Festival of All Things Arts

On-Site Services

On-Site Services

Services in Wells are slightly different than those in big city centres, which offers festival goers a unique experience.

  • Questions about Accessibility? Contact Oryanna at accessibility@imarts.com
  • There is no cell service in Wells.  The closest service is at Mexican Hill (on the highway between Quesnel and Wells) or at the top of a couple of mountains (there has been reported service at the top of Slide Mountain and Two Sisters, if you want a long hike to your service!)
  • Wi-Fi Service at local businesses and hotels is available, but very expensive for local business owners.  Please respect the fact that they are trying to provide these services to you and limit your use at these locations.
  • ArtsWells Wi-Fi Hotspots.  For the ArtsWells weekend, there are a number of hotspots provided by our sponsor, ABC Communications.  These are excellent locations for you to check / send message or post to your social media. (Help boost our media community using #ArtsWells!).
  • Gas. There is only one gas station in Wells that has fuel delivered once per week.  It is wise for Festival-goers to fill up in Prince George or Quesnel, so that you don’t get caught out.  Once you are in Wells, there will be little need for your vehicle, though, as all the venues in the town are within walking distance and there is a shuttle to Barkerville
  • Public Washrooms.  There are port-o-potties provided throughout the town.  At the Visitor Information Centre and Box Office at the head of Jack ‘o’ Clubs Lake when you enter town have public washrooms.  Some of the venues, such as the Community Hall, have washrooms, but others, such as the Museum Stage, do not.
  • Food and Groceries. If you are looking for groceries, there are supplies available at the Jack ‘o’ Clubs General and the BNC Mercantile.  There are some local restaurants as well food trucks and the ArtsWells kitchen that provide a good selection of prepared food. The closest full grocery store is in Quesnel (75km away)
  • Pay phones. Yes, Wells still has public pay phones! This is, in part, because we have no cell service.  If you need to make a call, pay phones are located outside at the Jack ‘o’ Clubs and at the White Cap Motel or inside at the Wells Hotel and at Barkerville.
  • ATM. There is no bank in Wells, but there is an ATM at the Wells Hotel and at Barkerville.  Most places accept credit or debit cards, although vendors and food trucks may not.
  • Liquor store. Located at the Jack of Clubs General.
  • Off-sales are available at the Wells Hotel and at the Wells Legion.

For more information about Wells, Barkerville and Bowron Lakes area, here are a few helpful sites: