Festival of All Things Arts

Genres: Visual Arts 2017

Clayton Gauthier

I have been a Visual Artist most of my journey and very grateful for how much I’m learning every day. In the past I have been a part of many projects, big and small. I have apprenticed under the Artist Peter George, Wet’suwet’en Master Carver, and I had the honour to be a part of a 16x4ft red cedar carving which is hung in the lobby of University Hospital of Northern B.C. in Prince George. I have also completed murals and carvings for the community of Prince George, learning and sharing as much as I can. I also have attended the En’owkin Centre for 2 years adding to this gift in which I’m truly grateful for, Attending the N.A.P.A.T. National Aboriginal Professional Artists Training has brought a lot my way, I currently have gotten my first book published “The Salmon Run” through this amazing program. I’ve been sharing the gift of Art through workshops and class sessions… sharing this gift for all who want to learn. I love to see our future leaders grow and very honoured to be a part of their journey in a good way.

There’s a variety of Art works that are a part of me and they are: drawing, painting, carving, drum making, rattle making, logos, mirror etching, tattoos and graphic/digital art. Most of the work I do is custom ordered and I love working with all who want to learn, all of this is revolved around who I am as a Cree and Dakelh Artist. Art is my way of life… I need art in my journey on a daily basis to keep my Heart, Mind and Spirit in balance.


(You have honoured me)

Clayton Gauthier Cree/Dakelh Artist



Kate Solsby

Hailing from the rainy shores of the North Salish Sea and places beyond the road’s end, Kate is a multi-disciplinary artist and creative human working to survive and make art in wild places. Weaving together a passion for wild food systems and resilient communities in acrylic and ink.


Kelly Wright

Kelly Wright is a self-taught artist from Maple Ridge BC. He moved to Kamloops 9 years ago and quickly excelled in painting. In 2011 he finished his first mural job and in Oct 2012 started his first of three murals for Kamloops Art Alley projects for the KCBIA.. Aiming to inspire others and mixing multiple mediums, Kelly Wright’s style has become all his own: hand built custom canvas, bold colours, sharp designs and tasteful expressions. From surreal to photo realism, there are no boundaries for his creative outlook. You can look at his work online at kellywright.ca , and on instagram at @artistkgw, and on Facebook at Kelly Wright Art


Kristine Lee

These paintings come into being through the process of layering, destruction and rebuilding. There have been three important paths in my life. First the birth of my children. Second, understanding my connection with the planet and every being on it. Third, finding and embracing my independence. With little conscious direction, the painting process is a type of visually stimulating experiment. Ultimately my intent is to create paintings that invite multiple interpretations and repeated examination.

Kristine Lee has wanted to be an artist since she first put pencil to paper. She is a self-taught artist living in beautiful Penticton BC. Building her own frames and stretching her own canvas, building her own cradleboard as well as painting on salvaged wood and other items. Kristine produces a textured look by layering plaster and primer to her canvas before painting and sanding. Then adding more layers of acrylic paint to add depth and age to her paintings. She is influenced by the environment/nature, social/political issues, biblical imagery, the human form/portraits as well as her own pain and bliss. Kristine has been involved in several local art shows including the “2013 Erotic Art Show” at Sparkling Hills Resort in Vernon BC as well as a personal show in Osoyoos, one in Vancouver and recently a show at The Penticton Public Art Gallery in spring of 2016 titled “Tarnished Saints”. You can see more of Kristine’s distinct artwork at “Smudged Paint by Kristine Lee” https://www.facebook.com/smudgedpaintbykristinelee/

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