Line-up 2014

2014 Line-up


Aaron GoodwinAaron Goodwin, Edmonton, AB
Raw roots played from the belly up. Aaron Goodwin brings his slide and harmonica to the table to serve a feast of acoustic funk grass.

Adam FarnsworthAdam Farnsworth, Vancouver, BC
An active member of Vancouver’s musical troupe High Society, a notable solo performer, songwriter, pianist, singer and guitarist, Adam Farnsworth has been described as many things by his contemporaries; raw, unique, poetic and fearless.

Adham ShaikhAdham Shaikh, Nelson, BC
Adham Shaikh is a Juno and Emmy Award-nominated music producer, composer, sound designer, and DJ who brings his uniquely powerful global sounds to the world stage and screen, not to mention many a crowded dance floor.
Annie BeckerAnnie Becker, Montreal, QC
It’s hard to believe Annie Becker is from the Canadian westcoast and not from the basement of a late 30s Jazz Club. In 2013 she was awarded Vancouver Island Vocalist of the Year.
Apocolyptic Sex FolkApocolyptic Sex Folk, Victoria, BC
BC’s newest super group, Apocalyptic Sex Folk, combine heavy mental breakdowns of enlightening folk genius with devastating apocalyptic R’n’B grooves that WILL turn you on.
Ari NeufeldAri Neufeld, Penticton, BC
Ari Neufeld is an experimental chef. Brave creativity emerges from an intuitive juggling of sweet, sour, crunchy, salty, savoury. You can hear it in his full contact folk music.
Barefoot CaravanBarefoot Caravan, Okanagan, BC
Barefoot Caravan is a five piece that performs indigenous music in various languages that represent the people of the world with unique, upbeat arrangements along with original compositions.
Beautiful Wild AnimalsBeautiful Wild Animals, Halifax, NS
Haunting violin/voice (Jacques Mindreau) and accordion (Carly Martin) meld eastern European music adding atmospheric soundscapes. The dynamic range of this duo will pull you to your feet and send you to their imaginary universe.
Ben SuresBen Sures, Edmonton, AB
Truly one of Canada’s best singer/songwriter guitar players, Ben has performed at many of Canada’s folk festivals and has been featured on CBC Radio regularly for two decades.
Betty SuppleBetty Supple, Hamilton, ON
Betty Supple (of Dirty Grace) purrs playful, potent and powerful incantations, seducing a wide array of feelings from listeners, supported by a precious few instrumental friends and her live loops.
BidinibandBidiniband, Toronto, ON
As a member of the Rheostatics, Dave Bidini helped sow the seeds that have grown into Canada’s independent music scene as we know it. Bidini has continued to carry the torch with Bidiniband joined by one-time Rheos drummer Don Kerr, guitarist Paul Linklater, and bassist Doug Friesen.
Blackberry WoodBlackberry Wood, Vancouver, BC
Blackberry Wood is a secret and magic combination of alt-folk-gypsy punk-circus side show music. They are on tour now in support of their newest record “Strong Man vs Russian Bears.” It’s a vaudevillian ruckus!!!
Blair LeamanBlair Leaman, Winlaw, BC
Leamen’s performed poetry is a frothy spasm of evangelical hedonism, the redemptive power of farming, and worship at the alter of music. Backed by High Society’s unfaltering soul, expect poetry on a longboard of music surfing a tunnel to the light. Or perhaps Richard Brautigan getting drunk with Mavis Staple while Jimmy Swaggart thumps the old testament.
BlocktreatBlocktreat, Vancouver, BC
Brandon Hoffman meshes field recordings, old-school drum machines, and effects-drenched mandolin to create a meditative mosaic of sound. Hoffman can be heard regularly on CBC Radio 2’s the Signal.
Body of Birds - Jesse ThomBody of Birds – Jesse Thom, Vancouver, BC
Armed with only his voice, a looping pedal and a laptop
computer full of samples he’s recorded while traveling the
world (everything from finger snaps to train rails to interviews
with young children), Body of Birds (Jesse Thom of Dirty Grace) creates unique musical worlds onstage.
Brandon Wolfe ScottBrandon Wolfe Scott, Vancouver, BC
On the road with Yukon Blonde, Brandon Wolfe Scott penned notebooks full of playful new-country ditties. With the band on a break, he found himself re-connecting with lyrics that he had once considered “a joke”.
