2009 Line Up

Aaron EzRa AbleMan & The Perfarmers, United States AbleMonk & The PerFarmers have been planting musical seeds around the globe and harvesting beautiful world influenced sounds. Their music blends afro-cuban melodies, reggae rhythms & basslines, live instrumentation, and brings a head-nodding message of positivity.

Aaron GoodwinAaron Goodwin, Penticton, B.C. I am a musician, and hopefully one day author. I live the good life every day.

Aaron JoyceAaron Joyce, Vancouver, B.C. Aaron Joyce is a singer-songwriter/composer/guitarist/steel guitarist living and working in the Vancouver area.

Adrienne PierceAdrienne Pierce, Horseshoe Bay, B.C. A prolific singer-songwriter from Horseshoe Bay, B.C. in Canada. She has played everything from Lilith Fair to The Cavern Club in Liverpool. Adrienne has toured with and opened for some amazing artists (Ray LaMontagne, Damien Rice, Jane Siberry) and has performed live on several radio stations including the BBC.

Alin CoenAlin Coen, Hamburg, Germany A German songwriter who will steal you away when you experience her live. She writes about loving and letting go, defeat and hope in a voice entirely her own. Her music is rooted in folk, takes a few turns toward jazz, wanders through pop and heads straight for your heart.

Ana Bon-BonAna Bon-Bon, Vancouver, B.C. Blues Cabaret chanteuse Ana Bon-Bon is an accordion-playing songwriter and performer hailing from her home in the internationally reknown and respected West Coast roots music and art scene of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Miss Ana Bon-Bon plays rhythm and roots accordion to accompany a deep, evocative vocal style heavily influenced by American spirituals, jump blues, and her eastern European ancestry.

Anna B. and the Heartbones, Vancouver, B.C. They create a unique musical experience, one in which she is the proprietor of her own World Beat Cantina. Her music is a myriad of musical influences from Roots, Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba, Mexican Mariachi and Jazz.

Ari NeufeldAri Neufeld, Penticton, B.C. Ari is young and old all at once. His organic approach to making music turns not only his emotion, but his physicality into song. He breathes beats and croons out multi-octave melodies over textured acoustic guitar and percussion performed by his feet, through an amplified wooden box.

Ari ShineAri Shine, California, USA Ari Shine has been heard on CBC Galaxie Radio, Sirius, DeGrassi and Veronica Mars. He has been compared to Elvis Costello by the Village Voice

Auberte CampeauAuberte Campeau, Penticton, B.C. I have been a musician for 35-ish years. I play piano and compose, I play guitar and sing, I play a variety of percussion instruments as well. I have facilitated a variety of workshops using music, such as healing for women, children and adults with special needs, ESL and FSL classes. I have also performed in a variety of venues as an entertainer. I am originally from Ontario and have been living in BC for 30 years. I plan on moving to Montreal in the near future.

Blackberry WoodBlackberry Wood, Vancouver, B.C. Blackberry Wood is a wonderful, secret and Magic combination of original Alt-country/ragtime/Circus/Gypsy music, BIG party grooves like exotic Worldbeats, headbobbin’ HipHop, jumpin’ Ska, and other irresistible body shakin’ an’ foot shuffling stuff.

Bob CampbellBob Campbell, Wells, B.C. started out as a drummer and since moving to the Cariboo in 1975, has played hundreds of dusty halls, legions and smoky pubs. His guitar was always close at hand and so the last fifteen years have found him songwriting, performing solo, and releasing his first CD “Ditchflowers” (2004). His themes and subtle humour continue to make him friends along the way. Wells is thrilled to have Campbell back as a resident.

Brandon ScottBrandon Scott, Vancouver, B.C. British Columbias Brandon Wolfe Scott is a source of beauty. Just so we understand, thats beauty in the form of music. The music is the focus here, as it should be. Scotts incredible, sparse but lavish folk compositions create a landscape in the mind, one whose structures are emotional and alive.

Carolyn Mark
Carolyn Mark, Victoria, B.C. Rough and ready songstress Miss Carolyn Mark dreams of one day becoming a moose whisperer. Hopefully that won’t interfere with her rise to alt country royalty.

Chloe Hall
Chloe Hall, Melbourne, Australia This is an exciting new group on the alternative fringe of the Australian folk scene… They generate smiles as soon as they play, with their winning combo of heart, humour and great musicianship” Andrew Pattison, Festival Director NewsteadLive! AUSTRALIA Joyful and uplifting: expect three-part harmony, great songs and buckets of energy.

