2016 ArtsWells Artist Lineup COMING SOON!!!

 2015 lineup below,


Adam FarnsworthAdam Farnsworth, Vancouver, BC
Adam Farnsworth was raised on a veritable buffet of musical flavours. This comes through in his singing, piano-playing and guitar-strumming. He’s toured five years with East Van. punkrock motown band, High Society and France with C.R. Avery in 2011. His two solo albums, “Semitone Off” and “Sandbox Mixtape: Vol. 1″ are staples of any independent music
collection. A new third album will be available in time for Arts Wells.
Ana Bon BonAna Bon Bon, Victoria, BC
”Countryfried and mountain-whipped” Canadian Blues Cabaret chanteuse, accordionist, genre-bending songwriter, and musical hostess Ana Bon-Bon squeezes savoury rhythms from her bump’n’grind bellows box to bring joy and comfort to those in yearning. This ”Walkin’, Talkin’ Party” is back in town with a hearty western appetite after five years in London UK…
Ari NeufeldAri Neufeld, Penticton, BC
Ari Neufeld is an experimental chef. Brave creativity emerges from an
intuitive juggling of sweet, sour, crunchy, salty, savoury. You can hear
it in his full contact folk music.
Awna TeixeiraAwna Teixeira, San Lorenzo, New Mexico, USA
Portuguese-Canadian, Multi-instrumentalist, Singer-Songwriter, Awna Teixeira has been touring internationally for the last 11 years. Crafting honest, poetic songs around various instruments, conveying their stories in a delightfully passionate performance.
newbandshotBend Sinister, Vancouver-, BC
‘Bend Sinister is a high energy keyboard centred rock n roll band from Vancouver BC. They deliver a fun and eclectic blend of musical influences that both transcend and pay homage to all the classic LPs in your dad’s record collection (which you’ve probably stolen by now). Members, Dan Moxon, Joseph Blood, Matt Rhode, Nick Petrowich, and Kristy-lee Audette are sure to leave you with a smile on your face, and then they’ll come find you to party after the show.’
Black Spruce BogBlack Spruce Bog, Prince George, BC
Formed in late 2013, Black Spruce Bog recently
released their debut album Confluence
and have been busy touring and bringing their ruckus across B.C.
FullSizeRenderBlair Leaman, Winlaw, BC Blair Leamen wheres many coats, he is a pig farmer, a garlic and chilli grower, a salami maker and a business man, however his favourite hat is that of poet and performer.  He is backed by the the sophisticated and sexy stylings of High Society.  Blairs poetry is raised on Slocan Valley water; pungent and strong as fresh garlic, spicy as smoked habanero peppers; dry cured, hard and oily. Enjoy with whiskey wine beer, coffee or tea.
BlocktreatBlocktreat, Vancouver, BC
Brandon Hoffman layers found sounds and field recordings to create a relaxing mosaic of acoustic and electronic textures. His live set meshes the percussion of old school drum samplers with live mandolin looping and effects processing. Blocktreat has three releases on the Jellyfish Recordings label, and can be heard regularly on CBC’s The Signal with Laurie Brown. For this show, the percussive energy of Brent Morton is thrown into the mix.
bubba dosbubba dos, Fernie, BC
Word heavy, Zombie Killing Space Rock
Buckman CoeBuckman Coe, Vancouver, BC
Buckman Coe’s sun-kissed folk; gospel-tinged soul, and; intoxicating world-beat melodies provide the sonic platform soulful and conscious lyrics. The band can deliver intimate theatre shows to high-energy dance sets, and always seeks to uplift.
Burying GroundBurying Ground, Vancouver, BC
The Burying Ground consits of reso-phonic guitar, washboard, saw,
harmonica and sometimes upright bass and clarinet. Our love for the
early country blues and ragtime inspires us to create original songs as
well as play renditions from the 1920’s and 30’s.
Chris Sand AKA"Sandman the RappinChris Sand AKA”Sandman the Rappin’ Cowboy”, Misoula, MT, USA
Chris “Sandman the Rappin’ Cowboy” Sand’s music is influenced by cowboy poetry, old-school hip-hop, country/folk & punk. Punk Planet called him “our troubadour for the 21st century.”
Coco Love AlcornCoco Love Alcorn, OWen Sound, Ont
Whether she is criss-crossing Canada on one of her own headlined tours, improvising and collaborating on festival stages or genre hopping on side projects, Coco Love Alcorn follows her spirit.
Colin Cowan & TESColin Cowan & TES, Vancouver, BC
Colin Cowan & The Elastic Stars is a psychedelic folk/rock/revival project that started as a result of Colin deciding to branch off from many other bands as a bass player and instead sing the songs he’s been secretly writing, all-the-while operating the guitar machine…The Elastic Stars are a must-see live band…
Conscious Dance w Grampa GruvConscious Dance w Grampa Gruv,
Conscious Dance emphasizes free form movement, where each dancer tunes into, and moves to their inner rhythms. We encourage a life affirming and inclusive atmosphere, with a tilt to the sacred. It is open to everyone regardless of physical ability or previous experience. Barefoot dancing encouraged. It is my goal to share, provocative, life enhancing sets, which will linger with you long after the final note is played. Ed (grampa gruv)
Copilots are an independent rock band from Vancouver, B.C. Individually, the member’s musical tastes are widely varied, but as a band the music of Copilots has its roots firmly planted in the many facets of rock and roll. Pop, folk, punk anf classic rock all inform their familiar yet unique sound. The songs feature adventurous, captivating melodies and dream-like lyrical images. The energetic rhythms that propel the band, whether complex or simple, always feel seemless and natural. Their self-titled, 2007 debut album has captured these qualities beautifully.
Corbin KeepCorbin Keep, Duncan, BC
Corbin Keep aka The Wild Cellist, is an innovative singing cello player,composer and all-around music geek who is continually inspired to push
the boundaries of the cello.
Corin RaymondCorin Raymond, Toronto, Ont
Corin’s songs are very Canadian, slightly apocalyptic, and suggest
criminal activity. Judges quote his lyrics when handing sentences down.
Truckers cry. He has the words you’ve been looking for.
Corinna Rose DuoCorinna Rose Duo, Montreal, QC
Banjo welding singer-songwriter Corinna Rose captures the warmth and darkness of the folk tradition yet loves pushing boundaries and starting hoedowns, unabashedly using crooked rhythms and jazz chords.
Corwin FoxCorwin Fox, Cumberland, BC
Corwin Fox has been living in a recording studio called Pleasantville in Cumberland, BC. Sometimes he travels around singing his songs alone, other times with Morlove or The Chimney Swallows
Dada PlanDada Plan, Vancouver, BC
Dada Plan is no plan no Dada, no new messages. If we’re five we have saxophone.The new LP The Madness Hides is out now after a Dada Plan is Free is now sold out from offline sales. Reward yourself. Go wild under the great northern lights. Leave everything at home.
DarylectonesDarylectones, Penticton, BC
Daryl Oneill has been playing at music for a long time. His most recent CD was considered the best roots record of the year by a number of music critics in Holland.
Dear SirDear Sir, Vancouver, BC
“Introspective and melancholic. Simple, yet soulful.”
Dirty GraceDirty Grace, Winlaw, BC
“Dirty Grace is a five-piece indie-folk band who produce a playful mix of music ranging from the provocatively cheeky to the intimately introspective, while exploring music’s ability to expose, shake-down, tickle and heal the human spirit.”
The Dreamtree Project featuring Adham Shaikh, Uwe Neumann, & Gurpreet ChanaThe Dreamtree Project featuring Adham Shaikh, Uwe Neumann, & Gurpreet Chana,
The Dreamtree Project is the Indian dub
fusion project of ethno electronica master Adham Shaikh and sitar Virtuoso Uwe
Neumann and this summer of 2015 will also feature tables by Gurpreet Chana (The
tabla Guy) This dynamic trio weaves a magic carpet ride of Classical Indian
raga afloat a dub cloud of swirling tabla, mystical flutes, spacey beats and
booming baselines. Beyond notions of East meats West, Dreamtree conjures a
