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Genres: Visual Arts 2017


NASARIMBA are a duo from Calgary, AB. They have been making collaborative artworks since 2015 in cities across Canada. They enjoy making marks on surfaces and environments through vivid applications of form and color. Their work includes murals, sculptures, paintings, printmaking, installations and street interventions. Experimentation and the use of salvaged material are important elements in their process. They value art making as a means to interact with communities and activate spaces.



Kate Kennedy

A Vancouver Island based artist and Island Mountain Arts staff alumni Kate works primarily with clay. By altering wheel thrown vessels, casted component and surface design she uses these forms compose illuminated porcelain lighting. Kate is influenced by her love of textiles, complexities in nature and the microscopic world from the deep. With a curiosity for play, she creates where clay, fibre and light intersect. With collaboration from master weaver Stefania Zwirello, she is pleased to create an immersive environment for the downstairs hall this season.

@kpkceramics @wildwithinweaves


In The Dirt

In the Dirt is a 6 minute bicycle-operated film by Tin Gamboa, dancer and movement-based filmmaker, and Forest Borch, musician and composer. The two believe that the intermingling of music, dance and film can spark conversations, ideas, and positively rooted change.

This work was originally commissioned for Vines Art Festival, in Vancouver. It was presented as an installation, in collaboration with Forest Borch. The installation involves a pedal generator that powers the screen that shows the film. An audience member operates the pedal generator, adding a physical component to the auditory and visual and experience. Its goal is to allow the audience to ruminate on their relationship to land and ask questions such as: How much is land a part of my identity? How much do I take from land? How much do I give back to it?



Karl Mattson

Raised on the banks of the creek, as a fifth generation farmer, and living in the South Peace Country, Karl Mattson is a self-taught, multi-media artist. Karl’s life has been fueled by his compulsion to create and speak through art, which has always played a central role in his life.


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