Clinton John LeonClinton John Leon, Vancouver, B.C. C. J. Leon is a curious creature with eyes full of wonder at play in a world of miracles and melancholy. He tries to put as much of himself on the internet as the laws of physicality permit as he believes Google tells everything to everybody these days.

Corbin KeepCorbin Keep, Bowen Island, B.C. Corbin’s act is part singer-songwriter, part cello-centric variety show. His repertoire includes hilarious original songs, sent-up classical numbers & familiar cover tunes, all delivered with spontaneous wit. He creates sounds heretofore unheard from a cello (with no electronic effects) which always have a musical purpose in the context of his performance.

Corwin FoxCorwin Fox, Victoria, B.C. With his distinctive knack for ironic juxtaposition and a playful sense of humour, Fox takes another deep cut at Big Business, Government practices and environmental politics, all while warming us with his deeply concerned and heart-felt words of compassion and wisdom. Live, Fox’s performances can range from extremely intimate acoustic shows to full band onslaught.

Craig WerthCraig Werth, Newmarket, New Hampshire USA New Hampshire-based musician, songwriter, educator, and humorist is currently touring with Canada’s three-time Juno-winner David Francey. He brings to his writing and performing a life-load of experience as a counselor, teacher, outreach caseworker, builder of musical instruments, and family man. Craig’s compositions explore topics ranging from natural wonders like whales, dinosaurs, and zucchinis; to relationships, parenting, his Newfoundland heritage, and his Long Island and Catskill Mountain roots. He performs primarily with voice, guitars, bouzouki, and mountain dulcimer.

The Creaking PlanksThe Creaking Planks, Vancouver, B.C. The Creaking Planks strap on forgotten and dismissed instruments of simpler times, preemptively gathering the tunes and jingles of today from the ashbins of tomorrow and re-presenting them in a novel anachronistic setting and style.

Dan ManganDan Mangan, Vancouver, B.C. Having toured the USA, UK, Australia and Canada numerous times, Vancouver’s Dan Mangan has become a go-to artist for the CBC, indie music-mags and folkies around the globe.

DarylectonesDarylectones, Penticton, B.C. Met many years ago in a different band and hit it off and began playing together. They went off in different directions but managed to keep in touch and get together whenever possible and eventually came together in our current configuration, the darylectones.

Dave LangDave Lang, Swift Current, Saskatchewan Smart words, smart chords, smart clothes – Dave Lang has had a fondness for smartness since someone told him he had a smart mouth. Inspired by Cole Porter, Noel Coward, Bob Wills and Lenny Bruce, Lang writes smart songs that make you smile.

David FranceyDavid Francey, Ottawa, Ont. David Francey was born in 1954 in Ayrshire, Scotland, where as a paper boy he got his first taste of the working life. He learned to read at an early age, and by age eleven was devouring the newspapers he delivered. This helped establish his interest in politics and world events while developing the social conscience that forms the backdrop of his songs.

Dave NewberryDave Newberry, Vancouver, B.C. sings songs about the socail-the way we move together in our everyday lives at work, at play, in sickness and health, underground or on top of a mountain, at home alone or wasting away in a crowed casino. He has a crude, world-weary sound shaped by the generations of roots musicians that have come before. David will release his debut solo album in late summer 2009, produced by Jon Wood.

Dirty GraceDirty Grace, Victoria, B.C. Dirty Grace combine gypsy, folk, jazz, bluegrass, and hip hop into their own unique style (“jazzypsky grass-hop”). Three-part harmonies weave throughout like a silk thread.

Graham HallDJ Algorhythm (Graham Hall) Algorhythm brings back home some local talent after a journey across the world. He has played at clubs in Taichung Taiwan to as far as Koh Samui Thailand and is now brining it back home for your aural pleasure.

Drum and Bell TowerDrum and Bell Tower, Williams Lake, B.C. Drum & Bell Tower is a one-man computer-based live-drum-pounding, knob-tweaking, psychedelic-guitar-soaked experiment with rhythm and harmony. It is music for spacing out and/or dancing off the proverbial buttocks.

Erin Arding & the 60 Hz HumErin Arding & the 60 Hz Hum, Prince George, B.C. Erin Arding and the 60 Hz Hum is a firecracker of country / folk / pop that will make you want to move and emote at the same time.

Fish and BirdFish & Bird, Victoria, B.C. BC’s Fish & Bird use various folk traditions as the context with which to express something modern and relevant, whether performing as a duo, or more recently filling out with a full band.”