fertile space for all who long to be seduced by the ritual power of music and
the possibility of enlightened community engagement
Doc AukDoc Auk, Cache Creek, BC
Straight outta Cache Creek, Dok has been rappin and performing for the past 4 years. With style all his own and opinion to be heard he will entertain with lyrics about life, politics and relationships.
Doug KoyamaDoug Koyama, Quesnel, BC
Doug Koyama is out of control! First he moved into a car and spends five
years playing music festivals around BC. NOW he’s just spent a winter
in a basement in East Van making music and growing, personally and
musically. No telling what he’s going to do next . . . .
Drum & Bell TowerDrum & Bell Tower, Williams Lake, BC
Increasingly certain that rock ain’t dead, Brent Morton whales on in
Drum & Bell Tower: a one-man limb-maximization project framing
Floydian space in metered thump.
Find the OthersFind the Others, Bowen Island, BC
Find The Others fuses chamber-pop arrangements, delicate vocals, and
lush instrumentation to construct sophisticated and spacious
Folk RoadshowFolk Roadshow, Holland, Aus, NZ, & Canada
Four international songwriters FRICOT, CARRLS, CALDWELL & VAN VLIET perform “in the round” after a successful tour of europe in late 2014, the folk roadshow is back heading to Canada.
Ghengis GhandisGhengis Ghandis, Ashcroft, BC
The Ghengis Gandhis call their musical style “BC Homegrown Reggae:” fun,
danceable, socially relevant, original music that swells the heart and
fills the soul.
Go Go BonkersGo Go Bonkers, Vancouver, BC
Gogo Bonkers is an eco-friendly, outside-the-box songwriting duo who have recently expanded their creative horizons to include live musical theatre as well as a series of YouTube webisodes that feature characters from their live show. Adults and kids alike love their performance.
Good for GrapesGood for Grapes, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver based indie-folk outfit Good For Grapes released their debut
recording in 2013 and have been gaining national traction ever since.
They will release their sophomore album in 2015.
Hachey the MouthPEACEHachey the MouthPEACE, Hamilton, On
Hachey is one of Canada’s Top Beatboxers, who has spent the last
13 years perfecting his signature sound of the mouth with explosive
performances transforming new listeners into life-long fans.
Hannah EppersonHannah Epperson, Vancouver, BC
Armed with her violin, loop pedal and voice, sonic weaver Hannah Epperson composes beautifully arranged musical landscapes without indulgence or over-saturation. As a stirring solo performer and talented collaborative artist, she has joined forces with a versatile cast of some of Canada’s favourites across a wide spectrum of genres, including Shane Koyczan, Dan Mangan, Karkwa, We Are The City, and more. More recently, these creative explorations have included composing and performing for filmic studies and dance companies across the country and in New York.
High SocietyHigh Society, Vancouver, BC
High Society’s unique and contemporary take on old school performance has been heard in theaters, pubs, cafés, street corners and on the radio across Western Canada.
House of David GangHouse of David Gang, Toronto, On
Toronto’s House of David Gang play late 80’s classic style Jamaican
roots music and are known as Canada’s Reggae Warriors.
Jacques MindreauJacques Mindreau,
A founding member in “Krasnogorsk”, “OQO” and “Beautiful Wild Animals”. This is Jacques’ solo debut at a festival. With the aid of some fantastic friends a stomper and a looper, Jacques is ready to showcase some of the creations which were inspired when he hiked into a cabin in the woods in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to write music for a month. Fresh, Raw and full of the echoes of nature, the sounds of his violin and voice will leave a mark unheard of.
Jasper Sloan YipJasper Sloan Yip, Vancouver, BC
Jasper Sloan Yip is the BC-born singer/songwriter at the helm of the eponymous alt folk-rock sextet
Jeff AndrewJeff Andrew, A tree house by the train tracks, BC
Ghost stories, murder ballads, train tunes and protest songs.
Electrified folk punk with fiddle, guitar and singin’. 3 solo albums,
100s of shows played across Canada, and…ye gods! 9 ArtsWellses.
Jessica Stuart FewJessica Stuart Few, Toronto, ON
Canadian innovators, The Jessica Stuart Few are the world’s only “koto-toting folk-jazz power trio”. Signature songwriting feat. the Japanese 13-string harp with double bass, drums, tight vocal harmonies & exceptional guitar work have put the undeniably charismatic ‘Few on festival stages worldwide.
Joanna Chapman-SmithJoanna Chapman-Smith, Toronto, On
A stunning vocalist who sings songs and tells traditional tales, Joanna was named, “One of Canada’s best…” by The Province. She is a singer who must be heard.
Joey OnlyJoey Only, Wells, BC
Based in the mountain town of Wells they may be the only true outlaw country band in BC. With more than 1500 shows across Canada and numerous popular records Joey is known as both a performer and a social critic. Currently they are working on their first album in five years called No Trouble In The Peace it promises to be their best album…after all, the Outlaw Band is the best its ever been right now
Karyn EllisKaryn Ellis, Toronto, ON
Playful, bittersweet indie folk musician and a gentle powerhouse of a
songwriter. Based in Toronto and a tendency to traveler abroad, for the
past six years Karyn has saved the August long weekend to come back to
Kevin HouseKevin House, Vancouver, BC
” The tenement flophouse in spanish harlem has heard his songs.The
ghosts of bleeker and Macdougal interrupt their gypped chorus to hear
his songs.The Max Fish art dealer goes to the pink pony to get in over
his head while hearing his songs.The “critical troubadours” come back
from failed marketing meetings and hear his fragile neo folk songs.”, USA
KirbyKirby, Hamilton, On
Kirby’s music revolves around story filled booms of folk-pop passion
interwoven with hook filled melodies.
Kym GouchieKym Gouchie, Prince George,BC
Aboriginal singer/songwriter Kym Gouchie plays music that reaches the heart and soul. She combines traditional drumming and chanting with a country/folk style. She’s no stranger to the stage with 20 + years experience of gigging and touring. In June 2014 she released her debut album titled ‘Mountain of Youth’, a compilation of original songs that help sum up her life story of love, loss and healing.
Ladybug & CatarpilarLadybug & Catarpilar, Winnipeg, MB
Ladybug: red beetle with black spots, eats aphids (Coccinellidae) caterpillar: worm like larvae of butterfly or moth (order Lepidoptera) an unlikely love story.
Late Night RuckusThe Late Nights , Vancouver, BC
Late Nights is the seamless fusion of rock-steady harmonies with a backbone of classic soul-inspired lyrics and a peppering of rousing spoken-word. Marked by salty, spit-fire melodies, female power-songs, and primal rhythms; both broken and golden, passionate and pure. Featuring ukulele linguistics, an accordion wail, and the glockenspiel prying at the corners of your smile, all mingling with a spellbinding beat that commands you to move something, quick. Chelsea DE Johnson – Guitar/ Accordion/ Vocals Jillian Christmas – Ukulele/ Glockenspiel/ Vocals Jess Jungalwala – Drums/ Vocals
Linda McRaeLinda McRae, Vancouver, BC
Linda’s soaring, honest vocals hold nothing back. She nails a song to the
wall. This gifted singer/songwriter/musician and holder of 3 platinum
albums, plays clawhammer banjo, acoustic guitar, accordion and
porchboard, combining old-time sounds with universal themes of
heartbreak & redemption offering an intriguing sepia postcard from
the past that is vibrant and alive in the present – See more at:
Madeline TasquinMadeline Tasquin, Albany, Cal, USA
Quesnel-born Madeline Tasquin and her tight musical family weave nimbly
between odd-metered soul and jazz-lined folk, twisted pop ballad and
delicately dark fairy-tale, delivering it all with a radiant stage
presence. Welcome back to the Cariboo, Madeline!
Magnetic RingMagnetic Ring, Vancouver, BC
A longstanding figure in Vancouver’s underground music scene, Joshua
