Festival of All Things Arts

Genres: Literary Arts 2017

Jeanie Vant

My book is “Adventure in the Forest” dedicated to the Wells children. It is a story that features a remote lake in the Wells/ Barkerville area.


Ann Walsh

Ann Walsh writes novels for young readers, many of them set in Barkerville, as well as shorter pieces for adults. She will read from her novels, focusing on her first one, Your Time, My Time, a a direct result of her time in at Island Mountain Arts in Wells.
Visit her website: http://annwalsh.ca

Carolyn Affleck Youngs

Carolyn Affleck Youngs is an author, walker and singer from Victoria, BC. Her walks include all the streets of Vancouver, the Camino, and the 88 Temples pilgrimage. Walking to Japan was co-written with her late husband Derek Youngs.



Janet Rogers

Janet Rogers is a Mohawk/Tuscarora writer from Six Nations. Vancouver-born, Janet has lived on Coast Salish territory since 1994. She works in multiple genres of poetry, and is also a radio broadcaster, documentary producer, media and sound artist. Her spoken word poetry is political, creative and original. She has many literary titles and has hosted various radio documentaries including “Resonating Reconciliation”, which won Best Radio at the imagaineNATIVE Film and Media festival 2011 and 2013. In 2016, Janet produced and launched a 6-part radio documentary series titled NDNs on the Airwaves focused on the current history of native radio in Canada.