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Kin Balam, “path of the jaguar” is a powerful synthesis of Flamenco guitar, Classical, Afro-Latin, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Indigenous Aztec Maya music.



Through all original compositions and a virtuosic Flamenco/classical guitar, Afro Latin & Indigenous rhythms and sounds, as well as a social political message through Hip Hop, Kin Balam brings forth a new musical proposition to the modern landscape of music.

From the Indigenous lands of Kuxkatan, Nekepio, El Salvador, born in the heart of a people’s revolution, raised in the northern lands of turtle island, burying his heart in the pain and urban warfare as a youth with a soul hungry for meaning and connection, years later learning to die to a lifestyle that has shattered the foundation of his community and country with blood and fire.

Kin Balam In Lenca Poton and Maya Indigenous languages translates as the path of the jaguar, signifying the return to our Indigenous culture, our roots, our healing, and the journey and process to one’s personal truths.

Fusing the hardcore rap delivery usually associated to gangster rap KB has decided to utilize that same vein of art and feeding the streets medicine, hope, healing, and revolutionary evolutionary guidance. The Mesoamerican Indigenous instruments integrated into the musical landscape are all of pre-Colombian colonial origin and therefore bear with them the unique identity of central American indigenous culture and spirituality. The Afro Latin rhythms deepen the meaning of this reality with the connection and bridging of African culture and struggle in the earth and flesh of the Americas Colonial history. And finally, the virtuoso Flamenco guitar is the sword that ties all of these elements as one diverse family which sets to speak as one heart, one voice, in one language. The language of our humanity.






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