Stevenson aka Magneticring has performed, collaborated and toured with
numerous artists from around the world such as Von Bingen, Staked Plain,
Kemialliset Ystävät, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Jandek and Land of Kush.
Working with primarily with analog synthesizers and electrical effects
Magneticring’s musical sphere ranges from 1930s Indonesia to 1970s
Germany. Tones, Drones and Phase
Melawmen CollectiveMelawmen Collective,
The Melawmen Collective – a contemporary aboriginal musical
collaboration comprised of Secwepemc/Nuu-Chah-Nulth vocalists Meeka Morgan and
Rob Hall (Ghengis Gandhi’s), Secwepemc/Cree hip hop artist Geo Ignace aka Geo –
The Voice, JR Adam (guitar), Jared Webb (Bass), Josh Greenberg (Drums) Chris
Oakes (Conga) and Secwpemc/Nuu-Chah-Nulth Youth Kiva Morgan-Hall (vocals)…
create connections between aboriginal experience and our connected history and
reality through a fusion of music that can only be termed a musical ‘Nonre’ –
No Genre.
Melisa DevostMelisa Devost, Vancouver, BC
Melisa Devost is currently spending her time writing and performing with her soul band The Survivalists, co-writing with the likes of award winning musicians David Gogo and Marc Atkinson, and studying and teaching voice.
Michael MorneauMichael Morneau, Wells, BC
Michael has played professionally since he was 13 yrs old. Mike was a delegate for Music West, on the board for Bud Country talent search as well as had a publishing contract through Crooked House records. He was a co-write on videos released with Neil Rooke on Much Music’s Much West with Terry David Mulligan, Much Fax and Indie, which was featured on main stream play between Tom Cochrane’s “Life is a Highway” and Mick Jagger’s “Wandering Spirit” with an all Juno award winning line up.Mike was hired to tour and promote this CD with an all Juno award winning band that included players from Loverboy, Brian Adams, KD Lang, Tom Cochrane and Colin James. Mike has also toured with The Have Nots.
Miss QuincyMiss Quincy, Vancouver, BC
Canadian bluesy, boozy rock ‘n’ roll band Miss Quincy and the Showdown, recently released Roadside Recovery, the third full-length album for Quincy and first for the full band. The album is a testament to the touring warriors Quincy and the band truly are; having clocked hundreds of thousands of kms crossing dozens of countries on 3 different continents, playing every dirty barroom, music club, house concert and festival on the way. They’ve mostly seen it all, made their choices good or bad, and now they’re gonna tell you all about it. You won’t find them singing pretty pages out of their diaries, this is down and dirty roots & blues and straight up rock n’ roll.
Morag NorthyMorag Northey, Calgary, AB
Journey with Morag ~ a concert of purely inspired creation from that moment, that environment, and your presence. Using her cello, voice, loops, tidbits, and a warm Soul, a musical story will unfold…Trust her heart motivation is Love ~ Walk On!
Myrtle FamilyMyrtle Family, Vancouver, BC
….putting the “awwww” back in awkward… The Myrtle Family Band have been known to engage and delight audiences of all ages with their porch stompin’, wash-tub bass bouncing jug-time traditional jazz, their twinkling-tap numbers and their on-stage family dynamic-antics!
FB_IMG_1431582909456Nawhuln’ah, Faser Lake, BC Nawhuln’ah ! The music has healing intentions for the earth and all life along with her. With love and healing we will unite all nations of earth stewards and heal together with Mother Earth ! Throughout my travels I (Sabina )was moved and felt healing in the songs of these beautiful people who will perform as Nawhuln’ah(the time is now). 
NAVAZNAVAZ, Prince George, BC
Navaz is an ensemble that fuses Persian music with a variety of Western genres. Elements of jazz, Latin, rock and blues are blended with Persian melodies and intense rhythmic grooves.
Ndidi CascadeNdidi Cascade, Vancouver, BC
Ndidi Cascade, who is of Nigerian-Italian-Irish-Canadian heritage, is a
Vancouver born and based hip hop vocalist. She is also a songwriter,
recording artist, educator and program facilitator. Ndidi has showcased
her music across North America and internationally– from classrooms to
stadiums, and her music has been featured on Much Music and MTV Canada.
Newtron BombNEWTRONBOMB, Grande Forks/ Nelson, BC
NEWTRONBOMB is a fast paced ska punk band from the Kootenays and formed in a studio in Nelson, BC summer of 2013. If you want to hear energetic melodic gritty ska that turns quickly into a manic rage of punk rock you have found it with Newtronbomb. Half time to double time, distortion to clean keeps you guessing what’s coming next.
OQOOQO, Quadra Island, BC
Jacques Mindreau (violin) and Ian Griffiths (accordion) of “The Tequila
Mocking Bird Orchestra” are excited to share their new side-project with
the world. Making dogs howl and spirits rise OQO will haunt and
waltzfully mend your shattered heart.
Paul JagoPaul Jago, Prince George, BC
Once the frontman of Canadian alternative rock band the gandharvas, now a professional geologist. With Paul Jago, the rock never, ever stops.
Pharis & Jason RomeroPharis & Jason Romero, Horsefly, BC
Guitars, banjos and vintage country. They have a knack for writing simple songs with beautiful lyrics and addictive melodies. Their warm sepia tone has no artifice: it all rings true.
PsyKaBabaPsyKaBaba, Quesnel, BC
A purveyor of fine glitch, bass, and psychedelic downtempo, PsyKaBaba
travels the world with his sets, selecting the right spice for the
magic, opening doors and expanding minds.
Pugs and CrowsPugs and Crows, Coquitlam, BC
“This is music of great strength and beauty” -The Georgia Straight JUNO Award winning instrumental band, Pugs and Crows, intertwines elements of indie rock, modern jazz, and classical music, to exhibit a playful, absurdist bent while evoking lush cinematic soundscapes. An ensemble of accomplished musicians, Pugs and Crows rests on the flexibility and talent of each of its members to complete its energetic and original sound.
QVLN aka Quetzal GuerreroQVLN aka Quetzal Guerrero, Mesa, AZ, USA
QVLN aka Quetzal Guerrero has a deep understanding of Latin and world rhythms. From Blues to Bossa Nova, Forró to Funk, he navigates all forms of music with the violin
Raghu LokanathanRaghu Lokanathan, Prince George ,BC
Spins clever stories of characters that are as likable, warped, dignified and unlikely as the grinning man himself.
Red HavenRed Haven, Vancouver, BC
“While also a folk band, Red Haven’s sound is decidedly different; it’s
more whiskey soaked and vaudevillian….The quartet blends gypsy jazz and
indie pop melodies.” (Fernie Fix)
Rodney DeCroo-6159Rodney DeCroo, Vancouver, BC
In Campfires on the Moon, the new release from dark folk singer-songwriter Rodney DeCroo, DeCroo has produced something as beautiful on the surface as a dusk-painted reflecting pool, as shadowy below as his own tumultuous psyche. The gap between his inner and outer life has always been slender, but Campfires on the Moon gives us DeCroo at his most intimate.  The arrangements are fragile—three acoustic instruments and two voices; one glue, one honey—and so is the mood.  DeCroo is wrestling with regret, loss, aging, love, memory, death, art—always with his own ongoing recovery embedded in the background. DeCroo’s album and performances draw upon his greatest natural resource—his poetry.
Rolla OlakRolla Olak, Vancouver, BC
Upon moving back to the West Coast, Rolla transformed a shed in his
backyard into a recording studio for ‘WESTERN HEART’. Inspired by great
singer-songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Neil Young; the
completed album features eight pop-rock songs including a psychedelic
country duet with Louise Burns.
Credited as a songwriter and musician on over a dozen releases in
Canada and the UK, Rolla has established himself as songwriter and
Ross DouglassRoss Douglass, Delta, BC
“A one man vaudevillian whirlwind .. a consummate and versatile
entertainer. His live show is always a crowd pleaser with astute songs