Flying Fox and the Hunter GatherersFlying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers, Winnipeg, Manitoba Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers are a sextet of classically trained musicians that draw from jazz, folk, rock, and funk, while maintaining pop sensibilities to create their own musical niche.

Geoff BernerGeoff Berner, Vancouver, B.C. Geoff Berner is the westcoast’s cynical, blasphemous accordion wielding maniac. His witty songs recount drunken tales both sentimental and un- to a wicked klezmer beat.

Ghengis GandhisGhengis Gandhis, Ashcroft, B.C. The Ghengis Gandhi’s have coined their musical style as “BC Homegrown Reggae”… it is fun, danceable, socially relevant original music that swells the heart and fills the soul…

Gordie TentreesGordie Tentrees, Whitehorse, Yukon Yukon roots music songwriter Gordie Tentrees has released his 3rd album, Mercy or Sin, produced by Juno Award-winning Producer Bob Hamilton. Joining Gordie (dobro, guitar, Harmonica) are long-time bandmates Ken Hermanson (banjo, Lapsteel, guitar) and Matt King (upright bass). Gordie has toured relentlessly in North America, Europe and the UK, building an international buzz in the roots music world.

Granville JohnsonGranville Johnson The feel and sound of the Djembe’s African goat-hide/skin that barks and sings the essence of the rhythmic melody ringing beneath fingertip and palm.

Los Gringos SalvajesLos Gringos Salvajes, Smithers, B.C. While Los Gringos Salvajes call Smithers home, their sultry urban sound more closely resembles the modern day tango bar basements of Buenos Aires . Sung mostly in Spanish, lyrics are at once gritty and poetic, often melancholy, teasing or darkly humorous. A smaller, more intimate version of the band presents itself at Wells.

James LambJames Lamb, Montreal, PQ Recently featured on CBC Canada Live and the co-winner of the Arts Wells Songwriting Competition, James Lamb comes from a large family of folk musicians in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia.

Jane EamonJane Eamon, Kelowna, B.C. Jane delights in sharing her inspirations and stories often with humour. It’s never boring and always unpredictable. Audiences leave feeling like they’ve spent an evening with old friends.

Janine StollJanine Stoll, Toronto, Ont. From fronting acclaimed band The DoneFors to maintaining a thriving solo career, Janine Stoll maintains the status of being considered one of Canada’s finest songwriters.

Jeff AndrewJeff Andrew, Victoria, B.C. “Jeff Andrew is an incurable drifter with a voice like rusted steel. His album Vagabonds & Wastrels is a mix of edgy, political folk, cabaret-style fantasy, experimental spoken word and raucous juke-joint hollers.”

Jeremy Stewart & the RestJeremy Stewart & the Rest, Prince George, B.C. Jeremy Stewart & the Rest perform folk songs like psychedelic doom garage rock. They play guitar, harmonica, accordion, harmony vocals, drums, bass, and keyboard. They come from the industrial wilds of Prince George.

Jess HillJess Hill, Vancouver, B.C. When asked to describe her own music, Jess Hill sighs a haunted little sigh and hums the words “folk noir” and “a hopeful melancholy”.

Jesse Dee and Jacquine BJesse Dee & Jacquie B, Edmonton, AB. This Edmonton-based high-energy duo has been spreading their genre-bending stylings all over Western Canada and soon the East. Think Rag Time Jazzy Folk with an aggressive edge that is creating a buzz in everyone’s ears. You do NOT want to miss this show!

Joey OnlyJoey Only Outlaw Band, Vancouver, B.C. He’s a Vancouver radio personality, writer for BC Musician Magazine, booking agent and artist. His epic alt-country troupe JOEY ONLY OUTLAW BAND has played 250 shows in Western Canada.

KarmetiK::BhutanKarmetiK::Bhutan, Victoria, B.C. Sonically combining the east, the west, the above and the below, KarmetiK::Bhutan is religiously infusing packed dance floors with live instrumental fusion. Bhutan cleverly creates an ethnically diverse musical tapestry, often incorporating a variety of instruments including flutes, didgeridoos, slide guitar, live drums, congas, and multi-part vocal harmonies with state of the art loopers, synthesizers, samplers, and sequencers.

Kia KadiriKia Kadiri, Victoria, B.C. Kia Kadiri is one of Vancouver’s most respected & powerful females on the mic. This Maximum/universal recording artist has dedicated her voice, time and energy to the hip-hop community. She has performed for countless festivals, and fundraising events over the years.

