2011 Artswells Line-Up

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Why not take a minute and check out our ArtsWells Radio 3 playlist? It features many of the artists who performed at the 2011 festival! http://radio3.cbc.ca/#/play/Yulia-K/playlist/ArtsWells-2011

Al Rempel, Prince George, B.C.
Al Rempel’s books of poetry are understories (Caitlin Press, 2010) and a chapbook, The Picket Fence Diaries (Lipstick Press, 2010).

Ana Bon-BonAna Bon-Bon, Vancouver, B.C. & London, UK Blues Cabaret chanteuse Ana Bon-Bon is an accordion-playing songwriter and performer. Miss Ana Bon-Bon plays rhythm and roots accordion to accompany a deep, evocative vocal style heavily influenced by American spirituals, jump blues, and her eastern European ancestry.

Andrea Ramolo, Toronto, ON
Windows down and a love behind you, highway driving on a bright summer day, Ramolo will nod you rhythmically along the bends and you’ll smile.

Ann Walsh, Williams Lake, B.C.
Ann Walsh is a longtime Cariboo resident. She has written numerous historical fiction novels. She has also published a book of poetry.

Arbitrio, Here and There, B.C.
Doug Koyama performs improv vocals to Jim Savage’s fingerstyle guitar compositions. Christine Allen drums. (“Arbitrio” is Latin for “arbitrary,” which also means “to bear witness.”)

Ari NeufeldAri Neufeld, Penticton, BC
Young and old all at once, Ari will sweep you up on a breathtaking carousel ride and say all the things you were thinking but were afraid to say.

Barb Coupé, Prince George, B.C.
An ArtsWells / IMA junkie and UNBC Masters student, Barb Coupé is a forester / poet whose writings can be found in Lived Experience, Gumption and Grit, and Unfurled.

Ben Sures, Edmonton, AB
Songs line up at Ben Sures’ doorstep when they want to get written. As one of his influences once said, shut up and talk to me.

Bernard Boulanger, Vancouver, B.C.
This acoustic guitarist and vocalist (also of the Colorifics) is inspired by earnest concern for our fragile relationship with nature, playful irreverence, self-conscious longings, and romantic daydreams.

Beth Holden, Wells, B.C.
From Montreal to the Cariboo, sunlight and its dynamic forces have remained Beth’s inspiration. When not creating art, she can be found wandering the mountains.

Bill Horne, Wells, B.C.
Bill was born in Vancouver and studied painting and drawing at the Banff Centre, and film animation at UBC. He works primarily in silkscreen, as well as digital photography, paper-making and assemblage. Bill lives in Wells, B.C., where he and Claire Kujundzic run “Amazing Space Studio.”

Blackberry Wood, Vancouver, BC
Dash of illusion, pinch of magic alt-country/ragtime/circus gypsy music. Come to the show as your alter ego. Wear a bright headband to soak up sweat.

The Blackwood Two, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
Feel-good grassroots with honest, original songwriting. Sunny fiddles and banjos and lyrics that make you look back, smile, shrug and tap your feet.

Bob CampbellBob Campbell, Wells, B.C.
Since moving to the Cariboo in 1975, this weathered songwriter has played hundreds of dusty halls and smoky pubs. Loved for his themes and subtle humour.

Bubba Tres, Fernie, BC
Zombie-killing, midget-fighting, specky-loving spacerock. Smoke, lasers, drunken dancing bunnies, confetti, strobes, megaphones, drums, bass ukuleles, tubas, trumpets, mandolins. Black Sabbath and Madonna covers.

Buffaloswans, Vancouver, BC
Frolicking somewhere between the dusty vintage past and the psychedelic rafters of the future, Buffaloswans play in the fields and forests of Cosmic American Music.

Bulat Gafarov, Moscow, Russia
A challenge to the coordination mechanism between your visual and auditory perceptions. Throat singing, beatboxing, electorica. Ancient and immediate. You really have to see this.

Caley Watts Band, Bella Coola, BC
Sweet-voiced singer-songwriter Caley Watts draws on her Cree ancestry and connection to place to create intimate, moving eco- and socially-conscious folk rock tunes.

Caroline Anders, Wells, B.C.
Caroline Anders is an oil painter who lives in Wells (and a longtime ArtsWellsian). She has a solo exhibition at the Terrace Art Gallery this fall.

Chelsea Scott, Wells, B.C.
Chelsea has been cutting, pasting, drawing, sculpting, photographing, painting, sewing, dancing and creating since she was a young one. She is proudly self-taught.

Claire Kujundzic, Wells, B.C.
A painter, printmaker, illustrator, muralist, and graphic designer, Claire works in a variety of media and styles, from realism to cartooning to abstraction. She enjoys telling stories about what she sees around her. Claire’s work has been commissioned, reproduced and collected by many groups.

The Colorifics, Vancouver, BC
Bohemian-cabaret, originally-spun tributes to the dirty 30’s, 40’s jazz, and 60’s surf and pop. Harmony vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, gypsy-jazz fiddle, and latin-jazz-rock percussion!

Corey Hardeman, Wells, B.C.
Documents her surroundings in oil paint. Plans to populate Wells with mountain caribou, tiny ponies and small children—let the chips fall where they may.

Corin Raymond, Toronto, ON
He’ll hang with you when you’ve been sleeping in your clothes for days, stained wine glasses scattered around your bed. He can also clear the sky of clouds. Soulful.

