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Get Involved with the Seasonal s’Wells (2022)

Applications can be found here
Staff Positions
Bring it to life behind the scenes. Check out opportunities by clicking here
Fed, clothed, watered. Vendors can head over here for more details

Feeling more generous or have a business looking to sponsor something?  There are always sponsorship opportunities!
Please email finance (at) imarts.com for more information.

Kitchen Shifts, Billets, Set Up, Tear Down and more! If you want to volunteer, you can start with clicking here!

For those of you who live, own a house or have property in Wells, perhaps you would like to contribute by billeting an artist.

We are always happy to welcome new people to our events and whether you participate in any of the ways above or just buy tickets to join us for the weekend, we look forward to having you take part in what we have to offer!