2012 Artswells Line-Up

Aaron Goodwin, Penticton, BC
Musician.Lives the good life every day. Eclectic accordion noir.

Ari Neufeld, Penticton, BC
Who makes a top shelf martini with a $200 bottle of vodka, mixed with $.67 worth of Kool-Aid? Ari Neufeld does. A celebration of sublime and ridiculous.

Aurora Jane, Melbourne, Australia
The fluidity and excitement of a Hendrix Experience, with the deep groove of ‘Blood Sugar’ era Chili Peppers, and the retro get-up-and-dance stylings of 70’s P-Funk.

Benny Walker, Echuca, Victoria, Australia
Australian indigenous singer/songwriter Benny Walker’s distinctive sound combines raw, powerful honesty with upbeat, catchy rhythms to create captivating music that you’ll be humming for days.

Bidiniband, Toronto, ON
Led by legendary Canadian rocker Dave Bidini, founder of the Rheostaticts… and now in Wells! Catch them while you can.

Big Twang Daddy, Williams Lake and Quesnel, BC
A Cariboo dance band playing mostly original material, with some sideways covers. Eclectic, sometimes traditional, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes ska, but always great for dancing.

Blackberry Wood, Vancouver, BC
Dash of illusion, pinch of magic alt-country/ragtime/circus gypsy music. Come to the show as your alter ego. Wear a bright headband to soak up sweat.

Blair Leaman, Winlaw, BC
A gentleman farmer, an outlaw with an ink six shooter, and an excommunicated priest, are drinking in a bar. These are there poems, songs and stories.

Bob Campbell, Wells, BC
I live here.

Bobby Herron and the Random Associates, Cumberland, BC
Bobby Herron and Random Associates offers up a provocative and playful urban/rural sound with sophisticated and catchy arrangements, sweet vocals and enticing lyrics.

Brother Below, Montreal, QC and Vancouver, BC
Vancouver based musician, Benedict Marsh fronts this outfit designed to make you dance with hook driven melodies layered over up tempo rock-reggae fusion rhythms and tasty strummings.

Cameron Catalano, Vancouver, BC
This Cariboo born composer/producer is pleased to be presenting a rare showcase of songs he and his guitar have collected over the years.

Canadian Waste, Prince George, BC
Buy us a beer, we’ll play you a song. Buy us a second, it’ll be twice as long. Buy us a third and we’ll forget the words.

Christa Couture, Vancouver, BC
Christa Couture’s gorgeously intimate voice and heart-on-sleeve intensity lives “somewhere between the tough vulnerability of Amy Rigby and the passionate, sophisticated folk of Joni Mitchell.”

Christians, Prince George, BC
Unspeakably heavy electric guitar and drums. Improvised, noisy instrumental meditations on the Psalms. Sounds like the walls of Jericho coming down forever and ever and ever.

Corin Raymond, Toronto, ON
He’ll hang with you when you’ve been sleeping in your clothes for days, stained wine glasses scattered around your bed. He can also clear the sky of clouds. Soulful.

Corwin Fox, Victoria, BC
With his distinctive knack for ironic juxtaposition and more heart than an artichoke, Fox takes another cut at big business, government practices, and environmental politics.

CR Avery, Vancouver, BC
Violent and tender, this one-man band sings poetic verse while beatboxing and pounding the piano simultaneously and adding harmonica like a plot twist.

Crossbow, Kamloops, B.C.
Neil Burnett (Celtic harp, penny whistle, etc.) and Christina Zaenker (cello & voice) make music from a new recipe for 38 strings, ringing timber, and assorted sonic spices.

Crowd the Joanna, Kelowna, B.C.
A boot-stomping, whiskey-hollering hoe-down full of sea chanteys and drinking hymns.

D.J. Zazen, Penticton, BC
A rare DJ that draws from all genres of electronica, who plays soulful grooves that make it difficult to watch without joining the dance-floor.

Daniel Moir, Vancouver, BC
Daniel Moir is a musician from Vancouver. Drawing insight from personal experience and philosophy, Daniel continues to write, record and tour relentlessly.

Danielle Savage and the Miscreants, Okanagan, BC
Danielle Savage and her band, the Miscreants, genre-swim via adaptogenic folk. Heavy on the songwriting, light to the touch. Good for the body.

Daughters of Blood and Bone, BC and Tennessee
Melisa Devost, Linda McRae, and Pharis Romero weave older musical traditions into old time country, to delta blues, to field hollers. Arrangements of the traditional, and the not so traditional…

Dave Bidini, Toronto, ON
A Canadian independent music legend, a founding member of the Rheostatics, and a songwriter’s songwriter. Literate, rocking tunes about dead hockey players, cannibalism, and lesbian schoolteachers.

Dave Soroka, Grand Forks, BC
A mythical figure in the Canadian indie music scene, his songs are humorous, contagious, heart-wrenching, and capture the emotions and stories of a true Canadian troubadour.

David Newberry, East Vancouver, BC
David Newberry’s music explores the relationships between social, political, personal, and musical stories of our time, constantly playing games with your notion of what folk music “sounds like”.

David Ross MacDonald, Millicent, Australia
“… one of those few songwriters like Nick Drake, Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), and Josh Ritter that can captivate his listeners armed only with a voice and guitar.” American Songwriter Magazine

David Roy Parsons, Vancouver, BC
Started as a busker in Ontario, began recording 12 years ago, has since released four albums of original music. Covered by artists such as Joey Only, Raghu Lokanathan, and Jeremy Stewart.

David Simard, Dorreen, BC and Montreal, QC
Simard channels a deft folk crooner with sensitivity … and a little bit of mischief.

David P. Smith, Victoria, BC
Accordion, piano, musical primitivism. David’s songs are vividly surreal spaces in which the opposing notions of humour and despair mingle.

Dok Auk, Cache Creek, BC
A style all of his own and opinion to be heard Dok Auk will entertain you with his lyrics about life politics relationships and much more.

