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Step right up! The Circus is in town! Come and learn circus arts in this hands-on workshop (equipment provided if you do not have your own). Come learn to juggle or manipulate flow items. If you already do, come practice!

We wish to engage folks in discovering the magic of circus arts. Throughout the many years we have been attending ArtsWells, we have found that circus is somewhat under-represented and us, as performers and circus enthusiasts, would love to fill this gap. We are proposing to do this through a hands-on workshop where folks can learn about and try different circus related arts. We will provide extra toys for folks to use during the workshop if they do not have their own. We will begin by teaching the basics and a few simple moves for folks to practice, then as we go, the moves will build on each other and progress in difficulty. The instruction portion of the workshops are geared for beginners, however anyone is welcome to join the fun and use the space. Circus is an artistic expression that is appreciated by folks of all ages and sizes!

Saturday: Gravity can be your Worst Enemy or Best Ally with Basic Juggling

Sunday: The Constant Danger of Moving Objects Through the Art of Poi

Monday: How I Hate Everything but Pretend Otherwise with Beginner Clown Technique

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