspective not as often heard in the media, the songs are a rumination on pursuing health without the pressure of being cured and the duality of trying to survive trauma and accept oneself at the same time. The album will be premiering at Arts Wells this year. Rae owns and runs an indie record label called Coax Records that has released fifteen albums by Canadian and international artists. They have been nominated for two Polaris Prizes, a Lambda Literary Award and a Western Canadian Music Award.





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