Doug Koyama, Quesnel, BC
Watch an artist at work. Koyama uses a loop machine to layer bits of melody, harmony and vocal percussion. Each song is completely improvised from beginning to end.

Drum and Bell Tower, Williams Lake, BC
Heavy-footed politi-folk songs by Williams Lake, BC’s Brent Morton. Listen for melodic and danceable journeys for life on a crowded planet.

Ezra Kwizera, Kigali, Rwanda
Ezra’s music carries the spark of life, along with rich undertones of surviving hardships and poverty; and it consists of Traditional, Reggae, Soca, and Dancehall.

The Flaming Trolleys, Winnipeg, MB
From street corners to protests, festivals to parades, bringing their unique and wild blend of dancing, playing, singing, parading, hooping and spinning to ArtsWells!

FM Hi Low, Montreal, QC
FM Hi Low is movement music that soothes, grooves and inspires. Fresh off a recording and backpacking adventure in Jamaica FM Hi Low is all vibes!

Folky Strum Strum, Rolla, BC
The group has been described by fans as having a unique and soulful sound, that is backed by exceptional songwriting” with musicians all from around Rolla, BC.

Fraser Union, Vancouver, BC
Fraser Union (Roger Holdstock, Henk Piket, Barry Truter) sing BC and Canadian songs that tell stories, along with blues and originals, accompanied by guitars, mandolins, dobro, and harmonica.

Free Soul, Prince George, B.C.
“A poppy, reggae-filled musical medley of fun, Mike “FREESOUL” Amos will enrich your senses with his strong guitar skills and smooth soulful vocals.” – Barry McKillican

Ghengis GandhisGhengis Gandhis, Ashcroft, B.C.
The Ghengis Gandhis call their musical style “BC Homegrown Reggae:” fun, danceable, socially relevant, original music that swells the heart and fills the soul.

Geoff Berner, Vancouver, BC
Committed to “dragging klezmer music kicking and screaming back into the bars”, Geoff Berner will show you that it’s better to be disreputable. Bring a flask.

Granville Johnson, Prince George, BC

Grey Gardener, Vancouver, BC
Singing simple yet soulful songs, his natural ability to create beautiful melodic lines is captivating. Speaking of the heart from the heart.

Hannah Epperson, Vancouver, BC
A talented violinist who composes beautifully arranged pieces and uses a loop machine as back-up. You won’t know you’re in love until it’s too late.

High Society, Vancouver, BC
High Society is a band of street musicians, mercenary troubadours, and blues bandits: Cory Sweet, Kenan Sungur, Adam Farnsworth, and Chelsea D.E. Johnson.

Hip Sisters, Grand Forks, BC
Belly dance inspired fusion – a modern colorful and energetic rendition of the ancient and sacred art of belly dance.

Hujune, Fort Fraser, BC
May we sail freely to the next stage…. ever changing, ever evolving, ever loving…. Snachileya> Complex thankfulness.

Jaron Freeman-Fox, Toronto, BC
Jaron Freeman-Fox makes his fiddle squeal like a wounded aardvark and whisper like the sea. Mongol blues. Country and eastern. Afrobeat jig-saws. BYO parachute.

Jayme McKillop, Vernon, BC
Jayme’s impassioned renditions of classic favourites, along with her own songs of human connection and social critique, make for a remarkable listening experience.

Jasper Sloan Yip, Vancouver, BC
In high school, you get your heart broken, cry and then dance about it because it’s new and exciting. Jasper’s songs make you feel this way again.

Jeff Andrew, Vancouver, BC
Guitarist and fiddler Jeff Andrew knows a trick for raising the dead, but it only works on Tuesdays. “Think The Pogues at their most engaging, singing early Tom Waits” (Leicester Bangs).

Jenny Omnichord, Guelph, ON
Jenny Omnichord: be prepared to smile, to be amazed and to be bewildered. The omnichord is coming, and we will all be the better for it.

Jenny Ritter, Victoria, BC
Jenny’s original tunes are a new, beautiful form of unique indie-folk. With roots buried deep in folk traditions, her branches reach into a sky of modern sensibilites.

Joanna Chapman-Smith, Toronto, ON
Just back from Europe, this parlour-sized wanderer with the big voice brings home hints of Parisian cafés and Italian vistas.

Joe Nolan, Edmonton, AB
Joe Nolan is a songwriter wise beyond his ripe young age. His latest record “Goodbye Cinderella” produced by heavy hitter Colin Linden can testify this… Catch Joe while you can.

Joey Only, Vancouver & Wells, BC
Vancouver radio personality, published writer, booking agent, and artist. Joey’s done a thousand shows in Canada playing radical folk and outlaw country music.

Jungal, Australia
This trio of sisters “know how to bring some serious foot stomping, festival-style…Veering between roots and blues and then all over both.”

Karyn Ellis, Quesnel, BC
Playful, bittersweet. Her music is a glass of homemade lemonade after a hot summer stroll. She’s a modern folk darling and gentle powerhouse of a songwriter.

Kris Demeanor, Calgary, AB
Calgary-born songwriter Kris Demeanor delights in exposing the underbelly of western Canadian culture- gambling, drug use, murder, religion, the suburbs. Recently named the first Poet Laureate of the City of Calgary.

Ladybug and Caterpillar, Winnipeg, MB
ladybug: red beetle with black spots, eats aphids (Coccinellidae)
caterpillar: worm like larvae of butterfly or moth (order Lepidoptera)
an unlikely love story.

Lexi Marie, Vancouver, BC
Raw combination of rhythmic, harp-like ukelele, and a voice thats bound to set the stage ablaze. Lyrically driven soulfolk/reggae/hip hop thats good for your soul.

Linda McRaeLinda McRae, Nashville, TN, USA
From Dear John to John Deere. Combining old-time sounds with themes of heartbreak and redemption, Linda’s lyrics are timeless and heartfelt—plus she’s got serious pipes and chops.