KirbyKirby, Hamilton, Ont. The hooks are barbed. The lyrics bite hard enough to break the skin. And the soul of a resigned heart booms out in a powerful voice – After 3 Successful Canadian Tours in 2008, Hamilton’s own KIRBY returns to bring his Good Fight back across Canada.

La La Boom BoomLa La Boom Boom, Vancouver, B.C. The bass drum explodes, lush harmonies echo and, oh! make yourself heard, fiery young violin. Let us dance to something meaningful, where soulful verses roam among bouncing basslines amidst the electro-acoustic-garage-gospel ensemble that is La La Boom Boom. Five urban gypsies wander between Vancouver, Victoria, and Whistler to bring you piercing and fierce pop jams and gems weaved of dreamy catharsis and troubadour spirit.

LabyrinthLabyrinth’s Kin Intentionally textured electro/acoustic storytelling, Combining voice, percussions, acoustic instrumentals, and electronic wizardry with myths, dreams, and imagination. Labyrinths Kin takes you upon a light ship sailing deep into the night. In sync with the beating of a peaceful heart, dance your way through the collective maze of multi-dimensions, other worlds and fairy tales!

Ladybug the RamblerLadybug the Rambler, Vancouver, B.C. Ladybug the Rambler and her banjo Moony have had many adventures together and are currently working on their first solo release. Her previous exploits include her work as a member of the Soapbox Poets, The Artwells Festival (as part of the Ramoanalisas), The Robson Valley Music Festival (with Chelsea Johnson), Wysestock and her various performances at Cafe Deux Soleils in the people’s republic of east vancouver.

Lily Come DownLily Come Down, Vancouver, B.C. Melissa Bandura and Joanna Chapman-Smith are the Sirens of Lily Come Down, seducing the audience with their songs’ poetry sung with captivating melodies. Blending Joanna’s velvet-smooth voice with Melissa’s sultry cadence, these gals bring a depth to their creative lyrics with help from Chris and Justine’s singing know how.

Linda McRaeLinda McRae, Nashville, TN, USA From Dear John to John Deere. Combining old-time sounds with themes of heartbreak and redemption, Linda’s lyrics are timeless and heartfelt. She has the pipes and the chops

Melisa DevostMelisa Devost, Hornby Island, B.C. has toured extensively throughout western and northern Canada, the UK and continental Europe, carving her niche as a compelling vocalist with the guitar chops and songwriting skills to match. She has shared the stage with many folk/roots veterans such as, Ruthie Foster, Colin Linden and David Francey and has graced many festivals with her unique take on gospel singing, often teaching workshops on the subject.

Miss Emily BrownMiss Emily Brown, Montreal, PQ Miss Brown toys with autoharp, guitar and found-poetry. Her debut album was named one of 2008’s top twelve by CBC’s Alan Neal. “That voice…”

Morag NortheyMorag Northey, Calgary, AB Morag’s works are infused with classical training, global contemporary cabaret, a hint of avant-garde, a sense of ‘other-worldliness,’ and humor.

MorloveMorlove, Victoria, B.C. & Montreal, PQ. Best heard through your oldest set of speakers, Morlove is the creative collaboration of Corwin Fox and Miss Emily Brown. Experimental, handmade folk.

Nikole Texidor Nikole Texidor, Victoria, B.C. Melodically Rich, Harmonically Interesting. Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts. Indian Instruments and Folk Jazz Collide. New record out Summer 2009.

Ory No ManOry No Man, Toronto, Ont. is a cancerian fire dragon who likes to hike, bike, ski, play music with his friends, and bear his soul to whomever is willing to listen. His favorite things in life are pretty girls, his guitars, his wurlitzer’s, his motorcycle, and riding his motorcycle to play to pretty girls. He writes songs about pretty girls, and then sings those songs to other pretty girls whom he’ll write other songs for and sing to other pretty girls.

Paul MosleyPaul Mosley, London, UK Paul Mosley is a cult British singer songwriter with curious charm and talent to spare. Now flying solo with an ever changing backing orchestra of harp, bassoon, drums, saw, hurdy gurdy and electronics Paul has become a staple of London’s live scene, renowned for his unpredictable shows and wide ranging ambition.

PestPest, Hornby Island, B.C. Tempest has blown in off the high seas of coastal BC – a maelstrom of guitar, banjo, poetry and sea chanty.

RadaRRadaR, Vancouver, B.C. Charisma: 8 (-8 awkward modifier, roll to be made at every turn), Strength:7 (+1 anger modifier), Dexterity: 6 (+2 yoga modifier), Intelligence: 9 ( +/-3 drug modifier), Wisdom: 7 (+1 live and learn modifier), Constitution: 8 (+5 hot sauce modifier), Weapons Class: I’ll Beat Box your ass! And possibly hug you into a coma….