that blend history, comedy, theatre, a variety of musical genres and a
litany of instruments (from keyboards to guitars to mandolins and
And people dig his story telling.
Rusty Ford and the Extra RegularsRusty Ford and the Extra Regulars, Vancouver, BC
The bastard middle-aged lovechild of Porter Wagoner and Wanda Jackson,
Rusty wants to bring country music a bouquet of flowers and give her a
hickey. Featuring Noah Walker, and Terri Upton on bass.
Sam TudorSam Tudor, Vancouver, BC
Sam’s unique folk songs have taken him from run down apartments to fancy
auditoriums and back again. His highly praised live show is poignant,
communal, and anthemic. People sing. The songs he writes have been
called ‘very sad’, ‘very happy’ and ‘the good kinda strange’.
Samson DelilahSamson’s Delilah, Dunster, BC
The frontline of B.C.’s groovalicious Mamaguroove, Seth & Shara keep
the thread of the guroove , weaving folk, latin, and rock fusion
throughout their passionate and powerful live performances.
Sarah BurtonSarah Burton, Toronto, Ont
Sarah Burton’s playful soul has found its home in music through three
diverse albums, and countless ups and downs while traversing the globe.
She’s seen her way through acoustic folk beginnings, into country swing
and steel guitars, then electrifying blues-rock. On her new album Make
Your Own Bed, Sarah doesn’t just embrace the next step in indie-pop and
rock, but returns to her first inspiration; the piano.
SavvieSavvie, Vancouver, BC
SAVVIE is sexy, gritty rock ‘n’ roll, delving into the murky depths of lust, love, and everything in between.
Shawn StephensonShawn Stephenson, Ymir, BC
Shawn Stephenson is a solo multi-instrumental award winning musician and composer from the small town of Ymir B.C. His music, made of live loops, acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals, and other sonic spices, blends over artfully arranged backing tracks. He is no stranger to broken beauty, love and lessons learned.
Sinoia CavesSinoia Caves, Vancouver, BC
Sinoia Caves is the ongoing project of Jeremy Schmidt, member of psych-rock pioneers Black Mountain.Tape chamber legato made for geometric shapes appearing in swamps, deserts, forests and Other Planes of Elsewhere…Sinoia Caves is primarily
analogue synthesizer-based music, crafted in the long-form ‘Kosmische’
tradition, continuing explorations of the ‘ether-synth abyss
Skye WallaceSkye Wallace, Vancouver, BC
Skye Wallace is Vancouver’s babely, badass purveyor of dark folk.
Simultaneously visceral and ethereal, she has been revered coast to
coast as “a national treasure” (Sad Mag).
SSSnapSSSnap, Sinclaire MIlls, BC
Granville Johnson, B.Ed. Dual citizen (USA/Canada)… World Beat musician:
non-traditional Djembe player, a traveler and life long artist, my art:
a symbiosis of my cultural roots and global exposure.
Stephen FearingStephen Fearing, Halifax,NS
Stephen Fearing, is a 30 year veteran of the music business and a critically acclaimed, multiple Juno award-winning singer/songwriter/guitarist and founding member of Blackie and The Rodeo Kings.
Tavis WeirTavis Weir, Penticton, BC
tavis weir is an indie folk jazz musician and composer based in the
okanagan valley. his songs are heavily inspired by nature and the
canadian landscape. tavis has a degree in jazz guitar, but possesses a
song-writing capability that cannot be taught. his expansive guitar
playing and simple poetry transform the walls of a room into trees,
seascapes and mountain ranges in the mind of the listener.
Tax Free LiquorTax Free Liquor, Forest Grove, BC
Tax Free Liquor is an Alternative Dance Band, we play
Punky/Ska/Metal/Rock dance fun!
The best dance party band in the Cariboo!
Tereza TomekTereza Tomek, New Westminister, BC
Tereza Tomek is a songwriter who draws inspiration from the nature of
things. She uses colourful characters, vivid imagery, and a good dose
of humour to bring unique stories to life.
The Almighty RhombusThe Almighty Rhombus, Sudbury, Ont
The Almighty Rhombus are unstoppable pop/rock party animals.5-piece pop/rock band with tight arrangements and unforgettable melodies.
The Carnival BandThe Carnival Band, Vancouver, BC
The Carnival Band is a full tilt boogie New Orleans brass band explosion, with a west coast samba drum core, playing funk, klezmer, and tons of swanky originals.
The Chimney SwallowsThe Chimney Swallows, BC
The Chimney Swallows are songwriters Corwin Fox and Raghu Lokanathan.
They’ve been playing together since they were pages at the library. They
aim to set songs free to be everything they can be, from art to
mischief to protest to prayer.
The RacketThe Racket, Nelson, BC
From their live performance, you can expect heavy n’ steady rock n’
roll, downright tight n’ funky grooves and their evolving brand of
folk-rock, all performed with energy that’ll get a dance floor (or dirt
field) grooving hard. With a lot of songs revolving around social
change, their goal is to set the new age to a heavy downbeat.
Party on High St.The Party on High St., Victoria, BC
If George Clinton and Tom Waits had a love child, raised it on a music commune and then sent it to folk festival summer camp.
The SandsThe Sands, Vancouver, BC
The Sands is a rare confluence of Western Canada’s foremost players from
the jazz and indie scene including JP Carter (Inhabitants, Destroyer,
Dan Mangan), Paul Rigby (Neko Case, AC Newman), Cole Schmidt (Pugs and
Crows), Darren Parris (Frazey Ford) and Barry Mirochnik ( Neko Case,
Veda Hille). Beast to Bone features the dynamic songwriting team Peggy
Lee and Julie McGeer and is produced by the ever-innovative, Polaris
prize winner Jesse Zubot (Tanya Tagaq) , a known catalyst for powerful
musical experimentation across Canada. Collectively, the ensemble
comprises over a hundred years of musical experience — a vintage
imbedded in the music
The TailorThe Tailor, Vancouver, BC
Like a Sexy Tom Waits riding a Camel through Africa and stopping in Romania for a drink” – somebody important
The Wooden SkyThe Wooden Sky, Toronto, Ont
The Wooden Sky are a Canadian indie rock band based in Toronto, Ontario. They formed as Friday Morning’s Regret, but changed their name in 2007. In 2014 the band left their former record label to start their own Chelsea Records, an artist driven label.
Tim BennettTim Bennett, Adelaide, SA, AU
With a heart as big as the Aussie desert and a voice kind enough to soothe the Rockies, Tim Bennett connects with a beautiful show that feed the many senses.
Top MenTop Men, Naniamo, BC
Four jazz-school dropouts from Nanaimo, BC who admitted a secret love of electronic music to one another.
Twin PeaksTwin Peaks, Fort St. John, BC
Rich harmonies, a piano, a guitar, two ukuleles and unlimited wit are at
the heart of Twin Peaks – an emerging duo that embraces roots music
with undertones of old country.
WarlessWarless, Vancouver, BC
Unconventional yet immediately approachable; a mix of South African (via Paul Simon’s Graceland), reggae, latin with a hint of gospel. Suggestions of a jamming band such as Dave Matthews or Phish with their attention to feels, busy grooves and dynamics.
– Tom Harrison, The Province
Willie KuklisWillie Kuklis, Prince George, BC
William Kuklis delivers a musical experience that is not to be missed.
Influenced by a wide array of genres and artists, Kuklis incorporates
his powerhouse vocals, emotion and charisma into a bold and unique
expression of music.
Winona WildeWinona Wilde, Vancouver, BC
Winner of the 2015 songwriting competition, Winona Wilde (a.k.a. Noosa Al-Sarraj) sings her boisterous & bold brand of folk-blues, liberally doused with old-fashioned country.
Wooden horsemenWooden Horsemen, Vancouver, BC
Wooden Horsemen deliver an infectious charge of electrified dance
grooves, commanding a mix of gritty, blues driven vocals combined with
soulful, driving rhythms. Formed in the fall of 2013, members met while
backing other local Vancouver acts, and began to flesh out a collection
of songs by singer and songwriter Steven Beddall.
ZonnisZonnis, Victoria, BC
An acoustic power duo that plays genre-defying songs about peace, love, war, parties, history and various types of meat.