Little Horsefly Country Band, Horsefly and Williams Lake, BC
Sweet sister harmonies and vintage country twang rolling out of a modern-day-Great Depression honky-tonk. You can almost hear the dust sifting off their guitar strings.

The Lovely Bones (formerly Seth & Shara), Dunster, BC
With an acoustic twist, and heavily influenced by latin guitar, reggae, and other world music, they create powerful and passionate performances. The thread of the “guroove” runs deep.

Luke Blu Guthrie, Comox Valley, BC
Rhythm & Blues provides the back drop for his lyrical and musical wanderings. Acoustic & electric guitars, assorted foot percussion, and plenty of rhythmic slaps and yowls.

Maiya Robbie, Penticton, BC
Songs crafted from the expanse of landscapes and distances, rythmic and intricate. Singin’ like a bird. Bringing an electric this time.

Maria in the Shower,Vancouver, BC
From uptempo swing to sensitive folk ballad, energetic samba to subtle waltz, Maria in the Shower spread joy with a captivating performance not to be missed.

Marin Patenaude, Horsefly, BC
She sings and plays an old guitar; original songs rooted in real-life blues and story-telling folk. Melodies and words, let say we listen.

MC Bodhi, Penticton, BC
A unique blend of Melodic Electro-Rap and Inspirational Hip-Hop. MC Bodhi putting together his first Rap Album, “MC Bodhi: The Bodhi Tree.”

Meeka Noelle Morgan, Ashcroft, BC

The Melawmen Collective, Ashcroft, BC

Melisa Devost, Hornby Island, BC
Melisa Devost has toured extensively throughout Canada, the UK, and Europe, carving her niche as a compelling vocalist with the guitar and songwriting skills to match.

Michael Musclow, Penticton, BC
Three-time BC Indie Award nominee, guitar & ukulele master Michael Musclow continues to de-construct our reality through sound waves.

Michelle Dumond, Vancouver, BC
Journey through gypsy folk, pop, jazz and classical styles with lyrics that get you wondering and grooves that get you dancing! With Quesnel’s Christine Allen, percussion.

Mikkal Waters, Lavington, BC
A masterful singer/songwriter with a rich and heartfelt voice and persona, who draws from the depth of his experiences and all encompassing worldview.

Miss Emily Brown, Montreal, QC
A delicately visual lyricist, Miss Emily Brown illuminates the dusty corners of our memories with songs of quiet intensity.

Miss Quincy and the Showdown, Northern BC
Smokin’ hot girls in not many clothes rocking out with raunchy electric roots & blues – what more could you want in a band?

Morlove, Victoria, B.C. & Montreal, PQ
Best heard through your oldest set of speakers, Morlove is the creative collaboration of Corwin Fox and Miss Emily Brown (along with certain special others…). Experimental, handmade folk.

Orkestar Slivovica,Vancouver, BC
High energy Balkan Roma-style brass band. Wedding music and heart-wrenching songs sung in Romani, Serbian, Macedonian, and English!

Ory No Man, Toronto, ON & Wells, BC
“And what is good, Phaedrus,
And what is not good—
Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?”
—Robert M. Pirsig, Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Party on High Street, Nelson, BC
About four years ago, in Nelson, Forrest Gump and Winnie The Pooh haphazardly started a band. They called it The Party on High Street. Psychedelic funk-rock.

Paul Linklater, Toronto, ON
Toronto guitarist, composer, songwriter, and producer. He plays in the Pinecones, who have a new album in the fall, and is a longstanding Bidiniband member.

Pharis & Jason Romero, Horsefly, BC
Guitars, banjos and intense duet harmonies. Ethereal old time songs to hard edged country blues, with an easy rapor, a feeling of intimacy, and love.

Picture the Ocean (formerly Jesse Dee & Jacquie B), Edmonton, AB
Picture the Ocean is refreshing alt-pop delivered by a powerhouse trio that sounds twice its size.

Rachelle van Zanten, Northern British Columbia
Canadian songstress and slide guitarist, whose raw melange of blues, political folk, Americana, and serious guitar shredding is currently shaking up an audience of its own.

Poet, sound tech, and now head of her own production company (Listen Louder Productions). Former member of the Vancouver Slam team and Artswells regulars The Ramoana-Lisas. For love, for friends lost, and new friends found.

Rae Spoon, Montreal, QC
Rae Spoon is a transgendered musician/author. They started out as a country artist and later composed experimental/electronic music. Has six albums and a book of short stories coming soon.

Raghu LokanathanRaghu Lokanathan, Prince George, B.C.
A rare sort of songwriter whose work conjures a world both familiar and strange. He is an artful dabbler in folk traditions.

Rambling Dan Frechette, Kootenay Mountains, BC
Rambling Dan’s old soul songwriting has garnered him many warm embraces from the song lovers who dig his hard edged lyrics and old style sound.

Ross Douglas, Point Roberts, WA, USA
Award-winning songwriter, great singer, wonderful performer, iffy dresser. His music is praised for its humour, emotional power and grand variety of influences.

Sarah Burton, Toronto, ON
Her steady and soulful voice tells the tales of life with beauty, strength, and weariness, and an ever-present sense of excitement. Rock with country and pop influences.

Scott Cook, Edmonton, AB
Prairie balladeer Scott Cook sings acoustic roots music so honest it hurts. He brings years of roads and a deep love of humanity to his songwriting.

Selina Martin, Toronto, ON
“I felt as if I was at CBGB’s in 1977 witnessing the birth of Talking Heads” – Jowi Taylor
“The most overlooked talent in Canadian music” – Globe & Mail

Shawn Stephenson, Ymir, BC
Kootenay mountain musician. Multi-instrumental looper freakshow. He likes meat, veggies, booze, wigs, tofu and bacon stir-fry and other genderless stuff, and knows how to get it.

shayne avec i grec, Victoria, B.C.
One of 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac, a poetic preacher of The Anthropocalypse, and a co-conspirator in the creation of the world’s first psychedelic talk opera.

