The Tailor

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The Tailor will grab you by your hips, spin you across the floor, whisper in your ear and send you to sleep with a lullaby. He dreams a future rhythm and walks a future blues, made up of tender slices from all over this crazy world. He travels with a Broken Beatbox and a Strange Banjo and he is not afraid to use it.
His legendary Live performances have been delighting, confounding and seducing audiences across the West Coast for more years than he would care to admit. Highlights include residency at Shambhalah Living Room Stage for ten years and an opening slot for a Beats Antique tour. Currently he runs the Rattle performance space in east vancouver, and is a founder of the Sea to Seed music tour of Salish Sea.
The music has been featured in the short film Bury him in the Desert, a cooking show the Perennial plate, a crazy swedish fishing documentary, and a number of racy love scenes. of course.

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