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Ticket FAQ

Ticket FAQ

It is with a heavy heart that the Board and Staff of Island Mountain Arts must announce today that, because of COVID-19, the 17th Annual ArtsWells Festival will not take place this July 31 – August 3, 2020. 

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Here are a few commonly asked questions about tickets. If you still have questions, please contact the Island Mountain Arts office at info@imarts.com

  1. Tickets are non-refundable.  We are unable to exchange or refund tickets.
  2. What do I need to bring for proof of my tickets?
    • If you purchased your ticket online, you need to bring a print out or digital copy on scannable device (ex. tablet or smartphone) that shows your purchase with the bar code.  If you purchased your ticket at an outlet, you need to bring the hardcopy ticket.
  3. How do I exchange my ticket for a wristband?
    • When you bring your proof of ticket (see #1), the bar code will be scanned and you will receive your wristband.  You will receive a separate wristband for your camping, if you purchased this.
  4. Where is the box office?
    • There are two box offices as of 2019. The first is at the end of the lake on your left as you drive into town, where you can get your ticket scanned in exchange for your wristband before finding parking, camping, etc.  The second box office is on Pooley St. at the Island Mountain Arts gallery, where you can purchase day passes and exchange tickets for wristbands.  Please note that Pooley St. is closed during the weekend to traffic, so you will need to find parking first.
  5. What is the merch voucher and how do I get one?
    • Only full weekend adult passes (not local or comp) receive merchandise vouchers. The merch vouchers are worth up to $15 at the ArtsWells Merch Booth and are good for up to $15 off one item. When you get your wristband, you will get the merch voucher.  This is another way that the Festival and you can support the artists. By using the voucher on artist merch, the artist gets paid the value of the voucher and you get to take home some artists’ stuff (seriously cool things from cds and vinyl to corsets and skate decks).
  6. Does my wristband act as proof of age to buy liquor?
    • No! Even if you have an adult wristband, this does not prove you are of legal age according to the liquor permits.  For the Jack ‘o’ Clubs Pub and the Wells Hotel Pub, you will need 2 pieces of ID to get in.  For other venues, you may receive a liquor wristband at box office when you show 2 pieces of ID, but you may still be asked for ID when purchasing liquor. If you are wanting to get into a pub or want to purchase liquor at a licensed venue, it is best if you bring your ID just in case.
  7. Can I just come to Wells and get a day pass?
    • There are a limited number of tickets based on a number of considerations such as venue capacity and town infrastructure capacity. If we reach this limit before the weekend, there will be no tickets available at the gate.  Wells is a long way to come to be disappointed, so we definitely recommend buying tickets in advance.  If, however, you are wanting to check out some of the other great sights, such as Bowron Lake Provincial Park or Barkerville Historic Site, then, certainly, you can take your chances on an ArtsWells day pass as well.
  8. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else if I can’t make it to the festival?
    • Yes! There is a “Transfer Your Tickets” link on the bottom of your ticket download page (accessed via your original ticket purchase e-mail).  Click that link or go to the very bottom of the ticket purchase page and click on “Transferring Tickets”, then follow the instructions.
  9. I’m a local, do I get a discounted price?
    • Yes! ArtsWells 2019 local passes are for residents and property owners in Wells, Barkerville and Bowron Lake. To get started on purchasing your 2019 locals pass, please fill out this form.