Festival of All Things Arts

Genres: Theatre 2017

Tea Party on a Bike Trailer

You’re invited to happen across this illusive tea party. Join us for a refreshing cup of tea on this Victorian themed mobile tea lounge. We dare to deconstruct the idea of being civilized, and discuss how colonialism affects us today.


Melisa Devost

This Way It’s Poetry – A Musical Play Written and Performed by Melisa Devost
In 1991, beloved Irish movie The Commitments was released. 5 years later, a teenager left her small island home to travel around Europe. Coincidence? Absolutely. Or was it…

Lead by her long standing obsession with music and pop-culture, Devost weaves a touching and personal tale of an addictive allure to daydreaming, an ever present longing to be something more and the serendipity of youth and travel.



Picos Puppet Palace

Pico’s Puppet Palace is hand-made from mostly repurposed materials. Suitable for ages 4-8 (roughly) and also for adults alike. Accompanied by a live musical score the shows have environmental themes and are interactive. Each show is a chapter of Pico’s adventures.



Burlesque Anonymous

These salacious thespians will leave you wanting more with their flirty moves and glittery parlor tricks! Our wayward divas are no stage virgins; they’ve performed in festivals and showcases throughout the Cariboo. Come taste our own flavour of entertainment!

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