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Genres: Workshops 2018


Acapella Jam with Marian Buechert

A 100% participatory song-sharing session.

Everyone has a voice and we can all sing. Doing it together can make it fun instead of scary! This is not about breathing exercises or proper technique. It’s about freeing up that singer who only dares to sing in the shower or alone in the car. In this session we’re going to laugh, play, and most of all, SING together!

In our modern society, the only times most people sing with others is at birthday parties, belting out “Happy Birthday to You!” and sometimes at Christmas, singing carols. All too often, singing is seen as the realm of professionals. Yet we have a common heritage of sharing songs that don’t require instrumental accompaniment: work songs, teaching songs, children’s songs, popular songs, story songs. The Acapella Jam would provide a safe and welcoming space where anyone, young or old, could explore the joy of singing in a group. Participants would be encouraged to bring well-known songs with simple choruses that they could share with the group or to simply come out to sing along. No musical knowledge is required and every voice is celebrated.

Marian Buechert is the current vice-president of the Vancouver Folk Song Society, which has been encouraging people to reclaim their right to song for almost 60 years. She has hosted dozens of songcircles as well helping to organize and promote folk music events around the Lower Mainland.



Guitar Masterclass with Noah Walker

Keys to the Cadillac – Guitar Masterclass with Noah Walker

ArtsWells veteran guitarist Noah Walker will expand your knowledge of the guitar neck, answer any and all guitar related questions, and discuss different approaches to improvising guitar solos. Noah explains things in a way that makes them seem easy and is happy to hand you the keys to the Cadillac. Bring your guitar!

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