Rae SpoonRae Spoon, Montreal, PQ Is an artist who follows in the tradition of the singers he respects, mining the territory between reverence for the greats and his own original perspective. His cowboy-folk twang and prairie imagery is borne out of his Albertan history and his lyrics stem from his own unique life experiences.

Raghu LokanathanRaghu Lokanathan, Victoria, B.C. A rare sort of songwriter whose work conjures a world both familiar and strange. He is an artful dabbler in folk traditions.

Los RastrillosLos Rastrillos, Mexico City Mexico City has been skanking to the cool- mestizo- reggae rhythms of the Rastrillos since 1989, grooving to their joys and pains, following their musical quest for basic human values—friendship, respect, love, communication, teamwork as well as individual effort—and for the group’s growth.
The Rastrillos’ songs talk about all they have experienced during this long voyage guided by the four winds. They have shared the stage with internationally renowned groups, and with the best the Mexican musical scene has to offer, infusing their compositions with every kind of musical influence, but never compromising their unique sound, identity and roots. They use reggae as a route to self-awareness.

Rob SzaboRob Szabo, Toronto, Ont. Hailed by the press as a “gifted musician” with “the soul of a poet” and “a voice of tremendous power and whimsy”, Toronto-based Rob Szabo is a tireless touring troubadour, an acclaimed songwriter and in-demand record producer.

Sara CiantarSara Ciantar, Vancouver, B.C.

Sarah BurtonSarah Burton, Toronto, Ont. Sarah Burton packs a deadly musical punch using charisma, charm and a rock and roll attitude. With songs that are at the core, folk, Sarah draws from country, pop and rock to bring her songs to life. Blending traditional folk sensitivity with quirky and sometimes sarcastic word play, Sarah writes honest songs that slide nicely under the skin and into the heart.

Sarah Noni MetznerSarah Noni Metzner, Toronto, Ont. Has established herself on the global music scene as a must-see performer as well as an artist who never stops evolving and exploring new elements of song and show. A multi-instrumentalist and multi-award winning musician, Sarah has recently returned to BC for a short summer tour after 5 months of touring Europe.

Scott CookScott Cook, Edmonton, AB Edmonton’s own prairie balladeer & hi-tech hobo has spent the last ten years traveling the world. His music draws on roots, blues, folk, country and reggae, and elicits comparisons to Greg Brown, and Tom Waits.

Scott DunbarScott Dunbar, Montreal, PQ comes from the land of lumberjacks and pickuptrucks, and has bit by bit been learning to master his mutant abilities in order to use them for the betterment of all humanity. Lately Scott has been existing in Montreal taking in the cultural scene, busking and hawking his first independently and entirely home (mom) produced cd Philosophies of a Moth Vol. 1: An Awful Racket. Distinctly and diversely influenced blues and soul strains emerge for an on-the-whole uplifting celebration of all that lives.

Shawn StephensonShawn Stephenson, Ymir, B.C. Kootenay mountain musician… multiinstrumental looper freakshow. He likes meat, veggies, booze, wigs, tofu and bacon stir-fry and other genderless stuff. He is overly friendly when he needs to be… usually to get some of the above items. Shawn is an independent recording artist with two discs under the proverbial belt.

Shayne Avec I Grecshayne avec i grec, Victoria, B.C. says words, and sometimes even writes them down. He is one half of Ghosts of the Highway, and one whole of himself. He lives in Victoria, but wanders endlessly.

TariqTariq, Vancouver, B.C. Tariq has been writing, recording and performing his songs for over a decade now and he takes his musical cues from country, pop and most certainly folk and folk inspired music. He has released four full-length albums since 1996 and was even nominated for a Juno once.

The Tenbrooks TwoThe Tenbrooks Two, Wells, B.C. An acoustic duo with self composed gypsy jazz swing, Cuban and bluegrass sounds featuring flatpicking guitar, banjo, accordion and decadent vocal harmonies.

The Tequila Mockingbird OrchestraThe Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, Victoria, B.C. The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra is Victoria, BC based, varied accoustic band, who consistantly stretch genre boundaries with influences from from folk to gypsy, bluegrass to ska. With an ever developing and maturing sound, you can expect to hear more about this band from the west coast of Canada, who look and play like they are from deep Europe but sound like they were raised by Bill Monroe.

TravelerTraveler, Tempe, Arizona, USA Traveler is a unique world music electric gypsy band best known for playing exotic music with a rock’n roll edge, combining ethnic instruments with a full blown rock band.