Shelder the Electric Clamfish, Victoria, BC
Armed with an arsenal of rainbow-coloured clothes and wacky instruments, this Electric Clamfish is certain to get the crowd clapping their hands and stomping their feet.

Sodapop Somers, Vancouver, BC
Psychedelic folk rap. Sodapop Somers, formerly known as “fritz tha cat,” and 1/2 of the group OK Cobra. True school rap skills meets one-man gonzo hip-hop dream theatre.

Spaceport Union, Victoria, BC
An exploration in progressive, art-rock music featuring vocal harmonies, ethereal arias, musical saw and loop pedals, creatively juxtaposed with the fundamentals of rock.

Stellar Radio Choir, Golden, BC
Sounds like your dads record collection that was struck by a high energy pulsar beam. Hooky bass lines, a strong back beat, and psychedelic washed out guitar with a touch of the blues.

Steve Brockley Band, The Road, Canada
A lot of gorgeous women like Steve Brockley’s music, and he’s a pretty ugly guy. That says a lot about the zoom boom power of this man’s words and music.” -C.R. Avery

Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, Victoria, BC
Call it folk. Call it fusion. Call it gypsy-roots-folk-tango-afro-psychadelic-soul-music. Or forget about the definitions and just enjoy one hell of a good show.

Tereza Tomek, Vancouver, BC
With powerful expressive folk-als, Tereza Tomek awakens childhood times when everything was animated. Narrative tunes guaranteed to spiral through your head on your next walk through tall trees.

Tim Williams, Calgary, AB
Blues learned at the knee of Lightnin’ Hopkins, Mississippi Fred MacDowell, and others mixes with Hawaiian, Mexican and folk country in the hands of a multi-award-winning writer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer.

Transfiguration Good News Band, Prince George, BC
You’ll want to be in that number when The Transfiguration Good News Band comes marching in with big band jazz grunge African American Spirituals and unstoppable dance floor energy!

Trevor Tchir, Edmonton, AB
Uniting the sounds and images of Canada’s rural and urban spaces, Tchir has captivated audiences across the country with his songs of work, play, and love.

Warless, Vancouver, BC
With roots in BC west coast-style folk, gospel and reggae, Warless build warm enthusiastic grooves and an energy that beams positivity and ignites a dance floor.

Wax Mannequin, Hamilton, ON
Strange-folk phenomenon Wax Mannequin has travelled vast terrain — both sonic and physical. His newest release ‘No Safe Home’ is an acclaimed collection of dark, whimsical folk songs.

Weathered Feather, Kamloops, BC
A pack of howlin’ gypsies under the desert sun with the blues psychedelically trickling through their fingers.

Yael Wand, Wells, BC
From the enchanted suburbs of Wells, this honey-voiced mountain folk goddess will shiver your spine and nudge your feet with hillbilly jazz and rootsy ditties.

Check out our ArtsWells playlist on CBC Music? It features many of the artists from the 2012 ArtsWells!

Collaborative Sessions

No one can tell what will happen at these jams… witness the moment before it’s gone forever.

Accordions in the Round
Geoff Berner, David P. Smith, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra members, Dorah Prieto, Alison Jenkins, and Weathered Feather collaborate onstage!

All the Daves of Our Lives
At least seven Daves are performing at this year’s festival. See the Daves together all in one place… sharing their songs and tales of Davedom.

Banjo, the People’s Instrument,
Pharis and Jason Romero lead this musical look into the history of banjo music.

Beatlemania in the Round,
A feel-good sing-a-long session to classic Beatles. Dan Frechette, Ross Douglas, Jenny Ritter, and others.

Cariboo Songwriters
Bob Campbell, Yael Wand, and others singing songs about this special place.

Closing Sing-Along Ceremonies
Come sing ArtsWells goodbye for this year! Until the 10th annual… With a surprise set of performers onstage.

First Songs in the Round
Come listen to the first songs some of the artists wrote… and the stories behind them.

Freestyle Rap Topic Battle
Contestants must verse one another in a head-to-head match up. After a coin toss that depicts who goes first, the contestants both must stand up to the “Topic” portion of the event. The host, MC Bodhi, delivers three random topics ranging from politics, pop culture, current events, and fan requested topics. Contestants respond with having to freestyle rap an 8-bar verse to an ever changing instrumental beat and tempo controlled by our MMR DJ, StepOne. After both contestants have warmed up their flow in the Topic portion, they’ll both move on to the classic rap battle. During the classic rap battle anything goes, as both artists have 1 round, each lasting 45 seconds long, and allows each contestants to rip, and call each other out. Any overwhelming profanity or gore will suffer point reduction from the judges.

Hip Hop in the Round
MC Bodhi, Geo the Voice, Toxik Emissions, JAY-E, P-City, JDK Nonstop, Step One, and others.

Kiss my Brass – Horns in the Round
A mash-up of Maria in the Shower, Tequila Mockingbird, and Transfiguration Good News Band.

Musicians as Authors in the Round
Dave Bidini, Rae Spoon, Jeremy Stewart, CR Avery, and Geoff Berner.

Musicians from Down Under
David Ross MacDonald, Benny Walker, Jungal, and Aurora Jane perform together.

Poetry in the Round
Jeremy Stewart reads and hosts a room full of poetic talent including Erin Arding, Al Rempel, Robert Budde, Adrienne Fitzpatrick, and Alex Faktor.

Rhythms and Ritual
Maria in the Shower hosts an historical (and musical!) exploration of rhythm and song and storytelling.

The Sad Song-Off with Scott Cook and the Long Weekends
The idea for this collaborative session started at a musical gathering at a campfire in the deep woods of Saskatchewan. It was such a success that three of those present submitted a proposal for a repeat at ArtsWells. Scott Cook, Corin Raymond, David Simard, Steve Brockley, and Miss Quincy and the Showdown play with your heart strings. Find out who makes you cry first!

