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This Way North

This Way North

It’s easy to forget that This Way North is a two-piece band. Drummer/vocalist Cat Leahy and guitarist/vocalist Leisha Jungalwalla create a uniquely full, expansive sound that translates effortlessly from the studio to the stage. Currently, of no fixed address, the Australian girls are enjoying life on the road, but one thing is evident their sound: their home is on the stage. After ripping up stages all over Canada from Iqaluit to Haida Gwaii in 2018, This Way North return to do it all again. Whether in a local dive bar or at an international festival, This Way North plays with more passion and energy than a 10-piece band, drumming up a contagious euphoria. Big, rhythmic, spacious and saturated with summer, they invite you to turn up the volume and let loose.