Wax MannequinWax Mannequin, Hamilton, Ont. was born in the smoke and industry of Hamilton; a damaged, underdog town; a perfect breeding ground for strange, variant things. Incorporating folk, scrappy prog-metal and a tireless creative ethic, Wax infused his local influences with road-broken experience to forge something unsettlingly new.

We are the CityWe are the City, Kelowna, B.C. Progressive three-piece band from Kelowna. Just released first album “In A Quiet World”, and selected as a Top 20 Finalist for the Peak Performance Project.

WillettWillett, Sudbury, Ontario Born in Sudbury, Ontario Willett started as an array of individually written songs by Laura and Zachary. When they began collaborating on their solo acts the music carried the same charming attributes of their previously written songs and evolved into a full-band rock set that included a variety of styles and instrumentation.

Wingdam RamblersWingdam Ramblers, Wells, B.C. this contemporary folk duo has been playing music collectively and otherwiswe for decades, and their songwriting still wins them friends and fans wherever they go. both bob and murray have released several solo albums but most recently have recorded their debut wingdamramblers cd.

Yael WandYael Wand, Wells, B.C. From the enchanted suburbs of Wells, Yael just released her third album, Good Stitch Gone. With Christina Zaenker and Juli Steemson, they aim to shiver your spine and nudge your feet with hill-billy jazz songs and swinging roots ditties.


2009 ArtsWells ArtWalk

Caroline Anders

Caroline came from Ontario and lived at Bowron Lake seven years ago, now calling Wells home. She is currently working on her first series entitled ‘Cities’ with a show at Island Mountain Arts in 2010. She currently resides in the small town of Wells, BC where she paints full time in the winters pageanders@hotmail.com

Patricia Chauncey

Textiles are not just soft, sweet doilies any more. Patricia Chauncey proves textile practice can be pushed to the limit. She uses many traditional textile techniques and methods in new ways. Patricia Chauncey has studied advanced textile practice and surface design. She is the Education Liaison with Vancouver Guild of Fabric Arts and former regional representative to the International Surface Design Association. Patricia Chauncey is Currently a member of the Williams Street Studios in East Vancouver.

Martin Comtois

Martin Comtois Life is a great journey and art is our commentary on that crazy trip. In my art I try to reflect to beauty I see in nature and in my own creative unfolding.

Gail Dunn

Gail moved to Wells two years ago with her husband Ron to open the Homespun Gallery on Pooley Street. She works in clay to create sculptural stylized forms as well as burnished smoked pottery, Raku, and Tree Spirits but still has time to explore all mediums in painting and drawing.

Ron Dunn

Ron is an internationally recognized wood turner who is represented by galleries in BC and Alberta. Ron has won awards in every competition he entered. His creations are mainly from local wood which he enjoys collecting.

Nigel Fox

Nigel Fox is a 28 year old computer science grad living in Topley, BC. He was born and raised in Prince Rupert until leaving for college in 1998.

Corey Hardeman

Corey’s paintings explore her ideas about population, regeneration and speciation. By experimenting with elements of shape and texture, she attempts to convey an idea of the nature of her subjects, as they relate to one another and to our own ideas of other species.

Beth Holden

After graduating with a BFA from Concordia University, Beth left Montreal for Wells. The artistic community and surrounding mountains keep her interest in the location and inspire her work. Her current work focuses on glass and its ability to mimic nature’s relationship with sunlight.

Bill Horne

Bill was born in Vancouver and studied painting and drawing at the Banff Centre, and film animation at UBC. He works primarily in silkscreen, as well as digital photography, paper-making and assemblage. Bill lives in Wells, B.C., where he and Claire Kujundzic run “Amazing Space Studio.”

Stephanie Kellett

An emerging BC artist, Stephanie Kellett’s work is both sensitive and raw; it evokes an emotional response from the viewer, as well as celebrates the Sacred in the mundane. Through an organic and playful process, Stephanie loves to create concurrently cute and ugly images that simultaneously attract and repulse the viewer.

Claire Kujundzic

A painter, printmaker, illustrator, muralist, and graphic designer, Claire works in a variety of media and styles, from realism to cartooning to abstraction. She enjoys telling stories about what she sees around her. Claire’s work has been commissioned, reproduced and collected by many groups.

Laurie Landry

A visual artist painting with acrylics and oil, Laurie Landry completed Fine Arts Techniques at Emily Carr University in 2008. She is currently living in Wells, BC to focus on a series of local landscape and still life paintings.