Sports Songs in the Round
Songs about sports! Dave Soroka, Dave Newberry, and others perform their songs about sports (mostly hockey!)

Sunday Gospel,
Celebrate being there in time to not miss this. Melisa Devost, Pharis Romero, and Linda McRae. An ArtsWells classic.

Sunday Morning Coming Down,
A Sunday morning assembly of musicians still hurting from the night before, singing hurting country songs about drinking. Corin Raymond, CR Avery, Geoff Berner… expect good things. Bring a flask.


Bottoms Up Barely Burlesque, Quesnel, BC
A simply delightful & delicious dance ensemble that will tease you & please you. Join these burlesque beauties & fabulous French men for a performance of unseemly proportions.

Hip Sisters, Grand Forks, BC
Belly dance inspired fusion – a modern colorful and energetic rendition of the ancient and sacred art of belly dance.

Mutya Macatumpag,
Mutya Macatumpag brings her show, “Dear eM,” an interdisciplinary performance, sourced, choreographed, and performed using music, movement, and visual arts.

Vile, Quesnel, BC
Vile, is a pole arts duo who have competed and performed in B.C. and Alberta. Most recently competing in the Alberta Pole Fitness Championships.

Zahirah Middle Eastern Bellydancers,
The word ‘Zahirah’ in Arabic means shiny ladies, and that they are. All of the dancers have individual backgrounds in dance and music and bring a range of body acceptance and sensuality that is portrayed in their dancing.


My Unwanted Guest,
51 minutes. In a tragic story of one man’s plight to re-unite with a soul mate, Daniel sets off to attend his funeral in a neighboring town. We are taken on a personal odyssey of grief and survival, as Daniel finds himself stranded at the bottom of a cliff. He sets forth to escape his ill fate, or perhaps only survive. Daniel struggles with survival, denial, and the fact that he could miss his soul mates funeral. Will Daniel escape? Will he be rescued? Will he make it to his soul mates funeral in five days? More importantly, will he overcome denial and accepts the truth of his past once and for all?

On the Line
68 minutes. An eco-adventure documentary like no other. Follow Frank Wolf and Todd McGowan on a 2,400km journey by foot, bike, raft, and kayak as they seek to uncover the truth about a proposed 5.5 billion dollar oil pipeline.

Vice Versa, Prince George, BC
22 minutes. Harnessing the transformative power of shared words, six northern poets face up to the realities and stereotypes of their society. Created by Prince George-based writers/artists Josh Massey and Justin Foster.

Performance Arts

14th Annual One Minute Play Festival


The ArtsWells Festival is proud to present the 14th Annual International One Minute Play Festival – Sponsored by MLA Bob Simpson. There is a cash prize of $75 for first place entry, $50 for second and $25 for third. All are welcome to enter this perennial favourite festival event, as long as your performance is one minute or less! Hosted by Paul Crawford, the man with “Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!” all entrants perform their piece in front of the audience and a panel of judges. Sign up at the IMA Gallery or enter at the event. You can also enter in the category of One Minute Excuses as to why you can’t enter a play. The subject matter and manner of the play or excuse itself is entirely open to personal interpretation.
Sunday 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Upstairs Hall



”Corin Raymond puts the low in loneliness and the high in high-dee-ho.” A man on-stage, telling a story. This play has been getting rave reviews across the country, at every Fringe Festival Corin Raymond goes to. Line up early to get in.
Friday 8:45 PM – 9:45 PM Sunset Theatre
Sunday 5:00 PM – 5:45 PM Sunset Theatre

GoGo Bonkers


Gogo Bonkers is an eco-friendly, outside-the-box songwriting duo who have recently expanded their creative horizons to include live musical theatre as well as a series of YouTube webisodes that feature characters from their live show. Adults and kids alike love their performance.
BluStaff’s Forest Adventure – Saturday 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM Outdoor Stage
Save the Sea – Saturday 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM Tempest Stage
Sunday 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM Outdoor Stage Sunday 9:40 PM – 10:25 PM Downstairs Hall

Improv Ad Nauseum


One of the most popular improv skit comedy troupes in BC.
Unafraid to cut to the chase, “Improv Ad Nauseum” goes where other shows don’t even dare and then usually takes things a step further! Taking suggestions from the audience, the “Improv Ad Nauseum” team creates an incredible tapestry of cultural hallucinations, full of ‘oh-no-you-didn’t’ moments and witty comebacks, always bonkers and never stale. By the end of their two-act declaration of war you’ll be tickled to the point of exhaustion.
Saturday 12:15 PM – 1:15 PM Sunset Theatre
Improv Workshop – Saturday 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Dance Studio
Monday 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Bear’s Paw



What happened to Shakes peare’s immortal mythic-man-beast after the Tempest? Come and explore the darkly comic difficulties encountered by Kaliban, as the half-human immortal struggles to fit in with an ever-changing, perpetually-shifting contemporary society.
Written and performed by Wells’ Andrew Hamilton.
Sunday 6:45 PM – 7:45 PM Sunset Theatre
Monday 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM Sunset Theatre

Magical Jesaja


Magical Jesaja brings an hour-long magical performance with acts ranging from juggling to card, silk, and fire magic. You and your kids will be amazed by this young wizard. Chinese linking rings, fiber optics rope magic, dancing butterflies, Zombie ball levitation, and surprises!
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM (at dusk) Outside the Town Hall

Mind of a Snail


A shadow puppet duo from the West Coast of B.C. Since 2003, Jessica Gabriel and Chloé Ziner have been developing a multilayered style of visual storytelling using overhead projectors as their main light source. Their performances combine originally crafted puppets, music, masks, recycled waste, and eclectic experiments in lighting and timing. Their “Compost-Modern” approach explores the interconnectedness between what is natural, what is artificial, and where everything blurs in between. Mind blowing, visual show not to be missed. www.mindofasnail.org
Saturday 7:45 PM – 8:30 PM Sunset Theatre Sunday 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM Sunset Theatre Shadowjam
Sunday 11:30 PM – 12:15 AM St. George Stage

