Festival of All Things Arts

Genres: Visual Arts 2017

Artisan Emma

Emma of Powell River B.C., uses paint to create vibrant scenescapes combining visionary art with impressionism. Her paintings depict radiating skies influenced by early Canadian impressionist painters. Her visionary style comes alive within her painted totems and hauntingly magnetic portraits.



Open Mind

Cam Novak a.k.a. Open Mind is an artist, social activist and story teller interested in spiritual exploration through the use of visual art and public engagement.


Tessa Mythos

Tessa Mythos moved by the mystic and symbolic elements of vision, and finds infinite meaning in story, legend and prophecy. Her work is based on and inspired by an ongoing study of mythology and spirit, and explores the inter-relationships of symbol between culture and nature.


Erin Stagg

Erin Stagg is best known for her diverse range of colourful acrylic and oil paintings. Her style ranges from thoughtful, such as her Flora and Fauna collection to light-hearted and comical, like her Yoga animal collection.

“After following the prescribed career path for me, I found myself living in gray scale without any zest for life. Now, it’s my mission to bring colour in and to celebrate those little everyday moments that are full of vibrant life.”

Erin’s art is found in private collections internationally. She is constantly testing boundaries and playing with a variety of styles, techniques and subjects.

“My art may be diverse, but it always has a spirit. You will feel it in your heart and that is my mission, to make your soul sing again.”

Her art is inspired by artists like Frida Kahlo and Ashley Longshore and local artist Lesley White. Erin is a Métis Aboriginal Artist living in Prince George, BC.






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