Broken Down Suitcase (James Caldwell)Broken Down Suitcase (James Caldwell), Vancouver, BC
Broken Down Suitcase is a two-piece acoustic folk act who formed in the winter of 2009 in Golden, British Columbia with the meeting of Eric Larocque and Benjamin Caldwell.
Buckman CoeBuckman Coe, Vancouver, BC
Sun-kissed folk-rock; gospel-tinged soul; intoxicating world-beat melodies and a decidedly West Coast psychedelic pop sensibility all play a part in providing the sonic platform for Buckman Coe’s socially concious lyrics.
Bull KelpBull Kelp, Toronto, ON
Zoe Guigueno & Taylor Ashton are Bull Kelp: an intricate dance between two voices and two instruments, presenting weirdly beautiful songs of love, hate, chess, and coffee
Coddlefish FoxtrotterCoddlefish Foxtrotter, Victoria, BC
soothing, sweet, silly and sly, let your heart and feet tap to the beat of Coddlefish Foxtrotters cunning and clever country/folk tunes. accompanied this year by the cool catfish folkestra a collection of familiar artswells musicians playing horns string and other things.
Colin Cowan & The Elastic StarsColin Cowan & The Elastic Stars, Vancouver, BC
This psychedelic folk rock project started as a result of Colin branching off from his many other bands. “Fall Paths” is a florescent cup of warm nostalgic soup fit for any contemporary starchild or drifter…
CommunismCommunism, Toronto, ON
After playing and singing for over 25 years with Ron Sexsmith, Rheostatics and producing a wide variety of artists, Don Kerr is now writing and singing his own songs under the name Communism.
Corbin Keep (Wild Cellist)Corbin Keep (Wild Cellist), Duncan, BC
Solo cello performances exploring new sounds and techniques and honouring traditional ones are what my cello and I were born to do! If you love the cello, you’ve come to the right place!
Cougars in AmericaCougars in America, North Gower, ON
Scott Hamilton serves equal measures of Folk, Roots and Canadiana while his songs and stories takes you on a nostalgic trip to a bygone era of absolute freedom and adventure.
Crowd the JoannaCrowd the Joanna, Kelowna, BC
“Best-darn root tootin’ foot stompers in the Okanagan Valley.” – Jim Reiner
DarylectonesDarylectones, Penticton, BC
Daryl Oneill has been playing at music for a long time. His most recent CD was considered the best roots record of the year by a number of music critics in Holland.
Dave Stanley DaoustDave Stanley Daoust, Surrey, BC
Rock Pop Blues Twang Gospel Boogie. Who does he sound like? Himself! That’s who. Sandblasted by some hard winds in life, edges polished by those same forces. Honest. Solid. Sincere. Listen…
David NewberryDavid Newberry, Vancouver, BC
David Newberry tells poem-stories that meld folk traditions with modern sensibilities.
David P. SmithDavid P. Smith, Victoria, BC
Fantastical odysseys once embarked upon in saturated dreams have turned to dour sepia abstractions – grim, inexplicable melodramas that make Kafka look like Dr. Seuss. Still, David P. Smith is able to write songs and play his accordion.
David Ross MacDonaldDavid Ross MacDonald, Unley, Australia
Australian tunesmith and guitarist returns to Artswells with his carpetbag of captivating songs and sublime guitar playing.
David Roy ParsonsDavid Roy Parsons, Vancouver, BC
David is an ArtsWells veteran of nine years. This year he is joined on flute with his cousin Toby Moisy. Some new intimate arrangements as well as old favorites.
David SimardDavid Simard, Montreal, QC
With the release of his latest Lilies EP, David Simard is on his way to be, at his own pace, a paragon of folk elegance.
Declan ODeclan O’Donovan, Whitehorse, YT
A singer/songwriter/pianist from Whitehorse, Yukon. Having spent his life on a stage and at a piano, O’Donovan is a true performer, an act not to be missed.
The DeepThe Deep, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver based band The Deep plays Real Raw R&B Soulfolk. Expect Lexi Marie’s gritty, soulful vocals, songs of hard times and holding on to whats good.
