Festival of All Things Arts


We are hosting ArtsWells Online: A Virtual Festival Of All Things Art, which airs Wednesday, July 29 and Wednesday, August 5 at 7PM both nights through the ArtsWells Facebook page and the ArtsWells YouTube channel.

Artists In Order of Appearance for August 5 Broadcast

Line Up from the Wednesday, July 29th Broadcast
And Visual Art Interludes by Heather Dawn Sparks

The full line up for ArtsWells Online includes:

Al Simmons (http://www.alsimmons.com)
Ali McCormick (https://alimccormick.bandcamp.com)
Balkan Shmalkan (https://balkanshmalkan.ca)
Blocktreat (https://www.blocktreat.ca)
Brandon Peters (https://2riversremix.ca/artists/brandon-peters/)
Corwin Fox (https://corwinfoxmusic.com)
Don Alder (https://www.donalder.com)
Early Spirit (https://www.earlyspirit.ca)
Geoff Berner (http://geoffberner.com)
Hannah Epperson (http://www.hannahepperson.ca)
Heather Sparks (http://sparksdesigns.xyz)
High Society (https://eastvanhighsociety.bandcamp.com)
Janaye Floyd (https://m.facebook.com/JanayeFloydMusic/)
Julia Mackey, Dirk Van Stralen & Michelle Lieffertz (https://www.sunset-theatre.com)
Kelk Jeffery
Kia Kadiri & Su Comandante (https://kiakadiri.bandcamp.com/releases & https://victoriaskafest.ca/djsucomandante)
Kitty & The Rooster (http://www.kittyandtherooster.com)
KIVA MH (https://www.facebook.com/KIVAMHMUSIC/)
Linda McRae (https://www.lindamcrae.com)
Lucy Jeffery
Mary Matheson (https://www.marymathesonmusic.com)
Missy D (https://www.missydmusic.com/)
MNGWA (https://mngwa.ca)
Myrtle Sisters (https://themyrtlesisters.com/)
No Big D (https://www.goodeggrecords.com/nobigd)
Ostwelve (https://www.ronniedeanharris.com)
Parlour Panther (http://www.parlourpanthermusic.com/)
Sarah Wheeler (https://sarahwheeler.com)
Simbiyez Wilson (http://www.artswells.com/aw_artist/simbyez-wilson)
The Brain Porter (https://thebrainporter.com)
The Carnival Band (http://www.thecarnivalband.com/)
The Interstellar Jays (http://interstellarjays.ca)
The Party On High Street (https://www.thepartyonhighstreet.com)
Yael Wand (https://www.facebook.com/yaelwandmusic/)
ZINNIA (https://thisiszinnia.com)


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