Festival of All Things Arts

LINEage by Tin Gamboa and Forest Borch

Contemporary dance and violin mix to produce a captivating performance art piece wherein Tin and Forest explore the idea of ancestry. With the use of their art mediums and a long red string, the two artists will delve into their individual bloodlines of two different ethnicities, they can begin to understand what brings us all here, how our story interacts with the first people of the land on which we were born and now reside, and come to a place of reconciliation. Furthermore, through this exploration and presentation, Forest and Tin can express the importance of a common humanity with the ideas of privilege, ancestry, reconciliation, and empathy.

Tin Gamboa is a dance artist from the ancestral land of the Malayo-Polynesian people, now known as the Philippines. Forest Borch is a musician originally from the ancestral land of Tsuu t’ina, now known as Edmonton. Both artists have been inspired by the Indigenous Allyship training run by Pulxaneeks Love and are excited to explore and integrate their learnings, questions, and reflections regarding ancestry and reconciliation into their art mediums.