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Cara Bateman is a risk taker.



With songs like ‘Make Out With My Ex’ and ‘Joe Rogan Broke Up My Relationship,’ it is clear that she is not in the business of playing it safe. Growing up in a working class suburb, she spent much of her childhood and adolescence doing just that. Now in her thirties and working toward the creative life of her dreams, she has spent the last few years unlearning aspects of her upbringing that no longer serve her while simultaneously discovering what truly feels important to her own beliefs. All of this is reflected in her current writings which have become heavier, edgier, and bolder than the last. Her upcoming debut album “Daddy Issues” contains elements of grunge, rock and roll, and punk. At the end of the day, though, Cara will always be a vocalist’s vocalist — and she continues to feature her soothing, soulful, and powerful voice at the forefront of the latest soundscapes. Is R&B Grunge a genre? Cara is doing her best to create it. ‘Time To Be A Bitch’ — the first single off of “Daddy Issues” is out now. Stream it wherever you listen to music. Cara has toured with and shared the stage with the likes of Dashboard Confessional, The Elwins, Mauvey, and Juno-Award Winners Dizzy. She has been a featured artist at such festivals as Canadian Music Week, The TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Tiny Lights, Song & Surf, Khatsahlano, and Sunfest Country Music Festival.








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