Improv Theatre Games with Improv Shmimprov

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Improv Shmimprov is hosting an Improv theatre workshop!!!

Ever wanted to think on your feet? At a loss for words? Dream of being on the stage? Want to make your awesome be even awesomer? Taller? Faster? Stronger? This workshop is for you.

After a warmup period, we will cover a wide variety of improvisation techniques including; groupwork, yes let’s, making character and a primer on Irish drinking songs!

Live improv theatre games from the heart of BC! Bringing a wealth of theatre experience with them, Improv Shmimprov breathe a breath of fresh air to the stage. Working off suggestions and prompting from the audience, wacky scenes take shape and bring on the giggles. Expect the unexpected at an Improv Shmimprov show!



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