High Society

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High Society is an unstoppably dramatic rockin’ Soul and Blues band, eager to fill your eyes and ears with euphoric excitement and inspiration.

High Society is a four-headed beast with the undying strength of animatronics driven by monstrous animal instincts; with lungs only comparable to the likes of superman filling a voice that plucks your heart strings.

Based out of Vancouver, B.C. the band has been building a regional reputation across western Canada for close to seven years playing a blend of R&B, Soul, Folk, Blues, Hip Hop, and Jazz; sometimes characterized as Punkrock Motown. With two albums under their belt and whose knows how many shows, members Kenan Sungur, Chelsea D.E. Johnson, Adam Farnsworth, Ashton Sweet and Dave Taylor are ready to knock your gosh darn socks off, shucks and jeepers!





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