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Blackberry Wood at ArtsWells 2014 photo by Mary Matheson

Festival Organizers In-the-Round

We are excited to invite a number of international festival directors to ArtWells this year! This round table is a chance to share festival ideas from across the globe. Collaboration isn’t just great in music, it’s also great for organizers. All festival directors and organizers are welcome!


Dance Church with Grampa Groove

Grampa Groove, DJing for over 45 years. Serving up steaming plates of Global Glitch. Get your Arts Wells day started right. Family friendly. Kids welcome. Dancing cures everything!!!! See you on the dance floor.


Performance and workshop-in-Contemporary-dance

Contemporary Dance Class with Rebecca Margolick

A contemporary dance class for students. Rebecca’s class blends contemporary dance technique, improvisation and choreography, creating a class that never stops moving. Class begins with simple exercises to get warm, building into a technical portion and transitioning into a creative space with improvisation. Class ends with a combination that is full bodied, moves through space, is complex, and fun.

Rebecca Margolick is a choreographer and dance artist born in Canada and based in Brooklyn, NY. She was a company member of Sidra Bell Dance New York from 2012-2016.


Performance and workshop-in-Contemporary-dance

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