Madeleine Roger

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Madeleine Roger is a folk singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, Canada.

Madeleine Roger sits on a bed

While skillfully accompanying herself on acoustic guitar, it is her artistry as a songwriter and storyteller that can silence a room, uniting her lyrical prowess with breathtaking melodies that linger long after they are sung. Her critically-acclaimed debut album Cottonwood is a collection of songs that reflect on femininity and equality, the majesty of the wilderness, and the beautiful awkwardness of trying to love another person. Her sophomore album “Nerve”, coming August 2024, is a deeply personal body of work examining every nook and cranny of love and loss, and touches the exposed nerve left over from a breakup with a long-term lover and musical collaborator, the death of a soul-friend, a prolonged illness, unrequited love, months of caring for a dying grandparent, and finding peace in spite of it.


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