Paper Cut Pony Productions


PaperCut Pony Productions presents Pookie Pookie the Strange and her immaculate astral child. Come, pay a penny to see your unlived lives shivering in the seeing sticks! Savour the songs of the divining sporks! Heed her sacred yodels and behold as she unfolds your untold tails like spilling snails from the spout of a teapot.
PaperCut Pony brings together the talents of Janet Walker, a performance artist, storyteller, designer, and musician from Victoria B.C; Ruairi Gallagher, an acrobatic musician from Melbourne, Australia; and the firey-eyed Maya Herzog, a clown artist of multi-dimensional talents. Roaming all weekend long

Potato Dreams


Potato Dreams, an original play from Williams Lake. Isabella returns to the house after being away for over forty years. She shares the story of her life while living at the Potato House and brings to life her dreams and imaginary friends for all to enjoy. Made possible by the Cariboo Regional District, City of Williams Lake, and the Central Cariboo Arts and Cultural Society.
Saturday 1:45 PM – 3:15 PM Sunset Theatre

Shadowjam! with Mind of a Snail


Shadowjam is a fully participatory workshop/ritual playtime event where everyone present is a performer and everyone is the audience. It’s a magical blend of improvised musical jam, in-the-moment shadow puppetry, and spontaneous storytelling. Bring instruments! Bring your crafting fingers! Bring interesting translucent objects! Bring a flashlight! Bring spontaneity and presence! Together we will build puppets and channel our shared dream. A show for everyone!
Sunday 11:30 PM – 12:15 PM St. George

Barkerville’s Chinese Arts & Music Performance


Beautiful performance of classical Chinese art and music in Barkerville. There is an extra fee on top of the ArtsWells Pass. Not to miss. Runs Monday-Friday at 7:00 PM through September. Adult tickets are $15, Seniors and Youth – $12, Children – $8. Tickets are available at the Barkerville Reception Centre.
Weekdays (including Friday and Monday of the festival weekend) 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
St. Saviour’s Anglican Church in Barkerville

Theatre Royal in Barkerville


Daily Shows! Extra fee on top of your ArtsWells Pass


Visual Arts

Mini Mural Project
Saturday August 4th – Monday August 6th

Now in its fourth year, the Mini Mural Project features professional artists creating ‘Mini Murals’ on 4’ x 8’ panels under a tent on the school field. Artists will be creating over the duration of the weekend. Coordinated by Caroline Anders, the idea is to have a stimulating, fun and creative space where artists can work together or on their own in the inspiring setting of Wells. The public are encouraged to come by and check it out.


Mini Mural Artists

Alison Yule
Alison graduated with a B.F.A., majoring in Art History from Concordia University in 2001, receiving a scholarship to study Mexican muralism for her final year at the University of New Mexico. She taught in Chile and in Japan and in 2008 Alison received a M.Sc. grant from Utrecht to facilitate mural projects with gang youth in El Salvador. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at U.B.C.

Beth Holden
After graduating with a BFA from Concordia University, Beth Holden moved from Montreal to the Cariboo Mountain town of Wells. The strong artistic community and the mountains have kept her interest in the location and have inspired her work. Trained in painting and drawing her focus has shifted to glass and its ability to mimics nature’s dynamic relationship with sunlight.

Caroline Anders
Caroline hails from Sudbury, Ontario, and currently lives in Wells, BC. Mainly a self-taught artist, she has continued to grow as an artist by creating constantly and loving it! HONK!

Corey Hardeman
Documents her surroundings in oil paint. Plans to populate Wells with mountain caribou, tiny ponies and small children—let the chips fall where they may.

Leya Tess
Leya layers paint & illustrates other’s ink-lings. She studies pattern, line and acupuncture on Vancouver Island.

Lindsay Comeau
Lindsay is 21, born and raised in Quesnel but currently a fifth year student in the University of the Fraser Valley’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Her main creative focus is drawing/ painting and digital painting (using photoshop) but she also does 3d modeling and animation.

Mogli and Bubzee
spaced to cadencing creatures amidst imaginaries together bound Moglied and Bubzied along, whirled with pastured views to abyssals momentuming to stillness plucked with a brows content. with lingered eerie eyed gazing in moon lights shattering the pages in the books unfurl…. they went…

Nick Lakowski
I began painting as part of the city of Surrey’s Youth Visions community mural project and was a participating artist from 99-01 working collaboratively on 7 large murals. My current practice involves themes of geometric abstraction, posthumanism, biopolitics and mortality/immortality.

Paula Scott
Paula began painting 18 years ago and is known mainly for her colourful, thought provoking narratives. The Robson Valley Music Festival and ArtsWells Festival are fortunate to enjoy her colourful backdrops and poster designs.

Tahirih Goffic
A Quesnel girl, born and raised, who now lives, paints and raises her two gorgeous children with her musician husband in beautiful Bella Coola B.C.

Rhea Lonsdale
Rhea Lonsdale is a multidisciplinary artist who works with sound, light, video projection and traditional media. Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, her body of work regards the phantasmal and imaginary, having strong roots in storytelling and making use of an established language of symbology.

… AND …

… this year …

Yarn Bombing

The Arts of Yarn Bombing playshop with Caroline Anders, Wells, BC
Yarn Bombing is the softest and cuddliest form of street art, and Yarn Bombers are busy making the world a brighter and cozier place. Let’s get together and YARN BOMB something here in the cozy town of Wells! We will get together and knit throughout the weekend then put what we all made up! Everyone is welcome! Supplies included! Saturday, 2pm, at the Island Mountain Arts office.

