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2020 ArtsWells Online Line Up

Artists In Order of Appearance for August 5 Broadcast

Line Up from the Wednesday, July 29th Broadcast
And Visual Art Interludes by Heather Dawn Sparks

The full line up for ArtsWells Online includes:

Al Simmons (http://www.alsimmons.com)
Ali McCormick (https://alimccormick.bandcamp.com)
Balkan Shmalkan (https://balkanshmalkan.ca)
Blocktreat (https://www.blocktreat.ca)
Brandon Peters (https://2riversremix.ca/artists/brandon-peters/)
Corwin Fox (https://corwinfoxmusic.com)
Don Alder (https://www.donalder.com)
Early Spirit (https://www.earlyspirit.ca)
Geoff Berner (http://geoffberner.com)
Hannah Epperson (http://www.hannahepperson.ca)
Heather Sparks (http://sparksdesigns.xyz)
High Society (https://eastvanhighsociety.bandcamp.com)
Janaye Floyd (https://m.facebook.com/JanayeFloydMusic/)
Julia Mackey, Dirk Van Stralen & Michelle Lieffertz (https://www.sunset-theatre.com)
Kelk Jeffery
Kia Kadiri & Su Comandante (https://kiakadiri.bandcamp.com/releases & https://victoriaskafest.ca/djsucomandante)
Kitty & The Rooster (http://www.kittyandtherooster.com)
KIVA MH (https://www.facebook.com/KIVAMHMUSIC/)
Linda McRae (https://www.lindamcrae.com)
Lucy Jeffery
Mary Matheson (https://www.marymathesonmusic.com)
Missy D (https://www.missydmusic.com/)
MNGWA (https://mngwa.ca)
Myrtle Sisters (https://themyrtlesisters.com/)
No Big D (https://www.goodeggrecords.com/nobigd)
Ostwelve (https://www.ronniedeanharris.com)
Parlour Panther (http://www.parlourpanthermusic.com/)
Sarah Wheeler (https://sarahwheeler.com)
Simbiyez Wilson (http://www.artswells.com/aw_artist/simbyez-wilson)
The Brain Porter (https://thebrainporter.com)
The Carnival Band (http://www.thecarnivalband.com/)
The Interstellar Jays (http://interstellarjays.ca)
The Party On High Street (https://www.thepartyonhighstreet.com)
Yael Wand (https://www.facebook.com/yaelwandmusic/)
ZINNIA (https://thisiszinnia.com)


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333 Collective: Kimmortal, JB the First Lady, Missy D
Airik Clark
Al Simmons
Ali McCormick
Élage Diouf
BabyFace Brass
Bemya Nymh
Blackberry Wood
Bob Campbell
Burlesque Anonymous
Chris “Sandman” Sand
Close Talker
Company B Jazz Band
Dan Bern
Dan Parsons
Dance Church with Grampa Groove
Daniel Mckell
Danny Bell and His Disappointments
Dave Soroka
David Roy Parsons
DJ Kookum
Django’s Jewels
Doug Cox
Edo Alfredo & Danilo Moreno
Fallsaway / Ben Lamb-Yorski
Fox Glove
Hannah Epperson
High Society
Hush Hush Noise
Interstellar Jays
Jeremy Head
Jody Peck
Joey Only Outlaw Band
Khari Wendell McClelland
Kia Kadiri
Kim Beggs
Kitty & The Rooster
Kurt Loewen
Land Line
Leaf Rapids
Linda McRae
Lyndsay Wills
Maiya Robbie
Mary Matheson
Mourning Coup
My Band
Naomi Shore
Poly Hatchet
Rae Spoon
Richard Garvey
Road Waves
Ross Douglas
Saltwater Hank
Samson’s Delilah
Sarah Burton
Sarah Wheeler
Shawn Stephenson
Simbiyez Wilson
Snotty Nosed Rez Kids
The Alkemist
The Brain Porter
The Melawmen Collective
The Party on High Street
The Rail Birds
This Way North
Tracy McNeil
Uschi Tala
Yael Wand

Visual Arts

Brad Rhadwood
Carly Nabess
Chelsea Robinson
Connor Kenney
Kay Gallivan
Lindsay Kay
Mika DeVries
Nora Curiston
Sarah Zimmerman
Shadow Sail Theater

Theatre & Performance

Assassinating Thomson
Circus Camp for Kids by Inspire Circus
Happenstance! The Circumstantial!
Improv Shmimprov
Jesaja Class Illusionist
Laurent Isadore
Madeline Terbasket
Sideways Sideshow
Sunset Exploration Series
TJ Dawe
Tomáš Kubínek
Valour & Tea Theatre


Burlesque Anonymous
Rebecca Margolick
Sideways Sideshow

Literary Arts

Blair Leamen
Dr. Suzanne Steele
Jeremy Loveday
Peter Paul van Camp
UNPACKED: a memoir of checked baggage


Astrology with Martin Comtois
Contemporary Dance Class with Rebecca Margolick
Dance Church with Grampa Groove
Festival Organizers In-the-Round
Forming Expression: Integrating Traditional Mantra with Performance Building – Kyla Churchman
Fundamentals of Hoop Dance – Kasandra Mae
Podcast Workshop
Poetry with Peter Paul Van Camp
Raw Femmeboi Flow
Square Dance!
Swing Dance with Jeff & Capri
The Myth of the Artist – Dr. Suzanne Steele
The Producers Lounge
Traditional Leadership – Laurent Isadore
Yoga in the Field – Michelle Mitschrich

Collaborations & In-The-Rounds

Becoming: A Storytelling Session
Blackberry Wood at ArtsWells 2014 photo by Mary Matheson
Festival Organizers In-the-Round

Roving Acts

Circus Camp for Kids by Inspire Circus
Happenstance! The Circumstantial!
Sideways Sideshow

Walking Tours

The Hon. Neil Vant


Al Simmons
Buffalo Wisdom – Traditional Story Telling
Chris “Sandman” Sand
Circus Camp for Kids by Inspire Circus
Daniel Mckell
Jesaja Class Illusionist

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