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Kids Area @ the School Field

Brought to you by the Wells and Area Community Association, bring the kids over to makes crafts, have your face painted and get creative. *Children must be accompanied by an adult 

Reel Youth

Reel YouthJoin Reel Youth for a 3-day adventure in filmmaking for 12 – 18 year olds! During this film program, we will produce mini-documentaries that feature the music and stories of ArtsWells musicians. This is a great chance to get behind the scenes and help capture some of magic that makes this festival what it is. Space limited.

Reel Youth is a not-for-profit, media empowerment program supporting young people to create and distribute films about their visions for a more just and sustainable world. Please Pre-Register to secure your spot.Reel Youth Filmmaking Registration

Saturday to Monday 10:30am-4:30pm School Classroom

7 Story Circus

7 Story CircusClimb aerial fabric! Juggle scarves, balls, rings and clubs. Spin staff, poi, diablo, flower-sticks, and plates. Balance on stilts and rola-bola. Do hand-stands and partner acrobatics. Explore ensemble and solo work with improvisation and performance games. Join the 7 Story Circus and discover your circus super powers!  For kids 6-12 years old. Space limited, pre-register at the Box Office for Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.7 Story Circus Registation

Jeanie’s Kids Story Circle

Join author Jeanie Vant as she reads and does fun activities from her books such as “The Squirrel Family” and “The Witch’s Cat”. Expect finger puppets and fun song games to play.

Sunday 10:00am-11:00am School Field (Tipi)

Intro to Face Painting

KIDS DEN EVENTS -Learn the basics & some trade secrets for face & body painting in a 2-hour workshop. Bring your kids or friends with you so that they can be your model to practice on. Lana Johnson initially began her path as an Event Co-ordinator, however as a result of multiple children’s programs, family reunions & childcare programs she discovered that she had a talent for face and body painting.

Saturday 1:00-3:00pm School Field

Go Go BonkersGo Go Bonkers, Vancouver, BC
Gogo Bonkers is an eco-friendly, outside-the-box songwriting duo who have recently expanded their creative horizons to include live musical theatre as well as a series of YouTube webisodes that feature characters from their live show. Adults and kids alike love their performance.