Laura McIntosh

Laura McIntosh’s work stems from a fascination with the visually symbolic, and aims to explore the boundaries of where inner and outer worlds intersect and feelings and thoughts are translated through a personal and yet universal visual language.

Donna Morrison

Donna Morrison was raised on the Okanagan Valley, BC and studied fine arts of the Thompson River University, Kamloops, BC. Since graduation Donna has been travelling, exhibiting and painting surrealist narratives depicting commonalities between women in other cultures using a variety of mediums as dictated by enviroment and space.

Lindsay Read

Lindsay lives in Wells with her family. She has four scheduled exhibits this year showcasing a series of paintings inspired by the Bowron Lakes.

Maria Sandner

Born and raised in Christina Lake, BC, Maria obtained her BFA from SFU in Vancouver. Never straying far from the mountains, she then lived in Whistler for 3 years, working as a Snowcat mechanic’s assistant and making paintings for art shows in her spare time. She currently resides in the small town of Ymir, BC where she paints and snowboards full time.

Paula Scott

Paula began painting in her late thirties, is mainly self taught and credits the BC Festival of the Arts and Island Mountain Art workshops for much of her development as an artist. Her work is mainly autobiographical; memories, feelings and muses of the world from her perspective meant to provoke thought.

Brooke Wilken

Brooke Wilken is a Saskatchewan-born painter whose work is inspired by her love of nature and Canadian lore.

Ting Yuen

Ting is a self taught artist who has lived in five countries and travelled the world extensively. Her rich experiences are reflected in the colourful, whimsical, and contemporary themes of her figurative acrylic paintings. www.artrushgallery.com

Kate Zisman

Kate lives in East Vancouver and is a graduate of the visual arts program at Simon Fraser University. She spends a lot of time thinking about our relationships to the natural, especially animals, and has most recently been exploring these in a series of oil paintings. Kate loves hearing stories about all sorts of animal encounters – with house cats and raccoons or grizzlies and caribou.

2009 ArtsWells ArtWalk

Needlefelting the Easy Way with Sharon Cahn of Pluckings

sharon-cahnThere is a $35 cost to buy the kit for this workshop (cost is not included with festival pass). The kit contains a special paper that allows participants to needlefelt their first project in a foolproof way. There is enough wool and the special paper in the kit for you to make several items. We will make one in the one hour class, but you can later either practice on more of the paper or can go on to needlefelt without it, having gained confidence in their abilities to needlefelt. If you need a refresher course, the kit includes a DVD that goes over the process again. It is an easy foolproof way to begin.

Instant Books From A Sheet of Paper with Pamela Cinnamon

instant-books-002A simple and fun technique to create a small book from only one sheet of paper – no glue, staples or stitching! Notes & quotes, poetry & dreams, addresses & lists. Lots of papers! Lots of sample ideas! Lots of fun!

Steel Guitar Workshop with Travis Bernhardt

travis-thumbnailSometimes called slide guitar, Dobro, or lapsteel, a steel guitar is any guitar played with a steel bar which slides across the strings. Travis will take you on a musical trip through Hawaii, India and the American South. Bring a guitar, any kind will do, and you’ll learn fundamental techniques for playing rhythm and lead on steel in a variety of styles. If you don’t have a steel bar and/or fingerpicks, there will be some extras available to use at the workshop. Travis, steel guitarist for The Creaking Planks, has studied steel guitar with Steve Dawson, Debashish Bhattacharya, and the Campbell Brothers (Chuck and Darick).

Shaolin Kung-fu with Clinton John Leon

yinyangCJ Leon will teach the essential tiger-style open-hand Shaolin Kung-fu form. Learn the classic techniques that made the Shaolin monks the most revered warriors of the ancient world.

Outdoor Natural Art with Caroline Anders and Ruthie Sumiko Tabata

img_0650Join Caroline and Ruthie in the Wells natural surroundings for an outdoor art making Happening. We will go on a short walk in the woods and bog visiting landmarks and gathering natural materials to make a collective outdoor natural picture/sculpture. Over time, nature will dominate and the picture may evolve into something new or fade into the earth. Come be a part of our nature art instillation and be a part of something special!!

Yoga with Kate Sulis

kate-yoga-smallerKate Sulis has been leading yoga classes in Wells and Quesnel for a number of years. She is a registered massage therapist and uses this experience to help lead participants through a fairly energetic yoga routine which focusses on core strength and flexibility. She follows no particular brand of yoga, but draws on experience from different classes she has taken over the years.
Come prepared with a yoga matt if you have one, and a light-weight
blanket. We will be outside (weather permitting) so bug dope might be in order!

