Lady Mystics

Lady Mystics
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There’s a sense of familiarity about Lady Mystics. It could be the cast of musicians pulled from well-respected Canadian bands, or it could be the timelessness of the tried and true songwriting approach heralding back to the days of folk greats. Either way, their modern take on a classic sound is sure to fit in nicely with anyone’s vinyl collection. After years of plugging away with various solo projects (With Wolves, Riverwind) and playing as a sideman with a number of different acts (David Beckingham, Parker Bossley, White Ash Falls, The Wild North), Mike Rosen has joined forces with a number of fellow Vancouver journeymen to form Lady Mystics. Their alt-country inspired brand of rock ‘n roll is further enhanced by an all-star cast of talent including Andy Bishop (Twin River, White Ash Falls, Red Cedar), Cody Hiles (The Zolas, Alex Little & the Suspicious Minds), and DJ Abell (The Zolas).

Lady MysticsLady-Mystics


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