Corwin FoxCorwin Fox, Victoria, BC
With his distinctive knack for ironic juxtaposition and more heart than an artichoke, Fox takes another cut at big business, government practices, and environmental politics.

Courtney Wing, Vancouver, B.C.
Multi-instrumentalist Wing’s dynamic group furnishes his neo-folk compositions with symphonic textures so rich they melt even the most bitter-struck hearts.

CR Avery, Vancouver, BC
Violent and tender, this one-man band sings poetic verse while beatboxing and pounding the piano simultaneously and adding harmonica like a plot twist.

The Creaking PlanksThe Creaking Planks, Vancouver, BC
Unofficial mascots of East Vancouver, the Creaking Planks mash up modern music with old-timey instruments. Psycho squeezebox, qu’est-ce que c’est? The jug band of the damned delivers unorthodox performances everywhere from festivals and halls to backyards, basements, bookstores and tattoo parlours. www.creakingplanks.com.

Cris Derksen, Vancouver, B.C.
Cris Derksen is a young half-Cree classically-trained Canadian cellist whose captivating melodies and steadfast bass lines have captured the attention of local and international audiences.

Crossbow, Kamloops, B.C.
Christina Zaenker (cello & voice) and Neil Burnett (harp, etc.) make music from a wild new recipe for 38 strings, ringing timber, and assorted sonic spices.

Danielle Savage, Okanagan, BC
Danielle Savage and her band, the Miscreants, genre-swim via adaptogenic folk. Heavy on the songwriting, light to the touch. Good for the body.

Dave Bidini, Toronto, ON
A Canadian independent music legend, a founding member of the Rheostatics, and a songwriter’s songwriter. Literate, rocking tunes about dead hockey players, cannibalism, and lesbian schoolteachers.

David Newberry and the Keep On Keepin’ On, East Vancouver, BC
David Newberry sings folk songs with rock sensibilities. Or is it the other way around? His increasingly noisy songs capture insights into the complex social world.

Dave Soroka, Grand Forks, BC
A mythical figure in the Canadian indie music scene, his songs are humorous, contagious, heart-wrenching, and capture the emotions and stories of a true Canadian troubadour.

David Jeffery, Wells, B.C.
Sunset Theatre co-owner and former instructor Dave Jeffery has been teaching teens for 30 years and has directed over 55 plays, musicals and collectives.

David Roy Parsons, Vancouver, BC
Called “sophisticated and straightforward at the same time, like Hank Williams” by Geoff Berner, “this guy is a super genius songwriter” (Jeremy Stewart).

DEJA, Zürich, Switzerland / Vancouver, BC
Smooth AND sharp. With his socially conscious hip hop and rap and positive energy, DEJA will get you feelin’ alright within a couple of beats.

Dixie Star Storytelling, Vancouver, B.C.
Imaginative stories for adults and children, the husband and wife team of Tim and Lisa Sars craft a sense of magic and intimacy in all their shows.

The Donefors, Toronto, ON
With music that stays rooted in each instrument’s organic sound, they’ll roll out of bed and still put on a great show.

Dorah Amora, Salt Spring Island, B.C.
This self-taught Gypsy accordionist extraordinaire will make you forget every bad Polka you ever suffered through. Eargasmic tunes to put your heartsoul in a trance.

Dorjee Tsering, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, IN
Powerful and human, Dorjee Tsering communicates the inner strength of the Tibetan people through art. He teaches traditional Tibetan music and dance from exile in India.

Doug Koyama, Quesnel, BC
Watch an artist at work. Koyama uses a loop machine to layer bits of melody, harmony and vocal percussion. Each song is completely improvised from beginning to end.

Drum and Bell Tower, Williams Lake, BC
Drum & Bell Tower is a one-man computer-based live-drum-pounding, knob-tweaking, psychedelic-guitar-soaked experiment with rhythm and harmony. It is music for spacing out and/or dancing off the proverbial buttocks.

Duke & Battersby
Cooper Battersby and Emily Vey Duke have been working collaboratively since 1994. Their work has been exhibited in North and South America and throughout Europe.

Erin Arding, Prince George, B.C.
Erin is an artist, musician, and poet who takes the scissors to literary forms. Maybe if the poems behave, she’ll glue them back together.

e.s.l., Vancouver, BC
Playful songwriting and and incredible chops. e.s.l. takes listeners all over the emotional map, from whimsical silent-movie-esques, to lush cello sounds and aching vocals, to traditional Polish stylings.

Exes and Allies, Penticton, B.C.
Brings intense groove to the accordion like no other. Integrity, purity and funky beats, all while swinging you back to the roots with strings and things.

Faye Blais, Toronto, ON and Melbourne, Australia
Faye’s songwriting, presence and personality are showcased beautifully through her impressive jazzy-bluesy folk style, on acoustic and electric guitars, and keys, with stunning, dynamic vocals.

Fish and BirdFish & Bird, Victoria, BC
Folk with bluegrass, country, jazz, and Beach Boys influences. Strength in the blend. They’ll draw you into listening closer and make you remember things you’ve forgotten.

Fraea BraveRaven, Victoria, B.C.
This strange little beast is finding her way between the worlds. Coming to you in stereophonic tones and ink spattered marvels. Animated adventure of eccentric entities.

Free Soul, Prince George, B.C.
“A poppy, reggae-filled musical medley of fun, Mike “FREESOUL” Amos will enrich your senses with his strong guitar skills and smooth soulful vocals.” – Barry McKillican

Gabriel Holmes, Likely, B.C.
This renegade blues pirate is seldom seen but never fails to satisfy. A true-bador who rocks from the heart, Gabriel’s original guitar tunes feed your funky soul.

