Gurdeep Pandher

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Gurdeep Pandher is a Yukon-based, Bhangra artist and educator.



He creates performance pieces that bring together people from all backgrounds while promoting inclusivity. He is also best known for bringing joy, hope and positivity during the pandemic through his online dance classes, videos and uplifting messages. Millions of viewers throughout the world watch his online dance performances and videos. Videos of Gurdeep dancing Bhangra in frigid cold temperatures at -45ºC/-49ºF, and on frozen lakes and rivers of Canada’s North gained worldwide recognition. He lives in a small cabin without running water in the wilderness of the Yukon. Many international art and media organizations, including BBC News, CBC National, The Globe and Mail, CTV National, Nature Conservancy of Canada, CAA Magazine, and NBC, have published Gurdeep’s works. Gurdeep was also named “This week’s Greatest Canadian” by Global News Radio! Gurdeep is also one of 5 panellists for the 2023 CBC Canada Reads show. Gurdeep’s Bhangra dance sessions are based on body and mind movement. They are a joyful way to introduce physical exercise and a nourishing route to a wholesome mental well-being wonderland. Bhangra is a traditional folk dance of Punjab. For more information, please visit






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