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Genres: Workshops 2017

Wood Talks with Brad Rhadwood

Wood Whispering begins with a talk on the process, steps and technique of recycling wood into canvas explaining how this ‘solutionary’ act can be fun, therapeutic and teach us things about ourselves and environment. All artistic levels welcome! Ages 5 and up recommended.



Zero Waste

Environmentalism is a passion and concern of Jeff Boyd’s, and he does his best to live a zero-waste lifestyle, and inform others on how they can lessen their impact on the earth as well. He believes in building a sustainable future, whether in regards to the way we care for our bodies or how we care for our planet.

To learn more about Jeff Boyd go to www.jeffboydyoga.com, or find him on Facebook and instagram @jeffboydyoga


Alison Evin

Alison Evin is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and registered Yoga Instructor. She has completed all her training with highly respected and experienced teachers while travelling through India and is currently settled in her home town of Nelson, BC, where she practices under the name ‘Atmana Healing’.

A lover of nature, she is also very passionate about sustainable living, environmental conservation and believes that care for our earth is a crucial part of our own personal well being.

Alison’s aim in life is to share her knowledge and experience from the East with everyone and guide others on their own journey to health.


Robin Lough

Robin Lough is an artist from Smithers, BC. She attends Emily Carr University in Vancouver. Robin works with artists and musicians in cross disciplinary collaborations, exploring and expanding ideas of the graphic score through visual art, installation and electronics.

Join interdisciplinary artist Robin Lough and musician Carla Rose Chisholm from Vancouver BC for a creative exploration into the world of graphic scores. Graphic scores gained popularity in the 1950s, and expanded horizons in experimental composition for music and dance. Through a series of two workshops we will gather, discuss what a graphic score is, how to play them, and create our own scores with inspiration from our surroundings and the landscape.  Come and play with colours, line and shapes, and transform them into sound! The workshops will end with a short performance of the scores made at the workshop. This workshop is suitable for all levels of musicians and artists, including those with no musical training. Together we will work to create some musical art!

Check out her workshop on Graphic Scores this year at ArtsWells.

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