Ghengis GandhisGhengis Gandhis, Ashcroft, B.C.The Ghengis Gandhis call their musical style “BC Homegrown Reggae:” fun, danceable, socially relevant, original music that swells the heart and fills the soul.

Geoff BernerGeoff Berner, Vancouver, BC
Committed to “dragging klezmer music kicking and screaming back into the bars”, Geoff Berner will show you that it’s better to be disreputable. Bring a flask.

Go Go Bonkers, Vancouver, BC
A wild musical ride full of Ogres, fairies, ravens, bears and trees. Several of these characters try to make the world a better place every day.

Hannah Epperson, Vancouver, BC
A talented violinist who composes beautifully arranged pieces and uses a loop machine as back-up. You won’t know you’re in love until it’s too late.

High Society, Vancouver, BC
High Society is a band of street musicians, mercenary troubadours, and blues bandits: Cory Sweet, Kenan Sungur, Adam Farnsworth, and Chelsea D.E. Johnson.

Jason Griffin, Wells, B.C.
In the over 16 years he’s lived in Wells, Jason’s done various things in the community— canoe guide, cabinetmaker / interpreter at Barkerville, and woodworking entrepreneur.

Jason & Pharis Romero, Horsefly, BC
Jason and Pharis play as a husband-wife duet, singing lovingly hard-cut vocals on traditional and original songs with their (home-made) guitars and banjos.

Jasper Sloan Yip, Vancouver, BC
In high school, you get your heart broken, cry and then dance about it because it’s new and exciting. Jasper’s songs make you feel this way again.

Jeff Andrew, Victoria, BC
Jeff Andrew was once blessed by a hobo on the streets of Salem, Massachusetts. He also knows a trick for raising the dead, but it only works on Tuesdays.

Jeremy Stewart & the Lives of the Saints, Prince George & Wells, B.C.
A pop songwriter with a melancholy buzz; a northern BC poet; an avant-grunge lead guitar alchemist. His band creates a field of possibility for beauty and disaster.

Jesse Dee & Jacquie B, Edmonton, AB
Fun, visceral lyrics and a jazzy funk to their step, they’ll get have dancing in no time. Honest and versatile, and full of surprises!

Jessie Herman, Quesnel, B.C.
Dancer, choreographer, instructor, studio owner, shimmy shaker, mover and a maker! Jessie’s studio, Gold Pan City Dance, is known to be transformed into a musical venue of unseemly proportions and welcomes performing artists of all kinds to shine!

Joan Beck, Wells, B.C.
Joan began taking pottery courses in 1964 and later attended Pottery School in Vancouver and eventually made her way to Williams Lake. Following years found her attending many workshops and doing extensive work with the medium, both hand-built and wheelthrown. Joan operates her summer gallery in Wells.

Joey OnlyJoey Only, Vancouver & Wells, BC
Joey Only’s just ending 9 years as a Vancouver radio personality, and is a published writer, booking agent and artist. He’s done a thousand shows in Canada playing radical folk and outlaw country music. Joey and his duet-singing lady Leah Martin are getting married at ArtsWells this year, and everyone is invited!

John Pippus, Vancouver, BC
Rough and ready blues, acoustic soul-folk. But then there’s the other side of the coin: ballads, pop and new country.

Johnnie Ninety-Nine, Vancouver, BC
A johnny ninety-nine is a ruthless beverage using wine and gin. This band takes a similar approach to songwriting, their music combined, not diluted.

Jungal, Australia
This trio of sisters “know how to bring some serious foot stomping, festival-style…Veering between roots and blues and then all over both.”

Justin Foster, Prince George, B.C.
Justin Foster is a poet and longtime resident of the Cariboo. He is a creative writing graduate student at UNBC.

Katie Nahachewski, Prince George, B.C.
Tri-Loom Weaver Katie Nahachewski was born and raised in Prince George, and says she “lives to make other people’s lives a happier place to be.”

Kristen Roos, Vancouver, B.C.
Kristen Roos’ sound art is based on sound waves. In whatever form he works, Roos demonstrates that there is more to sound than just audibility.

Karyn Ellis, Quesnel, BC
Jazzy, swinging folk and warm tones. She conjures images of summertime boardwalks and 1950s bathing suits at the lake.

Ken Hamm, Forget, SK
A blues and roots artist with an international reputation, Ken Hamm is known for his stellar guitar work as well as for his originals.

Kia KadiriKia Kadiri, Vancouver & Victoria, BC
This Maximum/Universal hip-hop artist is one of Vancouver’s most respected and powerful females on the mic. You’ll walk out four inches taller after her show.

Kirby, Hamilton, ON
Belted emotional lyrics, a driving rock style, and quiet, thoughtful picking on the guitar, reminiscent of Nick Drake, John Mayer or Dallas Green.

Ladybug the RamblerLadybug and Caterpillar, Vancouver, B.C.
You’ll be glad to lend your ear to the continuing adventures of Ladybug the Rambler, Caterpillar, and Moony the banjo.

Laura McIntosh, Vancouver, B.C.
A gentleman and a scholar, fond of pigments. Ms. McIntosh studies illustration at Emily Carr University, after which she hopes to take over the world.