Saturday 10:15-11:05am Outdoor Stage, Sunday 10:00-10:45am Outdoor Stage

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Visual Art

Ben H photoBen Hawkins, Prince George, BC
Ben Hawkins is a silvaculture worker and recent graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design. His pieces often hinge around his experiences and observations as he engages in the wilderness both at work and in his spare time.
Beth HoldenBeth Holden, Williams Lake, BC
Beth Holden is a Cariboo Artist who works primarily in glass. Her ultimate day consists of mountain biking through big trees with her little dog Baby Mook.
BSchusterBronwyn Schuster, Eastend SK,
Bronwyn is a Saskatchewan artist who prefers the life of slow travel. Stuck somewhere in the middle of realism and illustration, working in multi medias, from pen to paint, she paints people, their stories and the landscapes she sees.
A Self taught creature of the night brought to the light, she has wandered threw worlds present and far as animal , human, witch, healing threw wands of holly horse hair, graced is the soul who shares her stories and finds in them secrets of their own truth.
Caroline AndersCaroline Anders, Wells, BC 
Caroline Anders is an Artist living in beautiful Wells, BC. She has many passions, some of which include painting, Fawst and cats.
Dave LasloDave Laslo, Vancouver, BC
Dave Laslo is a Vancouver based artist that paints, draws, and sculpts detailed characters and artifacts from a hallucinatory world.
Emma WallaceEmma Wallace, 
Emma Francis Wallace is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores identity and mythologies.
Eswen's Bio PhotoEswen Blagdon, Penticton, BC 
Eswen Blagdon was raised on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. She works predominately in the medium of acrylic paint, but enjoys applying her creativity to many different mediums. In more recent years, she has enjoyed manifesting her painted characters in the form of needle felting.
Glenn Clark & Peter CorbettGlenn Clark & Peter Corbett,
Two of BC finest plein air landscape painters team up for a trip to ArtsWells to paint a large mural for the new IMA Artsis-Residence Building. We simply love these two artists and cant wait to see what vantage point they give us. .
jan little 2012Jan Little, Penticton, BC
Jan Little is a Canadian artist known for her paintings and illustrations of local flora, fauna and friends. A graduate of Emily Carr University’s film animation department, she has spent the last 15 years expanding her art practice to include several mediums and practices including commercial illustration, design, painting, sculpture and dance. Her work seeks to reveal reality as she knows it in the beautiful and funny world she sees herself in.
Julia IredaleJulia Iredale, Vancouver, BC
Julia Iredale is a Vancouver based illustrator and painter, recently graduated from Emily Carr University.  Her work is inspired by whimsical notions, secret informants, and frequent abductions into alternate dimensions.
Karl Mattsons Life Pod 3Karl Mattsons Life Pod 3, Rolla, BC
Life pod – 3 is Karl’s response to the lack of a proper emergency response plan to certain aspects of the oil and gas industry in North Eastern British Columbia. Specifically sour gas leaks. The Life pod is a large interactive metal sculpture. In essence, a self contained breathing apparatus designed to hold and supply air for up to 12 hrs. This years LIFE POD is the 3rd in a series of 4 and is designed to project images from one of its many windows. Arts Wells has shown Life pod 1 and 2. It is important that the 3rd will be at the 2015 festival. The project was created from an old fuel tank and scrap iron.
Lucas Glenn Co.Lucas Glenn Co., Kelowna, BC
Lucas Glenn Co. is the running pseudonym of artist Lucas Glenn. Creating work as a recycling and construction company, Glenn uses found objects, materials, and text to construct assemblages, installations, and collages with the primary function of exploring close-to-home cultural issues.
madelinebwMadeline Kloepper, Prince George, BC
Madeline Kloepper is a Canadian artist currently residing in Prince George. Her work is illustration based and influenced by childhood, nostalgia and the relationships we forge with nature.
Milan BasicMilan Basic,
Visual artist and former painter, artist, sculptor from the film industry has flown free to paint murals all over the world
Noah StaceyNoah Stacey,
Noah Stacey is a multi media artist who has been working for the film and games industries for 12 years. He is influenced by surrealism, heavy atmospheres, bad puns and abandoned places.
Raina EnssRaina Enss, Quesnel, BC
Raina Enss is a Multi-Media Visual Artist, Art Instructor and founder of Cloud Mountain Creations.
Rhandi SandfordRhandi Sandford, Nelson, BC Rhandi Sandford is a self taught illustrator/painter from Medicine Hat AB, currently residing in Nelson BC. Her art is strongly inspired by the magic that is mother nature, especially the life of plants and mushrooms.
Redbeard glassRedbeard Glass,
Redbeard keeps kin and kiln under Okanagan Valley’s surreal dreamscape, inspiration fecundated in flower, family, fluid media, and fire. Impressed by glassmasters, Mickelson, Pelligrini, Sable, Sebo, and Kabuki, and many of his peers, Redbeard’s contemporary production styles are best-sellers at culture retailers and wholesalers across Canada. Meanwhile, autonomous operation has enabled Redbeard’s distinctive technique to emerge, to become internationally-beloved and sought-after, blossoming from recognition to renown. (Limited instruction space may be made available to select students). Celebrating 17 years at the torch, Redbeard has designed a series of spectacular new oil vaporizers, and decorative stemware, while enlarging his gallery portfolio of feature display pieces (i.e. higher headies). His newly-renovated beach-front shop is turning out masterpieces designed to blow your mind (or to deliver your medicine with uncommon panache). And they’re gone before they’re cool –so get ‘em while they’re hot! Interested in learning how it’s made? Check out The Redbeard Show! With over 70 episodes on Youtube, these entertaining tutorial videos are hosted on POT.TV, the internet’s best cannabis network. Tune in for the Live Show every Saturday at 4pm pst!

Mini Mural Project

The 7th annual ‘Mini Mural Project’ features professional visual artists creating ‘mini murals’ on 4’x 4’ panels over the duration of the festival. Created by Wells artist Caroline Anders, the idea is to have a stimulating and fun creative space where the artists can work together or on their own in the ever-inspiring setting of Wells. The Murals are then auctioned off and put on display on buildings throughout town. Thanks to Benjamin Moore, Rona, and Opus for sponsoring some of the supplies.

2015 Mini Mural Artists

Ben Hawkins, Bronwyn Schuster, Eswen Blagdon, Jan Little, Madeline Kloepper, and Rhandi Sandford
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Theatre and Performance

Bob Bossin -Davey The PunkBob Bossin -Davey The Punk, Gabriola, BC
Davy the Punk, Bob’s one man musical, tells of cops and gamblers, grifters and grafters, fathers and sons. Indie music pioneer Bob Bossin’s hunt for his outlaw father is by turns intriguing, comic and poignant. “Fascinating… amazing and sometimes hilarious,” says CBC’s Michael Enright. “A memoir of a childhood that is the stuff of dreams and movies,” says Si Kahn. “Bossin is funny, informative and inspiring at the same time,” said Pete Seeger. For more information, including a trailer, see
Corin Raymonds -The Great Canadian Tire Money Caper, Victoria, BC
From the creator of Bookworm, the story of how a Toronto songwriter paid for the making of his album with Canadian Tire money. A grassroots tale of music, money, and work, and of how an absurdly beautiful triumph of community transformed one man’s ideas about all three. Dramaturgy by TJ Dawe.
GodheadGodhead by Michaela Jeffery, Calgary, AB
A backwoods televangelist. A bull rider.  A secret exorcism. This bold new Canadian play marries the wild charisma of the iconic West with the visceral allure of contemporary fanatical evangelism in snake churches of the deep south. 55min.
This version on Shakespeare’s most popular play skillfully weaves together powerful live performance with the timeless cinematic magic of Laurence Oliver’s famed 1948 film. A unique, visceral, deeply imaginative retelling of one of the world’s most celebrated stories.
Kat Single-Dain and Patrick Kearns Present: "And More Importantly, DonKat Single-Dain and Patrick Kearns Present: “And More Importantly, Don’t Bore the Shit Out of People”, Vancouver, BC 
No Refunds .
Mind of a SnailMind of a Snail, Vancouver, BC
Mind of a Snail is a shadow puppet duo based out of Vancouver B.C. Since 2003, Chloé Ziner and Jessica Gabriel have been developing a multilayered style of visual storytelling using overhead projectors as their main light source. Their performances combine originally crafted puppets, music, masks, and eclectic experiments in lighting and timing.
Moth Orbit TheatreMoth Orbit Theatre, Vancouver, BC
Moth Orbit Object Theater is a moth-eaten monument built of found objects and rejected materials. Re-imagined and re-animated, trash becomes treasure and static materials become spirited. Each act of puppetry holds a mirror to the existential condition and suggests a solution: it is possible to remain enchanted despite an awareness of the mechanisms at play.
Wryly Andherson has been a puppeteer since 2003, apprenticing with Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts, and working primarily with marionettes. Since 2011 he has been vastly expanding his reach, experimenting with other forms of puppetry, and notions of what a puppet can be. This expansion has included giant puppets with mouth and eye mechanisms (Hungry for Money, 2011), object theater (animating potatoes in The Death and Resurrection of Little Lumen, 2013), and bunraku inspired creations fashioned from plastic bottles and packaging tape (The Beanstalk, 2014).
Rodney DeCroo’s “Stupid Boy in an Ugly Town”, Vancouver, BC
Stupid Boy in an Ugly Town is the theatrical performance that takes the stories and poetry written by Rodney DeCroo, Allegheny, BC (Nightwood Editions, 2012) and music from DeCroo’s album Allegheny (2012). Through poetry + song, Stupid Boy in an Ugly Town explores the stories of writer Rodney DeCroo’s memories of growing up in a small coal town, Harmarville, PA next to the Allegheny River in Western Pennsylvania, the bush of Northern BC and DeCroo’s early adult years in Vancouver’s downtown east side.  The work addresses themes of alcohol and drug addiction, P.T.S.D., the intergenerational impact of war on families and individuals, poverty, family, violence, abuse and neglect. The stories are performed through spoken word (DeCroo) and music (DeCroo on guitar, Mark Haney on double bass). The music, poetry and song all engage in a dialogue with one another to deliver a cohesive, cathartic and poetic resolution to the struggles found in the stories. The performance is a reclamation project of sorts, using art to explore but also rewrite histories, transform identities and transcend time. Stupid Boy in an Ugly Town exists as a transformative force that creates meaning and dignity
Whistling Kettle on a BenchWhistling Kettle, Victoria, BC
Whistling Kettle is known in Victoria as a improvisational theatre group unafraid to explore sticky topics. Their completely improvised, awe-inspiring shows are often all-at-once poignant, hilarious, honest and wonderfully silly.  This year, they’ll be performing in Victoria’s Fringe Festival with a new improvised show all about death: “The Other Side of Alive.” Steeped in Victoria’s arts and activist movements, the group is run as a collective – all members participate in decision-making – and this comes across on stage as dynamic, unique group work, based in honesty, exploration and love.

