Firewood Poetry

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FirewoodPoetry is a music project with sincere intention. The music has been created for the sake of sound, vibration and heart.  The man chopped his wood with vigour. There is feeling inside his every action, a deep-rooted involvement that he experienced when creating or destroying wood. He watched, as the weight of the metal axe head dove into a single piece is wood, making two. The wood opened and parted like a fragile flower petal, all at once blossoming and falling away from itself. He picked up the two pieces and cradled them in his strong arms to the glowing fire, just beginning to crackle. The man placed the wood quickly and carefully onto the flame. A woman stood watching the man. She watched his hands; she gazed at the wood noticing each piece was uniform and cut with precision as she caught the faint smell of cedar. Creativity and grace. The woman turned her back to leave, but before she did she sifted through the man’s woodpile to find a few loose pieces and removed them. She wrote tales of love, and words from her thighs and gently slipped them back amongst the towering pile of cut tree. The wood would be burnt with the kind touch of the man. The words, burnt with the kind heart of the woman and his home would be permeated with warmth and love.


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