Laurie Landry, Wells, B.C.
Wells artist Laurie Monique Landry is an artist working in pencil, charcoal, & oil of landscapes, still life and people. Vancouver- and IMA-trained, she also has just completed training in Paris, France.

Liliana Dragowska, Williams Lake, B.C.
A craft-a-holic by nature, Liliana loves the creative expression that the Cariboo community brings out in her life.

Linda McRaeLinda McRae, Nashville, TN, USA
From Dear John to John Deere. Combining old-time sounds with themes of heartbreak and redemption, Linda’s lyrics are timeless and heartfelt—plus she’s got serious pipes and chops.

Lisa Haslett, Prince George, B.C.
Lisa Haslett (nee deHoog) was born and raised in the Burns Lake area. She now lives and writes in Prince George.

Lorne Dufour, McLeese Lake, B.C.
A longtime horse logger, resident of the Cariboo, and a natural poet. Lorne writes poetry at the drop of a hat to commemorate any occasion.

Lost & Found Puppet Co., Vancouver, B.C.
Lost & Found Puppet Co. explores the stories of objects through all forms of puppetry.

Maiya Robbie, Penticton, BC
Songs written under the influence of the absurd, sweet awkwardness of love / living, this singer-songwriter crafts her words and music as an attempt at human topography.

Mamaguroove, Dunster, BC
A sonic and scenic smorgasbord of aural intensity and imagery infatuation. Envelops and grips the senses of audiences from the first crack of the snare drum.

Marcel Gagnon, Fort Fraser, B.C.
“Often couched in poetry similar to Leonard Cohen or even JJ Cale. For a long time he didn’t think anyone would want to hear it.” – Stuart Derdeyn, The Province

Martin Comtois, Williams Lake, B.C.
Astrologer, cook, artist, storyteller, impresario. When not in the kitchen you’ll find him doing astrological readings and workshops. For information on his work check www.mountainmystics.ca.

Mary Forbes, Williams Lake, B.C.
In 2007 Mary was awarded Gold for best Individual Interpretive Program in all of Canada. Today Mary’s Dandelion Interpretation in Williams Lake is a storytelling, community education and special events business that thrives in the gold mine of Cariboo culture.

Melisa Devost, Hornby Island, BC
Melisa Devost has toured extensively throughout Canada, the UK, and Europe, carving her niche as a compelling vocalist with the guitar and songwriting skills to match.

Melissa Bandura, Vancouver, BC
Melissa describes her music as “quirky folk: think of dwarves skipping through the forest carrying various stringed instruments!” Eccentric chord changes, unconventional meters, and flowing melodies.

Mind of a Snail Puppet Co., Vancouver, B.C.
Shadow Puppet duo with a multi-layered style of visual storytelling. Originally crafted puppets, overhead projectors, music, masked characters, recycled waste, and eclectic experimentations in lighting and timing.

Miss Emily Brown, Montreal, QC
Miss Emily Brown returns to ArtsWells for another year of creative collusion with a mitt full of new dusty encyclopedia songs to refract love into your lenses.

Miss Quincy, Nelson, BC
Miss Quincy comes alive on stage through her stories, her music and the characters she picks up along the way. 1930s blues, bluegrass, and vaudeville.

MorloveMorlove, Victoria, B.C. & Montreal, PQ
Best heard through your oldest set of speakers, Morlove is the creative collaboration of Corwin Fox and Miss Emily Brown (along with certain special others…). Experimental, handmade folk.

Mr. Something Something, Toronto, ON
A little something for the body, a little something for the mind: your soundtrack to a joyful revolution. Internationally recognized for their unique blend of Afrobeat, jazz and pop.

Murray Boal, Dragon Mountain, B.C.
Murray is a songwriter and farmer whose inspiration comes from the spirit of the people and places of the rich and colorful Cariboo Chilcotin.

Namgar, Buryat Republic, Siberia
Traditional far-eastern Siberian folk with electrifying immediacy, rooted in both the past and present. Mongolo-metal that’s made old ladies cry and come back for more.

Navaz, Prince George, BC
Persian-fusion with high-energy, highly danceable grooves. Driving rhythms, hauntingly beautiful vocals, and intensely exciting soloing from some of the best instrumentalists in Persian music.

Newberry vs Newberry, Ontario and B.C.
Newberry vs Newberry is a project of Sioux and David Newberry, siblings with unique and complimentary musical styles. They also sing a lot about trains and boats.

Nice Verdes, BC and Australia
Nice Verdes create original world music that’s sunny and uplifting, influenced by sounds from around the globe, including those of Cuba, Senegal, and Central America.

NikTex, Montreal, PQ
NikTex are delighted to serve themselves on a platter of fusion folk, world and electronic. At a glance: Guitars, Electronix, Percussion and Vocal Harmonix.

Nora Curiston, Grand Forks, B.C.
Nora Curiston is a painter, sculptor, and Emily Carr graduate. Her sculptures are ‘visual poems’ – juxtapositions or manipulations of objects that give them new meaning.

O’mally, Victoria, BC
From the oceanside forests and farms of Canada’s West Coast comes the free-range style of O’mally, a breakout artist with a distinctive sound.

Ory No ManOry No Man, Toronto, ON & Wells, BC
“And what is good, Phaedrus,
And what is not good—
Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?”
—Robert M. Pirsig, Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Paula Scott, Dunster, B.C.
A narrative oil painter who has shown provincially and beyond. While circumstances send her in a thousand directions, Paula tries to focus on painting thought-provoking narratives.

