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“Vancouver’s own queer post-punk trio, Land Line, fka Sorry Edith, is apologizing no more. On the heels of their first cross Canada tour supporting rock legends, The Pack AD, they are set to release their long awaited eponymous 5 song EP. While promising their “hard-hitting and emotionally driven sound” (Discorder Magazine), Land Line has broadened their influences and evolved from Garage/Grunge rock to a more refined and polished New Wave 5th generation Post Punk sound.

The EP was recorded and mixed at Jackknife Studios in Vancouver, B.C. by Jason Corbett (lead singer of ACTORS and producer of Art D’ecco, Mesa Luna, ACTORS, Frankiie) and is an emotional drive that careens through the East Side of Vancouver and to the bully running the country next door in a tight 16 minutes.

The first track, “9:17,” is a mesmerizing progressive-pop track, with lyrical commentary about our current political climate. “Narrow Arrow”, uses military drumming and jangly guitar riffs to set up an urgent landscape that threatens to take off, only to be subdued by keyboard waves and lead vocalist, Aubrey’s soothing reminder that “we all want the same thing.”

This is then followed by the 80’s dream synth of “Ebb & Flow” and “I See You”; an introspective story, told through the eyes of a DTES sex trade worker that is sonically textured with urgent drums and atmospheric guitar riffs.

Not content to let the listener off easy, the band leaves you with their six minute epic take on Vancouver’s housing and opiod crisis, “52 Elephants.” It begins with a haunting three minute build-up of vocals that layer gradually into an oceanic rhythm that carries the promise of hope and a threat at the same time. This balance is shattered, when, midway through the song, the instruments come crashing in to challenge the listener’s safety as Aubrey screams, “you’re in your new world while I’m stuck in yours / Looking over this city of tents, my outlooks shrinking.”

Land Line creates hauntingly catchy music that touches on the current hopes and fears of our present time.

Land Line is Aubrey on guitar and vocals, Deona on drums and Kaylee on keys and bass.”


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