Festival of All Things Arts


Interested in being a part of our seasonal s’Wells?

We are hosting small events in the sprit of ArtsWells through the spring and summer of 2022

We intend for these to be celebrations of all forms of art and welcome applications from musicians, performance artists, actors, visual artists, literary artists, filmmakers and other forms of art. The line up for individual events will be announced on a rolling basis.

Applications are now closed.

Musical Performers

We are always seeking out new and exciting musical performances.  From gospel to reggae, bluegrass to hip-hop, soul to classical, we want the best of the broadest spectrum of talent!



Visual Artists

We are soliciting for innovative art projects/installations to be carried out/presented at one of our events.  We are looking for projects in any media that can be displayed in the spaces we have available.  These spaces include many outdoor locations, and some indoor locations.  We welcome proposals that are interactive, innovative, performative, experiential, educational and any and all things art. We welcome applications for the Mini Mural Project, where artists create a 4′ x 4′ mural over the August long weekend. 



We love workshops where people learn and do all things art.  If you have a skill to share, a mini-forum to lead, or possess a desire to bring people together, we invite you to host a workshop.  Workshops have ranged from laughter yoga to classical bass technique, mini journal making to kung-fu, radical folk history to gospel singing, panel discussions to Broadway dancing!  Whatever you can do, come and share it. 

We are also soliciting expressions of interest for workshops led under our “Art + The Forest” Program this summer. Click here to check it out


Performing Arts

As a multidisciplinary arts organization, we welcome artists of all disciplines to perform pieces (of any length) during our events.  This category can apply to a wide range of artists including, but not limited to, poets, dancers, clowns, roving performers, puppeteers, magicians, authors, mimes, stilt-walkers, fire-spinners, jugglers, or any and all things art. 


We invite you to submit films for consideration.  We encourage filmmakers from diverse genres to apply.  From animation to documentary, short fiction to full length feature, come and be a part of the reel experience at one of our s’Wells events this summer.  Have a favourite film/documentary that you didn’t create?  Many films are available for screening purposes simply by requesting them from the filmmaker.  Get the reel rolling today. 



We love the contributions of literary artists to our events! Poets, spoken word artists, novelists, historians and avant-writers of all sorts are welcome to apply




We have a growing history of theatrical events, not in any small part due to the One-Minute Play Festival.  Artists are encouraged to submit works for presentation during the seasonal s’Wells. All theatre applications must work for a setting with minimal set up and tech requirements.

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