Pawnshop Diamond, Vancouver, BC
This five-piece incorporates the time-tested tools of solid songwriting with decidedly modern musicianship and sharp lyricism that make for a sound both vintage and timeless.

Po-Co and Wanda, Victoria, B.C.
With two suitcases packed with giggles and tricks up all four sleeves, this clown couple is sure to knock your socks off when you least expect it.

Queso Blanco, Vancouver, BC
A vintage Cuban music and surf guitar blend. From their calypso covers to their Hawaiian lounge style and humor, the band is ever unpredictable.

Raghu LokanathanRaghu Lokanathan, Prince George, B.C.
A rare sort of songwriter whose work conjures a world both familiar and strange. He is an artful dabbler in folk traditions.

The Re-Mains, All over New South Wales, Australia
A hard-driving independent band on a country-rock-and-roll crusade since 2002. They’ve played more rodeos, outback dives and inner city hellholes than any other band in Australia.

The Roaming Diva, Montreal, PQ
With an orchestra in her purse and a twinkle in her eye, the Roaming Diva delights the ears, seduces the eyes, and opens the mind.

Rob Budde, Prince George, B.C.
Rob Budde teaches creative writing at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. He has published seven books.

Ross Douglas, Point Roberts, WA, USA
Award winning songwriter, great singer, wonderful performer, iffy dresser. His music is praised for its humour, emotional power and grand variety of influences.

Sage Birchwater, Williams Lake, B.C.
Sage Birchwater, a 38-year resident of the Cariboo Chilcotin, is a journalist and author. He specializes in oral history and memoirs, and has published several books.

The Sandman, Dunn Center, ND, USA
Chris “Sandman” Sand’s music is fusion in the raw—country / hip hop / folk / rap / cowboy / punk. Unique, fresh, sexy, and distinctly western.

Scott Cook, Edmonton, AB
Prairie balladeer Scott Cook sings acoustic roots music so honest it hurts. He brings years of roads and a deep love of humanity to his songwriting.

Seth & Shara, Dunster, BC
Seth Macdonald and Shara Gustafson, better known as the front line of Mamaguroove, are in new musical territory—with an acoustic latin / reggae / world twist.

Sharon Cahn, Horsefly, B.C.
Fibre Artist and Designer Sharon Cahn of Pluckings has been creating Wearable Art for over 30 years, winning many awards in both Canada and the US. Her felting experience has been acquired over the last 8 years by studying with Polly Stirling, Pat Sparks and Chad Hagen, among others.

Shawn StephensonShawn Stephenson, Ymir, BC
Kootenay mountain musician. Multi-instrumental looper freakshow. He likes meat, veggies, booze, wigs, tofu and bacon stir-fry and other genderless stuff, and knows how to get it.

shayne avec i grec, Victoria, B.C.
One of 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac, a poetic preacher of The Anthropocalypse, and a co-conspirator in the creation of the world’s first psychedelic talk opera.

Shelder the Electric Clamfish, Vancouver, B.C.
Raised in the Gulf Islands, Shelder combines her wild hippy upbringing together with classical and jazz training to perform and teach music that transcends reality.

Sincerely, Someone, Penticton, BC
Liam Kidner and DeAnna Maggie are united by a love for the simplicity of folk and the beauty of a clever lyric.

Sioux Newberry, Ontario
”…you have a killer pop band and are smart & poetic. Is ‘funrock’ a word? LITERATE FUNROCK. That’s what you do. Well.” – David Newberry, Musician, Sibling

Soupbone, Williams Lake, BC
Soupbone’s good times recipe calls for sweet and savory blues and Motown. Their unique sound, original show, and eclectic repertoire offer up something for every palate.

Stephen St. Laurent, Prince George, B.C.
With almost 20 years of theatrical writing, directing, and acting under his belt, Stephen has also completed a series of social documentary and educational videos.

Steve Brockley, Montreal, QC
Folk music isn’t usually this greasy. A finger picked electric guitar, smooth vocals, slick upright bass, and one special drummer. Neat lyrics are a bonus.

Tahirih Goffic, Bella Coola, B.C.
A Quesnel girl, born and raised, who now lives, paints and raises her two gorgeous children with her musician husband in beautiful Bella Coola B.C.

T. Nile, Vancouver, BC
Tamara was groomed for musical life; she was accompanying her father, a multi-instrumentalist sidewalk entertainer, through North America and Australia by the age of six.

Teapot Hill, Vancouver, BC
Teapot Hill is what happens to indie rock when it turns 30 and stops trying to be cool. It is the sound of friends making music for nothing but the sheer joy of it.

Tone Indbryn, Sechelt, BC
A singer / songwriter / poet who has honed her craft for nineteen years. Her music crosses many folk genres; it’s unconventional and individual.

Transfiguration Good News Band, Prince George, BC
Come celebrate the joys and sorrows of life with The Transfiguration Good News Band—danceable jazz-grunge fusion arrangements of traditional African-American spirituals—Hallelujah!

Trevor Tchir, Edmonton, AB
Uniting the sounds and images of Canada’s rural and urban spaces, Tchir has captivated audiences across the country with his songs of work, play, and love.

Trish Halsey Belsham, Vanderhoof, B.C.
Trish Halsey Belsham is a seasoned choreographer with 25 years of involvement in many dance programs throughout B.C.

Van Andruss, Yalakom Valley, B.C.
Van Andruss is a Bioregionalist from the Yalakom Valley, his home for over 35 years. An elder Hippie, he leads a quiet, literary life.

