Festival of All Things Arts

Genres: Collaborations 2019

Becoming: A Storytelling Session

Becoming, is a storytelling session with Indigenous creatives, Madeline Terbasket, the Snotty Nose Res Kids, and S.M. Steele. In her new opera, Li Keur: Riel’s Heart of the North, Steele writes a becoming story of the peoples in her opera, lii Michif. Note, this is not a creation story based on the cultural provenance of peoples (hers and other cultures). This session looks at the becoming story, and challenges participants to listen, scribe, tell their own becoming stories, and challenge cultural assumptions.
Blackberry Wood at ArtsWells 2014 photo by Mary Matheson

Festival Organizers In-the-Round

We are excited to invite a number of international festival directors to ArtWells this year! This round table is a chance to share festival ideas from across the globe. Collaboration isn’t just great in music, it’s also great for organizers. All festival directors and organizers are welcome!