1-min. Play

The 17th Annual International One Minute Play Festival,
The ArtsWells Festival is proud to present the 17th Annual International One Minute Play Festival. All are welcome to enter this perennial favourite festival event, as long as your performance is one minute or less! Hosted by Paul Crawford, the man with “Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!” all participants perform their piece in front of the audience and a panel of celebrity judges. Sign up at the IMA Gallery or enter at the event. You can also enter in the category of One Minute Excuses as to why you can’t enter a play. The subject matter and manner of the play or excuse itself is entirely open to personal interpretation.

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BonepickerBonepicker, Wells, BC
Amy Newman and Richard Wright have been telling the stories of the Cariboo gold rush for decades. As Newman & Wright Theatre Company they have been operating the Theatre Royal in Barkerville for 11 years. Here they have written, acted and produced 25 different shows about this time and place.With the Bonepicker films Newman & Wright tell Gold Rush backstories in mini-doc videos.
Line In the SandLine In the Sand, Vancouver, BC
Filmed over the course of two years, Line In The Sand is a feature-length documentary which examines the political context precipitating the approval of the Northern Gateway. Highlighting the imminence and uncertainty felt at the local level, Line In The Sand lays bare the visceral connection felt by those who call the land home, their struggles to be heard, and the lengths to which many are willing to go to protect their sense of place and identity.

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2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac, Prince George, BC
2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac are preachers of The Anthropocalypse in the guise of barefoot beards with voices. In order to further the good word
of bad things they have spent nearly five years restlessly wandering
North America with their words while simultaneously creating the world’s
first psychedelic talk opera. They share nightmares but live the dream.
Ann Walsh, Williams Lake, BC
Ann Walsh is a long time Cariboo resident and author of books about Canada’s history for young readers. She has recently begun performing her spoken word poetry.
Flour Peddler (Reading)Flour Peddler (Reading), Sunshine Coast, BC
Christopher Hergesheimer is a research, policy and project management consultant on issues surrounding food and farming. He is a PhD candidate in the Department of Land and Food Systems at UBC. Joshua Hergesheimer’s writing and photography have appeared in the Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver Observer, This Magazine, the Globe & Mail and the Georgia Straight.
 JLovedayJeremy Loveday, Victoria, BC
Jeremy Loveday is a high energy spoken word poet whose performances are raw, rhythmic and they “capture the magic of being alive”. His work has sparked international debate and earned him a global following. He speaks his truth powerfully on gender violence, pipelines, love, manhood, leadership, self-care, and spirituality. His work has been featured on Upworthy, Huffington Post, CBC, and in Claudia; one of Brazil`s largest magazines. He founded the Victorious Voices youth arts festival and is the founder/mentor for Victoria`s Youth Poet Laureate project. Jeremy is the 2X Victoria Poetry Slam Champion. Jeremy has been leading workshops on writing, performance, self expression, and spoken word for social change for the past 5 years.
Mike McGeeMike McGee, San Jose, Cal, USA
America’s stand-up poet is on a journey to make the world laugh and cry.
He’s appeared on thousands of stages and inside many kitchens—and very
soon your heart!
Rachel TaylorRachel Taylor, Fort McMurray, Alberta
Rachel Taylor is a spoken word artist hailing from Beyond The Wall (otherwise known as Fort McMurray, Alberta), where she fights White Walkers and attempts to understand the economic advantage of sending crude oil to Texas for refining and then buying back gasoline at twice the price. Rachel has been producing original work since her debut film “The Barbie Massacre” in 1993.  Alas, the final cut of this film was lost forever when it was recorded over with Vicar of Dibley reruns by Rachel’s father in 1994. Rachel is a reading fanatic, a comic-book-movie addict, and can quote The Princess Bride nearly verbatim.

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A Raven Called Crow / Wryly AndersonA Raven Called Crow / Wryly Anderson, Vancouver, BC
A Raven Called Crow is known for her wacky yet hauntingly honest lyrics. Her songs are hard to forget. Her shows immerse you in an intimate singer songwriter atmosphere with automatic writing, shadow visuals and performance art. This year she is excited to present a unique collaboration featuring the eccentric object artistry of Wryly Andherson

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Zuma PumaZuma Puma, London, UK – ***Sacred Clowning- “Life is too important to be taken seriously”- Oscar Wilde
Join Zuma Puma (Visiting from the UK) in a playshop that merges the worlds of comedy, story telling, connection and spirituality. An hour and a half long play session that gives festival goers a safe place to be seen and take risks that will open the player to express freely in “the game”. Through a series of exercises Zuma evokes the players to find their childhood joy, their un-tainted freedom of expression and their pleasure to be seen Whether you are a beginner in clown or have practiced for years this workshop is a great place to develop your unique comedy, get inspired and ready yourself to play at this years Artswells festival.