Wax MannequinWax Mannequin, Hamilton, ON
Born in the smoke and industry of Hamilton; a damaged, underdog town; a perfect breeding ground for strange, variant things incorporating folk, scrappy prog-metal and a tireless creative ethic.

William Brown, Winlaw, B.C.
Cult leader William Brown wants your body, all of your possessions (including your Grateful Dead DVD collection), and, of course, your soul!

Yael WandYael Wand, Wells, BC
From the enchanted suburbs of Wells, this honey-voiced mountain folk goddess will shiver your spine and nudge your feet with hillbilly jazz and rootsy ditties.


Amazay, a film about water

In 2003 Northgate Minerals proposed to dump 750 million tonnes of acid tailings into a pristine lake.
The Tse Keh Nay said no. The battle for Amazay Lake had begun.

In 1968, the creation of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam amassed the world’s largest artificial lake, the Williston Reservoir. The rising waters flooded the Tse Keh Nay from their homelands and resulted in the destruction of the lower half of their watershed. The impacts of this massive event are still being felt today. Mercury contamination, massive erosion, wildlife habitat destruction and the loss of whole villages have taken their toll.

In 2003, a new threat emerged that endangered the upper half of the Finlay River – Kemess North.
Over the next 5 years the Tse Keh Nay would fight through a flawed environmental assessment process to ultimately convince our Governments to reject the Kemess North project and protect Amazay Lake.

This is their story. Directed by Stephen St. Laurent and J.P. Laplante.


Strange and forbidden visual experiments made by cult leader William Brown. Includes short documentaries on the interesting lives of cult members; harvest the cat!; stand up comedy; live spoken word performances; rainbow chasing and other strange, forbidden…things…watch if you dare!

Duke & Battersby Film Fest

This film program features the video work of the internationally award-winning Canadian artists Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby. Duke and Battersby do not shy away from dirty stuff. Or creepy stuff. Or stuff that makes people uncomfortable. You could say that the dirty, the creepy and the uncomfortable are their milieu. Duke and Battersby’s inclination to make art that is simultaneously entertaining, intelligent and ethical is underpinned by their understanding that every aesthetic act is in some way futile.

Literary Arts

Finding Your Voice; Writing With Heart

Participants can look forward to a writing circle sharing with Van Andruss, Lorne Dufour and Sage Birchwater with a focus on poetry, telling your story, and exploring various ways to get your writing “out there” for others to enjoy. Lorne, Van and Sage will each share short, five-minute readings of their work. Participants are invited to bring samples of their writing to share or discus. We look forward to connecting with a fellowship of writers.

Prince George: Poetry at the Centre

Prince George, B.C. has been called “the secret poetry capitol of Canada” by BookThug publisher Jay MillAr. It has played host to national and international poetry figures such as Al Purdy and Robert Creeley since the late ‘60s. For decades, its writers have been paradoxically marginal and central all at once to our national literary culture. This year, Artswells presents a poetry reading featuring Prince George poets Barb Coupé, Rob Budde, Al Rempel, Lisa Haslett, Erin Arding, Justin Foster, and host Jeremy Stewart, none of whom are likely to venture an explanation as to just what makes the city’s poetic side tick.

Shadowjam! with Mind of a Snail

Shadowjam is a fully participatory event where everyone is a performer and everyone is the audience. It’s basically a magical blend of improvised musical jam, in-the-moment shadow puppetry, and spontaneous storytelling. We start by crafting shadow puppets together around a theme. Then we set up a sheet in the middle of the room, with an overhead projector and puppets on one side and musical instruments all around. Everyone is encouraged to try any role, whether it’s as a puppeteer, musician, narrator or whatever else. No experience is needed and spontaneity is encouraged. The only requirement is that people try to be present in the moment, listening and responding with the whole picture in mind. Shadowjam provides a framework for unconditional play within an expressive, inclusive group experience. Participants often describe it as a shared dream.

A Waltz with Ann Walsh Through History, Mystery, and More

Ann Walsh has written many books set in Barkerville during the gold rush. Join her to learn about miners and murders, hurdies and hangings, gold and guilt and meet some of the characters who lived during this exciting era. Ann will also share tips about writing, helpful for creating song lyrics. Check her website http://www.annwalsh.ca/

Needlefelting the Easy Way with Sharon Cahn

There is a $15 cost to buy the supplies for this workshop (cost is not included with festival pass). This charge includes materials enough for you to make several items. We will make one in the one hour class, but you can later can go on to needlefelt outside the class, having gained confidence in your ability to needlefelt. If you need a refresher course, the kit includes a DVD that goes over the process again. It is an easy foolproof way to begin. http://www.pluckings.com/

PLUS, Sharon will be teaching a second textiles workshop:
Nuno Felting with Sharon Cahn. Also known as Laminated Felting, nuno felting is a process where wool is felted into an open weave fabric. The materials cost for this workshop is $35. In this class we will make a nuno-felted silk scarf. There will be a material fee for the supplies, but you will go home with the ability to go on from here to wherever felting takes you.

Expressing Your Power of the Feminine with Trish Belsham

A movement workshop open to anyone. We’ll play with ideas of what the feminine means to you. This is a co-creative opportunity to dip into your imagination through movement. No experience necessary; only a willingness and curiosity to explore and express your interpretation of the feminine. Bring your ideas! Not recommended for children under six years old. All children under ten must be accompanied by an adult.