Dirty GraceDirty Grace, Victoria, BC
Dirty Grace produces a playful mix from provocatively cheeky to intimately introspective, while exploring music’s ability to expose, shake-down and heal the human spirit. Three-part harmonies, raunchy revelries, and revelatory epiphanies characterize the experience.
DJ DominoDJ Domino, UK
DJ Domino: the first trance female DJ to be recognized all over the world. In 1991 she ended up in England as a dance performer for Eat Static at the famous Brixton Academy.
DJ Ole FashionDJ Ole Fashion, Vancouver, BC
DJ Ole Fashion is Kris Wood’s, of Blackberry Woods, alter ego. DJ Ole Fashion plays Electro-Swing, 1920’s and 30’s music, Gypsy craziness, first generation Ska, old jazz, western swing and some footstompin’ old fashion country.
Dok AukDok Auk, Cache Creek, BC
Straight outta Cache Creek, Dok has been rappin and performing for the past 4 years. With style all his own and opinion to be heard he will entertain with lyrics about life, politics and relationships.
Doug KoyamaDoug Koyama, Quesnel, BC
Doug Koyama makes songs about love. Each impromptu composition is the expression of the moment in which it exists.
Drum and Bell TowerDrum and Bell Tower, Williams Lake, BC
Increasingly certain that rock ain’t dead, Brent Morton whales on in Drum & Bell Tower: a one-man limb-maximization project framing Floydian space in metered thump.
Elk TribeElk Tribe, Salmon Arm, BC
We are an alternative folk band with a unique raw sound. We have a foot stompin’ groove that connects well with all ages.
The End TreeThe End Tree, Vancouver, BC
“A unique hallucinatory, melodramatic chamber-pop string and vocal trio. The End Tree sounds like a cross between the Kronos Quartet, Nick Drake, and the Dirty Projectors.”
Faye BlaisFaye Blais, Toronto, ON
Faye’s songwriting, presence and personality are showcased beautifully through her impressive jazzy-bluesy folk style on acoustic, electric guitars and keys with stunning, dynamic vocals.
Fish & BirdFish & Bird, Victoria, BC
Fish & Bird have been exploring their unique corner of the folk-rock universe for almost 8 years, and are excited to release their fourth album this fall.
Fist Full OFist Full O’ Snacks, Vancouver, BC
The songweaving adventures of Vancouver’s Robyn Jacob. While asymmetrically attacking the piano, her eclectic arrangements and strong vocals will knot your brain while untangling your hair.
Folky Stum StrumFolky Stum Strum, Rolla, BC
The People that make up Folky Strum Strum play their version of Banjo Rockin’ folk music. “The group has been described by fans as having a unique and soulful sound, that is backed by exceptional songwriting.”
Genevieve ChadwickGenevieve Chadwick, Ulladula, Australia
Imagine if Janis Joplin and John Lee Hooker had a baby together; musically, this girl would be the offspring. Genevieve Chadwick is one not be to missed.
Ghenghis GandhisGhenghis Gandhis, Ashcroft, BC
The Ghengis Gandhis call their musical style “BC Homegrown Reggae:” fun, danceable, socially relevant, original music that swells the heart and fills the soul.
The Gibson BlockThe Gibson Block, Edmonton, AB
An innovative rock four piece that delivers a electrfying, genre spanning music experience. The groovy, grungy rock and roll sound of this Alberta band is sure to impress.
Glenna GarramoneGlenna Garramone, Victoria, BC
Grand prize winner in the 2010 Artswells Songwriting Contest, Victoria-based Glenna Garramone crafts songs using piano, guitar, and occasionally her tap shoes. Her music has been featured on CBC radio’s “North By Northwest.”
Go On Old OneGo On Old One,
Go On Old One is Jenny Ritter and O’mally. Two musicians who lead separate bands. They enjoy playing each-other’s music so much, they decided to do it on stage for you: banjo on banjo.
GrafticianGraftician, Vancouver, BC
An eclectic mix of radio pop, musique concrete, and unhibited lyricism rising from the tectonics of bass.
Grampa GruvGrampa Gruv, Vernon, BC
Nurturing community through pot-lucks and parties at fandango farms, Grampa Gruv has been serving the dance floor around the North Okanogan for many years. Happiness is a revolutionary act in on a planet ruled by fear.
