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Mahlpaka7 by Yvonne Dixon

Malhpaka7 by Yvonne Dixon, 
Dramaturge Nicolle Nattrass

“My name is Malhpaka7 – Yvonne Dixon. I am from the Nlakapamux Nation (Siska Flats, 11 km south of Lytton BC). My father was a shaman and gave me the spirit of the eagle before I was born. My grandfather named me after a female from our nation. Her name was Malhpaka7 (in English it sounds like Mythecka). “Someday you will live up to your name”. I responded with “Mythecka” grandpa said “Yes”. I said, “What does Mythecka mean?” He said “A tall tree with very few limbs”.  I said, “What was she like Grandpa?”. He said, “If I told you everything you’d never learn, it’s up to you to find out!”


Geoff Berner’s Work-in-Progress Musical Extravaganza

Singer/songwriter, accordion ace and social provocateur Geoff Berner and writer/performer TJ Dawe locked themselves in a room for four days to create a musical. This one-shot will showcase what they came up with.

Geoff Berner

improv shmimprov performance

Improv Shmimprov

“Theatre games from the future! Live actors take suggestions from the audience and make it come to life on stage. Featuring a host of never seen before games and hilarious hi-jinks! We hunt your imaginary wild boar! We fight your Ogopogo! We fry your back bacon! Taking things the wrong way since Jimmy Carter was
in the white house!

Improv Shmimprov is hosting an Improv theatre workshop!!!
Ever wanted to think on your feet? At a loss for words? Dream of being on the stage? Want to make your awesome even more awesomer? Taller? Faster? Stronger? This workshop is for you. After a warmup period, we will cover a wide variety of improvisation techniques including; groupwork, yes lets, making character and a primer on Irish drinking songs!”



The Drum is Calling You Home

‘The Drum is Calling You Home’ is a fusion of traditional story telling, concert, ceremony and theatre. This new play in development, written and performed by Marcel Gagnon, takes the audience on a journey of the human spirit depicted in four rounds. Each round tells Marcel’s story from a young man discovering his aboriginal roots to making peace with the inner callings of his heritage and the desires that propels him forward to build a meaningful life. This story is an awakening of one man’s spirit to his community and to is roots. It gives the audience a glimpse into what it not only means to be aboriginal, but what it means to be human, the difficult choices each of us are face within the raw and challenging realities of life. The decision to follow his heart and spirit leading him home, is echoed from within.

Marcel Gagnon
Aaron M. Wells





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