Mahlpaka7 by Yvonne Dixon

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Malhpaka7 by Yvonne Dixon, 
Dramaturge Nicolle Nattrass

“My name is Malhpaka7 – Yvonne Dixon. I am from the Nlakapamux Nation (Siska Flats, 11 km south of Lytton BC). My father was a shaman and gave me the spirit of the eagle before I was born. My grandfather named me after a female from our nation. Her name was Malhpaka7 (in English it sounds like Mythecka). “Someday you will live up to your name”. I responded with “Mythecka” grandpa said “Yes”. I said, “What does Mythecka mean?” He said “A tall tree with very few limbs”.  I said, “What was she like Grandpa?”. He said, “If I told you everything you’d never learn, it’s up to you to find out!”


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