Abandoning Paradise: The Grey Whale Project

Abandoning Paradise: The Grey Whale Project, by Glenn Clark and Peter Corbett, Wells, BC
Artists Glenn and Peter will create a mural on the side of the famous Clarkii Paintmobile, “The Grey Whale” based on a field sketch of the Kitimat Harbor created on the first leg of the art project in June of this year. The project finds the two British Columbian artists following the controversial pipeline route and painting it in its present state. On the other side of the van an unofficial poll will ask BC citizens whether or not they are in support of or against the Northern Gateway Pipeline. Mass participation is encouraged.
Date: Saturday, August 4th, 10am until 6 pm.


Island Mountain Arts presents: 2Pro:gress, Wells, BC
From July 15th to August 14th, Island Mountain Arts presents a collaborative exhibition of artists responding to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

Literary Arts

A Waltz with Ann Walsh Through History, Mystery, and More.
Ann Walsh has written many books set in Barkerville during the gold rush. Join her to learn about miners and murders, hurdies and hangings, gold and guilt and meet some of the characters who lived during this exciting era. Sponsored by Canada Council through the Writer’s Union.
Sunday 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Barkerville

Dave Bidini
A Canadian independent music legend, a founding member of the Rheostatics, and a songwriter’s songwriter. Literate, rocking tunes about dead hockey players, cannibalism, and lesbian schoolteachers.

Geoff Berner
Committed to “dragging klezmer music kicking and screaming back into the bars”, Geoff Berner will show you that it’s better to be disreputable. Bring a flask. Watch for Geoff Berner all over town reading from his soon to be published novel – “Festival Man.”

Jeremy Stewart
Jeremy Stewart lives and writes at several confluences: of two rivers, of weathered poems and the electric guitar, and of sleeplessness and dreams.

Adrienne Fitzpatrick
A writer and traveller, living and exploring in Prince George. She’s a big fan of summer festivals and the great white north.

Al Rempel
Al Rempel’s books of poetry are understories and The Picket Fence Diaries. His poems have also appeared in The Malahat Review, CV2, Event, and in anthologies such as The Best Canadian Poetry, 2011. Al’s second book of poetry is called This Isn’t the Apocalypse We Hoped For.

Alex Faktor
Much like their poetry, Alex (Quinn Darling) Faktor scuffs at social grid-lines, asks “Why?” far too often, and hails from northern BC (Lheidli T’enneh territory).

Erin Arding
Erin is an artist, musician, and poet who takes the scissors to literary forms. Maybe if the poems behave, she’ll glue them back together.

“All Roads Lead to Wells” Book Launch with Sue Safyan
Author Sue Safyan reads from her recent book, “All Roads Lead to Wells.” The novel tells the story of a group of idealistic young men and women who moved to the tiny B.C. town of Wells in the late 1960s and 1970s..
Book Launch: All Roads Lead to Wells, Stories of the Hippie Days
Saturday 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM Sunset Theatre

Writing Workshop: Jump Start Your Writing with Keith Liggett
This workshop will combine exercises with projects to create a will to write. Each participant should bring one short piece of completed writing to present to the group for critique. The focus of the workshop is two-fold. To create strong writing habits and to familiarize the participant with the workshop format of critique and self-editing. Limited to 10 participants. Bring writing materials and a creative mind.
Instructor Keith Liggett’s writing spans a variety of genres – poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. He has worked full-time as a ski journalist and contributed to a syndicated newspaper column.


Pick up some insider trade secrets or learn a new skill at ArtsWells.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from some of the artists. All of the workshops are open to ArtsWells ticket holders. All ages welcome unless otherwise indicated.

Saturday & Sunday:

Tibetan Heart Yoga
A system of asana and meditation designed by the Gelukpa Tibetan Buddhist tradition of the Dalai Lamas. Sessions led by Michelle Dumond.
Saturday & Sunday 11:00 AM – 12:00PM
Wells-Barkerville School Field (main floor of the hall in the event of rain)

Evening Yoga
CBC’s Sarah Towle leads the sessions.
Saturday 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Wells-Barkerville School Field

Burlesque Sass Class with Sasparilla Foxx
An intro class with dancer Jessie Herman and members of Bottoms Up Barely Burlesque. Bring all of your sass, and a pair of gloves if you have some!
Saturday 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Dance Studio
Sunday 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Dance Studio

Freestyle Rap with Sodapop Somers aka Fritz tha Cat
Can you rap? Whether you know it or not, the answer is YES! We’ll start with a simple breakdown on the art of freestyling, then have a group rap session. Bring your voice or bring a drum! Kids and grown-ups welcome!
Saturday 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Dance Studio
Sunday 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Dance Studio

Writing Workshop: Jump Start Your Writing with Keith Liggett
This workshop will combine exercises with projects to create a will to write. Each participant should bring one short piece of completed writing to present to the group for critique. The focus of the workshop is two-fold. To create strong writing habits and to familiarize the participant with the workshop format of critique and self-editing. Limited to 10 participants. Bring writing materials and a creative mind.
Instructor Keith Liggett’s writing spans a variety of genres – poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. He has worked full-time as a ski journalist and contributed to a syndicated newspaper column.
Saturday to Monday – 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Pub at the Wells Hotel


All Things Fiddle
Patrick from the Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra leads a fiddle workshop. Incite into tune-writing in the style of old-time music, improvisation, how to accompany a singer/songwriter on violin or mandolin, and comping chords and rhythms on bowed instruments.
Saturday 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Tempest Stage

Balloon Animal Workshop
All ages welcome! Ben Blanchard teaches a balloon animal workshop for those who want to try something new. Materials provided, come with the whole family!
Saturday 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Wells-Barkerville School Field (School gym stage in the event of rain)

Banjo, the People’s Instrument
Jason and Pharis Romero will take you through the history of the banjo and its populist roots. They’re good story tellers and there ain’t nothin’ like a good banjo.
Saturday 3:30PM-4:15PM Sunset Theatre