Anahata अनाहत Awaken Your Radiant Heart Anahata is the fourth primary chakra at the heart level along the central channel. Explore the depths of your heart, starting with a uniquely deep meditation and mantra, tapping into the flame within. Ignite the fire within through pranayama. Awaken and open the heart though asana. Recharge your inner-self.* suitable for yogis of all levels
Beatboxing w/ Hachey Learn to use your mouth is new ways with Hachey the MouthPEACE’s Beatboxing Workshop
Ben Brown ‘feeling sound’ Drummer, Ben Brown explores how to hear music in the body inspired by his recent studies with master percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie and dancer Katie Duck. Brown has spent the past 7 months working with dancers and musicians around Europe, Montreal and New York.
Bon-Bon’s Rhythm Box- Accordion Rhythm Basics Workshop Fundamental mysteries of accordion bass buttons revealed!…both the absolute novice and those more familiar with the marvels of the accordion can garner tricks and techniques for playing the piano accordion as a rhythm instrument using cadence, chord ‘comping’, bellows, bass fingering, and body parts! …(Bring an accordion if you have one! Sharing may be an option if not)
Drummspeak Sssnap’s Granville Johnson leads the workshop “drumspeak” that focuses on technical tips that aid in the expression of hand drumming. Suitable for all levels and genres of play. Djembes supplied and be for sale after workshop.
Find Your Violin’s Voice Join Jacques Mindreau and find the out what you violin is saying
Flashmob with the Myrtle Family . Flashmob workshop that gets performed by the participants at some point on the street!
How to make a living as an Artist w/ Bob Bossin Veteran Independent artists Bob Bossin, musician/writer and his partner Elizabeth Shefrin, a visual artist and illustrator, lead an open seminar on how to live the dream and make a living as an artist.
Music BC: Show Me The Money Savannah Wellman from Music BC will help make sure you’re tapping into all the potential revenue sources you’re owed as a songwriter and performer, as well as the grants and funding that’s available to you and how to put together a strong application to get them.”
Paragraph 7 of the Great Learning Miss Emily Brown leads Cornelius Cardew’s “Paragraph 7 of the Great Learning,” an experimental, text-based vocal piece for trained or untrained voices.
Sacred Clowning Zuma Join Zuma Puma (Visiting from the UK) in a playshop that merges the worlds of comedy, storytelling, connection and spirituality. An hour and a half long play session that gives festival goers a safe place to be seen and take risks that will open the player to express freely in “the game”. Through a series of exercises Zuma evokes the players to find their childhood joy, their untainted freedom of expression and their pleasure to be seen. “Life is too important to be taken seriously”- Oscar Wilde
Tap Dancing Candice .Haven’t you always wanted to tapdance? (Candice R Curlypaws)
Want to learn a rhythm language for your feet? We’ll focus on: technique drills; choreography and improvisation. Come get young and have fun while creating new pathways in the brain!
With Natalie Saari
Rise & shine asana for all! We will start the festival morning together through the practice of yoga. Cultivate inner balance. Connect with our surroundings. Move and breath together, as we salute the sun.
Through hatha & vinyasa, explore the body through the journey of asana, pranayama and dhyana (yoga postures, breath and meditation). We will also have some fun with acro / partner yoga. Come play!
* suitable for yogis of all levels and Kids
 Neil Vant Wells Historic TourGuide Through Town

Join our longtime Wellsian and historic enthusiast on his tour around town

YOGA in the Field Saturday and Sunday Morning Join us in the field for a Yoga session in the grass.
Banjo: The People’s Instrument. Banjos and banjo styles from gourds to bluegrass, historical to modern. with Jason & Pharis
Clowntown w/ Dirty Grace A playpen for all sized humans. We offer a facilitated, low pressure, space for exploration and play in the name of clowning.
Darylectones: Slide Guitar Join Daryl Oneill of the Darylectones in his workshop exploring the finer points of slide guitar.
Fest Directors in the Round ArtsWells host many Festival Directors and they meet to talk about the successes and struggles of “putting on the show”.
Hoop Church Join Doug Gook on the school field for the sacreligious act or hoola hooping.
Improv for Beginners Improv is for EVERYONE! Improvisational theatre has many benefits for all ages, all personalities and all abilities – from improved public speaking, more self-confidence, better ability to work with groups, opening up creativity, to just plain FUN.Join Victoria’s Whistling Kettle Improv Troupe for a workshop on the basics of improvisational theatre – whether you want to try it for the first time, or dust off your forgotten skills.
Motion Into Music :Find the Others A workshop in interactive digital tools for music making. Andy Shepard(Find the Others) demonstrates gestural controllers that affect sound and visuals, and workshop participants can ‘jam’ with the controllers.
My Peace River My Peace River is an artistic collaboration between Jody Peck (Miss Quincy) and Jodie Ponto to bring voice and awareness to the Peace River in Northeastern BC.The workshop will be focussing on positive change, grass roots people power and artistic activism. All the while educating people in our province about the Peace River and how the Site C dam threatens it.
Nawhuln’ah Nawhuln’ah ! The music has healing intentions for the earth and all life along with her. With love and healing we will unite all nations of earth stewards and heal together with Mother Earth ! Throughout my travels I (Sabina )was moved and felt healing in the songs of these beautiful people who will perform as Nawhuln’ah(the time is now).
Sacred Geometry of Music w/ Ross Barrett Music theory on a whole other level; feminine, masculine, spiritual, and love are all addressed in Ross’ musical teachings.
Sing Along Swells Group song, instant choir facilitated by Betty Supple of Dirty Grace. No experience necessary, everyone welcome. We’ll learn rhythm and vocal parts, easy, soulful, powerful. Low pressure, inclusive space for making big beautiful noise.
Intro to Swing Dance w/ Capri & Jeff

Learn the basics of swing dance so you can fearlessly lead or follow, and bust the odd move. No Partner Required!

World fusion: From Persia to Paris Navas lead a workshop on the challenges and pleasures of creating new music from Middle-Eastern melodies and rhythms and fusing them with Western music forms.
Timeless Voice w/ Doug Koyama Timeless Voices is a workshop to show people the magic of improvised A Capella. Exercises that are meant to allow you to open up and let the loving, free expression of your inner beauty flow. That is best done by releasing the need to control what it is, and just allowing it to be whatever it wants to be.It’s like flying.

Blue Moon Yoga; Creating Calm in Chaos

with Carrie Few

This workshop draws on the energy of the Blue Moon that will illuminate the sky on opening night of ArtsWells 2015. Explore the concept of balance …. opposing energies coming into harmony. Learn to surrender while giving effort, balance yin & yang and appreciate the cycle of creation, preservation, destruction & liberation.

Open to anyone wanting to bring balance into their life.

Rhythm Box Accordion Basics Fundamental mysteries of accordion bass buttons revealed with Ana Bon Bon!…both the absolute novice and those more familiar with the marvels of the accordion can garner tricks and techniques for playing the piano accordion as a rhythm instrument using cadence, chord ‘comping’, bellows, bass fingering, and body parts! …(Bring an accordion if you have one! Sharing may be an option if not)
Contact Dance & Improvisation Contact Dance or lmpovisation ( Cl) is a contemptorary dance form which uses points of contact as a foundation for exploration through movement – the point of contact informs the dance. Cl is a unique partner form of dance in that the male is not leading, in fact no one person is leading; the dance is formed through a balanced union between listening to your partner & listening to your own creative intuition
7 Story Circus *This is a workshop for kids 6-12 years old.
Climb Aerial fabric & aerial hoop! Juggle scarves, balls, rings and clubs. Spin staff, poi, diablo, flower-sticks, and plates. Balance on stilts and rola-bola. Do hand-stands and partner acrobatics. Explore ensemble and solo work with improvisation and performance games. Join the 7 Story Circus and discover your circus super powers!
Reel Youth Join Reel Youth for a 3-day adventure in filmmaking!  During this film program, we will produce mini-documentaries that feature the music and stories of three ArtsWells musicians.  This is a great chance to get behind the scenes and help capture some of magic that makes this festival what it is.

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Bottoms Up BurlsBottoms Up Burlesque, Quesnel, BC
All the way from the small village of Quesnel BC, Bottoms Up Baring Burlesque has been dazzling audiences across the country. They have performed at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, hold a monthly burlesque revue and have toured as far as Toronto. This troupe has a classic Ziegfeld Follies flair with a splash of modern sass and humor. They will turn any frown Bottoms up-side down!

An many more TBA!
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ArtsWells Appreciation Party Aug 3th @ the Wells Community Hall



Thank you to all the ArtsWells sponsors!


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