Acro Yoga and Circus Playcare w/ Bryce & Valari

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In these workshops we will share a non judgemental space and explore tools to overcome challenges in learning that can be applied to create wins in every day life. We will laugh and play our way through our self imposed limitations. Circus for all ages, Acro for 16+

In the circus workshop we will be drawing parallels between the challenges of learning circus to every day life and leaned how to being play and humor as tools to overcoming anything. In the acro workshop we will be learning how to trust and communicate and support each other which will serve to deepen our relationships with ourselves and each other. Both workshops will be a offered and held as a nonjudgemental space for personal discovery.

Valari and Bryce have toured the province offering performances and instruction in acro yoga and circus arts for spirits of all ages. Holding a safe space for exploration and discovery through play, they can support you in your personal and relationship development.



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