Clown Lab and Playshop
An all-ages and family friendly playshop! An invitation to explore play and performance through games and exercises in presence building, sensory and corporeal awareness, impulse trust, and improvisation.
Saturday 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Dance Studio

Geodesic Dome Building
Fun for kids! Local artist Beth Holden teaches a workshop with newsprint and other simple materials to build a geodesic dome. All ages welcome for this fun, craft-making session.
Saturday 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Wells-Barkerville School Field (School gym stage in the event of rain)

Gardening Tour in Wells
Have you ever wondered what you can grow at 4,000 feet? Join us for a guided tour of some of the fabulous gardens of Wells and find out! The tour will start at the Island Mountain Arts Gallery at 10:00 AM on Saturday.
The tour is led by Lindsay Read, a full-time worker in the cashless economy, a mother, homemaker, gardener, artist, and volunteer. She lives in Wells with her beautiful family.
Saturday 10:00 AM Meet at Island Mountain Arts front porch

Getting to First Bass
Bass master class with Peter Mynett from the Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra. A workshop that looks at the fundamentals of bass-playing in an ensemble setting. Topics will include: taking a deeper look at the possibilities of root-5’s and some concepts to strengthen tone and time. Suitable for 5-10 people.
Saturday 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM St. George Stage

Improv with Ad Nauseum
The ultimate PLAYshop. Play with acting improvisation techniques. Come alone, come with a partner, all ages welcome.
Saturday 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Dance Studio

Light Up Your Life with Dave Jeffery
The director of the Sunset Theatre will teach you what he knows about theatre lighting in the beautiful venue. A great chance to learn from his decades of experience.
Saturday 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Sunset Theatre

Lyric Writing With Linda McRae
Need ways to unblock your creative flow? Linda will show you how to jump start the writing process and improve your writing no matter what discipline you’re in…songwriting, prose, poetry, journalism, what have you. Please bring paper and a pen.
Saturday 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Wells-Barkerville School Field (School gym stage in the event of rain)

Sacred Geometry: An Introduction to Astrology
Take a journey through the Zodiac and be introduced to the dynamic that informs this ancient art.
Set the stage with the Signs organized and understood through the elements, polarities and modalities. Understand the dialogue that unfolds through the angular patterns that emerge in this tridimensional engaging presentation.
Martin Comptois brings 25 years of astrological studies and a passion for the subject.
Saturday 4 pm at the Healing Village (ice rink on the school grounds)

Storytelling Through Time
Storytelling workshop with Jack Garton from Maria in the Shower. Come and have a chat about the power of stories. Myth, songs, books, movies, politics, performance, and the brain.
Saturday 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Dance Studio

Sustainable Festivals
Join the two main creators of Towards Eden Festival, and founders of Green Power Events, Erin Sage Sharp and Ash Bigdeli for an intimate talk where they will discuss their experience with running a renewable energy powered festival. See what we are doing now, and what they see in the future for festivals run on renewable energy. Rika and Sage have also designed the ArtsWells festival poster for the last two years.
Saturday 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Wells-Barkerville School Field

Vocal Improvisation with Doug Koyama
Learn to feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. No, it’s not bobsled time. Doug is willing to teach you improvising singing around a beat… goes well with campfires and magic.
Saturday 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Dance Studio


2012 and Beyond
These times of accelerated change and evolution are marked by the signature of the Uranus Pluto square active from 2012 to 2015.
Gain insight into the meaning of the times by studying the charts of the 1930’s and the 1960’s, the last two periods these two planets were engaged in exact hard aspects. This workshop ends with a round table as we seek to understand sustainable ways to prepare in these powerful times.
Long-time astrologer Martin Comtois teaches this workshop.
Sunday 4:00PM The Healing Village (ice rink on the school field)

A Waltz with Ann Walsh Through History, Mystery, and More.
Ann Walsh has written many books set in Barkerville during the gold rush. Join her to learn about miners and murders, hurdies and hangings, gold and guilt and meet some of the characters who lived during this exciting era.
Sunday 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Barkerville

Alexander Technique – “Poised for Life”
Emma Jarrett helps people who want to express themselves better by removing physical limitations of strain, pain, and exhaustion. Artists who feel blocked from doing their best creative work can learn to choose poise instead of pain. Emma’s insightful approach reaches individuals who are willing to look to themselves for the solutions, which include adjusting how they think and move.
For more information, visit www.emmajarrett.ca
Sunday 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM Dance Studio

Applied Theatre Workshop
A crash course into playback theatre with Arlo Olsen. Begins with 15 minutes of warm-up games, then leads into focusing on communication, team building and speaking.
Sunday 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Tempest Stage

Balkan Line Dancing
Maria in the Shower performs at the Main Hall later on Sunday. This session will prepare you with the Balkan dance moves you’re going to need for the set. Family friendly so bring the kids!
Sunday 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Beatboxing with FM Hi Low
What instrument do you always have with you, is completely free, can make almost any sound imaginable, and doesn’t require electricity? Your mouth! Come and tap into the potential of your lips tongue and teeth.
Sunday 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Dance Studio

Belly Dancing
The Hip Sisters – belly dance inspired fusion – offer an energetic workshop that looks at fundamental belly dance moves, great posture, and safety while dancing.
Sunday 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM Dance Studio

“Drumspeak” drumming Workshop
Sssnap’s Granville Johnson leads this workshop. “Drumspeak” focuses on technical tips that aid in the expression of hand drumming. Suitable for all levels and genres of play. Djembes supplied and will be for sale after the workshop.
Sunday 11:00 AM – 12:45 PM St. George Stage

The Haven’t You Always Wanted to Tap Dance Class
An introductory workshop into the language of tap dance. We’ll learn and practice the rudimentary steps and shuffles, then string together some simple choreography. All ages and levels welcome! Great time and place to try something new.
Sunday 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Dance Studio