Organic Farmers in the Round

What does it take to grow food in the Cariboo? The challenges, the opportunities, the experiences–join facilitators Sage Birchwater as we get to meet the local farmers who so generously support our ArtsWells festival with their fabulous work and produce. Murray and Janette Boal of Dragon Mountain Farm, Rob Borsato and Cathie Allen of Macken Creek farm, Terri and Chris of Roads end Farm, Mike and Stephanie Bird of Slow Train farms, Corine Singfield of Bella Coola CSA, and others will share their experiences and answer questions. This is a great opportunity to meet the pioneers of organic farming in the Cariboo as we all move towards food sustainability in these changing times.

Vocal Improv with Doug Koyama

Learn to feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. No, it’s not bobsled time. Doug is willing to
teach you his skills. He can get you started on improvising singing around a beat… goes well with campfires and magic.

Hip Hop with DEJA and Lee Asher

Exactly what it sounds like. He’s badass and so is this workshop. There’s dance involved too. DEJA has been involved with teaching Vancouver youth about producing beats, rapping, freestyle and hip hop culture while Lee teaches hip hop dance.

Persian Music Workshop

Discover new rhythms and vibes with this workshop taught by world class Persian music instrumentalists.

Living the Dream In Wells with Jason Griffin

This place is great – what’s it like to live here? New this year, this workshop is for people interested in moving to Wells. We’ll discuss community life, the artist co-op, business/employment opportunities, recreation, what winter is like, housing, community forest, amenities, etc. This will be an informal workshop – bring your questions and ideas.

Yoga with Kate Sulis

Kate Sulis has been leading yoga classes in Wells and Quesnel for a number of years. She is a registered massage therapist and uses this experience to help lead participants through a fairly energetic yoga routine which focuses on core strength and flexibility. She follows no particular brand of yoga, but draws on experience from different classes she has taken over the years. Come prepared with a yoga mat if you have one and a light-weight blanket. We will be outside (weather permitting) so bug dope might be in order!

Washtub Bass with Paul Hendriks of Blackberry Wood

Are you tired of conventional music? Can you hold a stick? Have you mastered every instrument, and don’t know what to do next? Can you count to one? Do you have cake? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you may be interested in having your mind blown wide open by an infosational multimedia-extravulation detailing the rise and fall and subsequent rise of what many consider to be the perfect instrument.
Chief bucketeer and blackberry plank’s Paul Hendriks will hold your hand through the dark places as we explore together the washtub bass!

Wells Walks with Mary Forbes

Wander the streets of Wells and hear the sordid stories and stupendous sallies of the the little town that could and still does. From miners to minstrels on a tailings pile or snob hill. From any vantage point Wells will warm your heart and help walk off last night’s dance and prime you for more culture than you can carry in a Cornish water wheel. Let’s go for a walk! http://www.dandelioninterp.ca/index.cfm

Signs of the Times

At various times through out the festival.
Join Williams Lake astrologer Martin Comtois for an entertaining and informative look at the astrological perspective of the changing times. Using the Astromantic Mandala Table take a journey through the symbols of astrology; the signs, elements, modalities and polarities; and the personal, social and transpersonal planets. Gain insight into the meanings behind the present Cardinal Grand Cross alignment and its creative impulse into your life. Astrology contributes a sense of clarity and purpose as we seek personal fulfillment and empowerment while navigating these complex times. Check the school gym for information on times and place for this inspirational workshop. For readings or more on Martin’s work visit his website at www.mountainmystics.ca or email at mountainmystics.martin@gmail.com.

Get Musical: Creative Sound Exploration with Shelder the Electric Clamfish

Using our bodies, voices and any instruments available, we will explore a multitude of ways to create sound, which will ultimately lead to a final spontaneous and improvised group performance. Activities we will do include passing the sound (allowing the sound to morph as it is “passed” from one person to the next), small group improvisations, sound painting, and responding to improvised gestures. the idea is to create an environment where everyone is free to express themselves and does not feel inhibited by technique, rhythm or pitch.

Sound Exploration Walk with Kristen Roos

Walk through town and listen to the interior sounds of objects using contact microphones. This workshop is great for anyone who hasn’t been exposed to the magic of contact microphones, come listen to a sign post, drum on a wall, turn a playground into an instrument.
Great for a variety of ages: 6 yrs old and up! www.kristenroos.com

An Introduction to West African Dance with Sally Miller of Nice Verdes

A fun, energetic and lively introduction to West African dance and rhythms. Participants will learn some traditional dance steps to a particular rhythm. Suitable for all ages and levels, but be ready for some moving! There will be live drumming, too!

Banjo, the People’s Instrument

Jason and Pharis Romero will take you through the history of the banjo and its populist roots. They’re good story tellers and there ain’t nothin’ like a good banjo.

Lyrical Dance Class with Jessie Herman

Learn some basic elements of jazz and ballet mixed together to create a flowing and modern movement known as Lyrical dance. Dive into some choreography, let the music fill you up and carry you away. No experience is required, just a open mind and open heart. Please wear clothing that will allow you to move freely!

Lyric Writing with Linda McRae

Want to find ways to unblock your creative flow? Come have some fun and Linda will show you how to jump start the writing process and improve your writing no matter what discipline you’re in…songwriting, pros, poetry, journalist, what have you. Please bring paper and a pen.

