Festival of All Things Arts

Edo Alfredo & Danilo Moreno

Edo Alfredo, Danilo Moreno & Alan Nielsen met on the Italian island of Stomboli, a volcanic speck in the Mediterranean Sea, in 1999. It was there, peering contemplatively into a volatile active magma crater, while on a guided natural history tour, that their musical future was forged. Alfredo was at the time being mentored by Maurice Calvino, founder of the Stomboli Acoustic Philosophers guild. Moreno is the step-son of Marice Calvino’s fourth, and recently deceased wife Claudia Calstellari. Nielson was born a fatherless lovechild of Claudia’s half-sister Astrid Nilsson, not be confused with his own namesake. Upon their initial encouter, Moreno, Alfredo & Nielson became friends, subsequent pen-pals, and eventually, several decades later, formed their most current performing live ensemble.