Music BC presents Indie Artists on Songwriting and the Business with Dan Mangan, Brandon Scott and Amanda Schweers

musicbc-logo-final-4c-150Dan Mangan and Brandon Scott will be performing a few of their songs, and talking about their own songwriting process. Together Amanda, Dan, & Brandon will address what to do with these songs once you’ve written them, and reflect on some of the things they’ve learned along the way as independent artists like: SOCAN, applying for grants, planning your tour, and some pitfalls to avoid.

Vocal Improvisation with Dirty Grace

images-1Being comfortable with jamming vocally makes way for hours of spontaneous, good’ol fun. We’ll play with singing with others, exploring our own sounds, harmonies, freestyled words, and vocal percussion/beat boxin’. We’ll illustrate some movements and sentiments with sound, inside safe, encouraging, inclusive space. No experience necessary.

Road Stories with Ghosts of the Highway

gothshayneIn the spring of 2008, Jeff Andrew and shayne avec i grec hitchhiked from Vancouver, BC, to St. John’s, NFLD, bringing their mix of radical folk and spoken word to more than 50 cities across Canada. Join them at this open mic-style workshop to hear the tales of high adventure. Bring your own road songs and stories to share – everyone who wants to will get a chance to perform!

Lost & Found Puppet Co. with Maggie Winston

grandma-puppet-007This the story of one puppet that has been created on the theme of our lowest human chakra, Mula Dhara. The Root Chakra has many characteristics that were explored by the puppeteer to create a physical puppet body and human personality. Perhaps this character has given us all the ability to get down and dirty?

Object Theatre Animation with Maggie Winston

Learn the hidden characters within everyday objects and how to animate them as puppets.

Gospel Singing with Melisa Devost

melisa-devostThis workshop will combine learning the basics of vocal technique with learning and singing gospel songs. Everyone of all ages and abilities welcome!

Church Music with Auberte Campeau

auberte-campeau1Auberte will present a variety of inter-active songs, call answer-style and some songs where the audience joins in at the chorus. She will also have a variety of percussion instruments for people to play, including a djembe african drum. People will also be invited to clap, snap fingers and stomp for certain songs! She will be presenting some quiet meditative songs as well that people can close their eyes to and simply relax or meditate.

Radical Folk History 101 With Joey Only

joey-onlyThe working class has used folk music for centuries to represent their struggle against the system. Joey Only will take you on a musical journey through the slave rebellions, the strikes of 1877, the death of Joe Hill, the Industrial Workers of the World (1905-1930) and the songs of Woody Guthrie, Utah Philips and more.

Poi Spinning With Donnalee Davidson

donnaleeLearn how to transform balls on cords into weaving circles and colourful spirals. Learn the rhythm and art of poi with Donnalee! This workshop is aimed at beginners but welcomes spinners of all levels to join in and learn some new moves.

Lyric Writing With Linda McRae

linda-mcraeWant to find ways to unblock your creative flow? Come have some fun and Linda will show you how to jump start the writing process and improve your writing no matter what discipline you’re in…songwriting, pros, poetry, journalist, what have you. Please bring paper and a pen.

Hand Drumming Performance and Workshop with Granville Johnson


Birds Eye View Stilt Walking with Ruthie Sumiko Tabata

Stilt walking workshop for all ages, heights, and shoe sizes.

Juggling Workshop with Tyler D.

Wells/ Prince George resident juggler and unicyclist will teach some juggling basics and advanced tricks for juggler-wannabes of any age.

Reading from “Jacob’s Prayer” with Lorne Dufour

jacobs-prayerJacob’s Prayer takes place during this time of transformation and it speaks to the unexpected existence of resiliency in the most unassuming of characters. It centres around one tragic Halloween evening in 1975 when two men lose their lives and another is saved by a friend who chooses not to be destroyed by his own tragedy and devastating loss. Jacob’s Prayer is the haunting and poetic story of a community’s suffering, loss and eventual healing.

Extreme Textile Techniques with Hilary Young and Patricia Chauncey

photo by Bill HorneThe Extreme Textile Workshop provides 3 hours to experiment with an exciting array of methods, tools and materials to create fabric with texture and dimensions.
Learn how to use destructive technique in a safe and fascinating way.
Come rip, tear, melt and burn to create a whole new textile vocabulary.

Photo by Bill Horne

Creativity from the Core with Corbin Keep

corbin-keepDissolving Traditional Song Form and replacing them with your Truest Deepest Expression.