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Close Talker is a creative force and innovative indie rock band from Saskatoon, Canada. The band has toured throughout North America and Europe and has gained the attention and praise of notable publications such as NPR, Billboard, Clash, Spin, Q Magazine, COS etc. The band has received praise from both far and near, having just won Alternative Artist of The Year at the Sask Music Awards. Beyond the band’s recordings and challenging videos, Close Talker’s music really comes alive with the band’s iconic sound and fervent live show, leaving audiences around the world satisfied, having left all inhibitions behind. When not touring, the band works tirelessly evolving in their songwriting and craft, which has lead to their strongest and most confident album to date: ​How Do We Stay Here? In so many ways ​How Do We Stay Here? m​ arks a new chapter for the band. The three members really leaned into the trust and foundation built over time to pursue a unwavering representation of Close Talker’s development. Choosing to self produce allowed the band to really hold this album close to their chest while it developed organically over the course of 2018 at RMS labs in Regina, SK. The album is laced with a quiet confidence that invites the listener to engage and dig in finding new appreciation with each spin. Close Talker, more than ever, is interested in music that is timeless and unforceful when evoking emotion. There is enough plastic in the world and the band’s approach when writing ​How Do We Stay Here? ​followed a code of raw instincts and simple honesty. This album is a true testament to the band’s integrity and desire to produce and showcase music that is original, pure, and unadulterated by trends or the masses. Prior to recording, the band wrote out ten commandments to protect this goal and funnel decisions toward an album that values meaning and lasting quality above all else. In short, ​How Do We Stay Here?​ is a an album the band wrote for themselves in hopes that these songs would carry as much sophistication and meaning in to them in 10 years, as they do today. Always striving to innovate and establish their own path, Close Talker is premiering North America’s first ever 3D – 360 degree Silent Headphone Concert Series. The band will be collaborating with visual artists in each city and performing their new album, front to back, all to a seated audience wearing headphones. The audience will be experiencing real time 3D mixing, putting the audience in the middle of the band, hearing instruments and voices swirling around them. Collaborating with esteemed galleries and art institutions across Canada, the band is excited for their music to be experienced in an inclusive and multi sensational context, allowing the audience to lose oneself in both the immersive audio and the live visual components.. Close Talker is fully pioneering this new genre of live music and is excited to utilize this new technology in a meaningful communal way.


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