Basic Makeup Special Effects with David Jeffery

An all-ages, hands-on workshop in creating bruises, cuts, abrasions, black eyes (and a little general info on how to make your own stage blood, etc.). Materials provided for up to 15 participants.

Top Hats and Tails with Jessie Herman

Class and steamin’ hot sass all rolled into one! This dance class will focus on good old Cabaret style JAZZ! Top hats and tails will be provided for all you cats who come on out! Ladies, fish nets and heels are smiled upon but not necessary. Gentleman, bare chests and suspenders are smiled upon but not necessary. This class can be rocked in bare feet and clothing that will allow you to move freely.

Tri-Loom Weaving with Katie Nahachewski

Tri-loom weaving is a simple, portable, and versatile way to create that woven item you have always wanted to create. Your loom can be anywhere from a few inches short to many feet long, allowing you to create anything and go anywhere the modest triangle can take you. Participants will have use of the looms provided and basic weaving materials. Extra quantities of weaving materials, hooks, needles, and looms will be for sale if the participants wish to continue their projects after the workshop is done. A small project will be completed within the time frame of the workshop. Bring a pillow or jacket to sit on, this is best done on the floor/ground for beginners.

Radical Folk History 101 with Joey Only

The working class has used folk music for centuries to represent their struggle against the system. Joey Only will take you on a musical journey through the slave rebellions, the strikes of 1877, the death of Joe Hill, the Industrial Workers of the World (1905-1930) and the songs of Woody Guthrie, Utah Philips and more.

Nurture Nature Now! (N3)

N3 is the way 2 B!
This workshop is focused on entertaining and engaging youthful people! Activities are based around experiential education. This workshop is led / performed by the nature-loving Skyla. Activity specifics include warm-up, trust and active games, the natural world around/inside us (spirit animals), make a human dream catcher (a web of connections), group sing-a-long-play-a-long songs, nature crafts, and silly skits. How are we all interconnected with each other and the world around us? Come and find out with Nurture Nature Now!

Bandleading with Kris Mitchell

Find out how to get a band right up there to hero. Find out from the veteran band leader of Blackberry Wood. There go all of Kris’ secrets…

Hula Hooping with Doug Gook

Doug offers you his hula hoops or bring your own. He’s been hooping with ArtsWells since the beginning but this is the first official workshop.


Mind of a Snail presents:
Plasticity Now

The Spirit of Plastic has a message for us. Plastic: where did it come from, and where is it going? This is a shadow puppet story about time and energy, oil and water. Plasticity is the adaptability of an organism to a changing environment. All the musical instruments and puppets for this show were made from waste plastic.

Lost and Found Puppet Co. presents:
Herban Adventure, A Puppet and Music Fairytale

Lost in the forest, a chance encounter with a Dandelion turns one man’s world upside down…

Visual Arts

Mini Mural Project
Saturday July 30th – Monday August 1st

Now in its third year, the Mini Mural Project features professional artists creating ‘Mini Murals’ on 4’ x 8’ panels under a tent on the school field. Artists will be creating over the duration of the weekend. Coordinated by Caroline Anders, the idea is to have a stimulating, fun and creative space where artists can work together or on their own in the inspiring setting of Wells. The public are encouraged to come by and check it out. A huge thanks to Island Mountain Arts, Kroma Paints, Opus Framing, Rona and Cloverdale paints for their generous donations. We could not do it without them!


Liliana Dragowska
“Felt the Rain”

This outdoor installation–consisting of a felted, semi-functional umbrella with quilted photography printed on canvas–can be found near the outdoor stage. A variety of felted pieces draped off the umbrella into the street interact with onlookers and passersby.

Nora Curiston
“Painted to Look Like Itself”

Going out into the area near Wells where all the old metal machines and debris are rusting into the landscape, Nora Curiston will choose one of the large pieces and ‘paint it to look like itself ’. Viewers can help with the painting if they wish. The end result would see a large rusted object painted to look like itself sitting in its own location in the environment amongst the other rusted objects.

Art Walk

Island Mountain Arts (IMA) Public Gallery

The IMA Public Art Gallery (est.1988) is located in one of the town’s restored heritage buildings, the former Hill Meat Market, on historic Pooley Street. IMA runs the annual Summer School of the Arts, Toni Onley Artist’s Project, as well as the Public Gallery and Gift Shop, special events, concerts, and the ever-expanding ArtsWells Festival of All Things Art. The featured exhibit in the gallery is called “Ripe: 10 Fruitful Year’s of the Toni Onley Artists’ Project”. It showcases the works of close to 40 artists who have been a part of the first 10 years of the Artists’ Project.

Amazing Space Gallery

Bill Horne and Claire Kujundzic have converted this 1930’s Catholic Church into a studio, gallery and home. Bill uses new technology as well as traditional printmaking to create imagery of the Wells area. Claire is a painter and printmaker known across Canada for her art and graphic design work. www.claireart.ca

Beck’s Pottery

Located on The Barkerville Highway, Beck’s pottery displays a great collection of wheel and Raku pottery by Wells artist Joan Beck, paintings by Cariboo artists, native carvings and books. The hours of operation are 10:00am-6:00pm seven days a week.

Cartier & Bailey Creative Studio Gallery

Cartier & Bailey Creative Studio Gallery, located in the historic Sunset Theatre lobby, features original artwork by Laurie Landry and Corey Hardeman, jewelry by Cass Chowdhury, and quilting by the 2 Kathys. Regular open hours from noon – 6pm, also open during Artswells hours.