Gurpreet ChanaGurpreet Chana, Toronto, ON
Musician, composer and producer, Gurpreet Chana is one of Canada’s most diversely talented artists. Gurpreet’s travels along the path of music started when his Grandfather, Kesar Singh Chana, gave him his first Tabla set and there has been no looking back since.
Hachey the MouthPEACEHachey the MouthPEACE, Hamilton, ON
​Technically, Jason Hachey, is a beatboxer. However, what he does is so much more than just beatboxing. He records, loops, and creates beats as he beatboxes and raps, creating original songs each time he performs.
HearseHearse, Victoria, BC
All the way from Victoria, BC, we are Hearse: guitar & accordion, male & female, cynical & romantic, hair-splitter & hair-puller, angry & sad, funny & mean, ecstatic & hermetic.
High SocietyHigh Society, Vancouver, BC
High Society’s unique and contemporary take on old school performance has been heard in theaters, pubs, cafés, street corners and on the radio across Western Canada
Himalayan BearHimalayan Bear, Victoria, BC
Victoria’s Himalayan Bear, fronted by Ryan Beattie, is a soulful cascade of drums, tonefully saturated reverb guitar and heart-worn crooning vocals. Their 4th LP “No Golden Kingdom” will be released this summer.
Ingrid GatinIngrid Gatin, Winnipeg, MB
Ingrid Gatin creates soundscapes and dreamscapes, pulling the listener into her reveries with a soulful and sultry voice.
Jack Garton & The Demon SquadronJack Garton & The Demon Squadron, Vancouver, BC
Armed with fresh songs and poems, Jack Garton brings his new trio the Demon Squadron to Wells, deploying heavy artillery Amrit Basi (drums) and Michael Alleyne (bass).
Jasper Sloan YipJasper Sloan Yip, Vancouver, BC
At the helm of an experimental folk rock sextet, Jasper Sloan Yip sings songs about the pains and joys of love and art.
Jeff AndrewJeff Andrew, A tree house by the train tracks, BC
This folk-noir fiddler and singer-songwritier takes a hed full of ghost stories, murder ballads, train tunes and protest songs and turns it into an electrified patchwork of folk, punk, celtic, and old jazz.
Jenn BojmJenn Bojm, Vancouver, BC
This fundamentally folk project subtly dips into other musical genres creating a palpable modern approach both lyrically and musically. This project, infused with heart and soul, is both inspired and aspiring anew.
Jenny RitterJenny Ritter, Vancouver, BC
Jenny Ritter (Banjo/Guitar/Vocals) was born in the woods of Vancouver Island to a ballerina mother and an opera-singing father. Pursuing an innate love of music from an early age, she’s been on the road since 18.
Joey BalducchiJoey Balducchi,
The break-up of his most recent band, Blind Mule, has rekindled Joey Balducchi’s solo career, making his Artswell’s performance his first solo appearance in 7 years.
Joey Only & the Outlaw BandJoey Only & the Outlaw Band, Wells, BC
Dr.Joey Only is a local to Wells and despite that is one of the country’s best known outlaw country singers. This year alone he’s worked three major shows opening for the biggest bands on earth and is widely regarded as the best Stompin Tom impersonator you’d ever meet
Karyn EllisKaryn Ellis, Toronto, ON
Tender and dynamic, she has been called a “must-see” songstress who has “a magical way with song” (Globe and Mail). Her songs are thoughtful and crafted about every day wonders, beauty and hope.
Kia KadiriKia Kadiri, Vancouver, BC
Drawing on hip hop, jazz, funk and soul to create a sound that is truly universal, she has emerged from a scene that has produced some of this country’s most exciting urban artists.
Ladybug & CaterpillarLadybug & Caterpillar, Winnipeg, MB
Ladybug: red beetle with black spots, eats aphids (Coccinellidae) caterpillar: worm like larvae of butterfly or moth (order Lepidoptera) an unlikely love story.
Ladybug the RamblerLadybug the Rambler, Winnipeg, MB
If folk music is a cupcake then her has soul icing with blues hip hop sprinkles. (oh and the darkness, don’t forget the sweet darkness.)
Lily of the ValleyLily of the Valley, Vancouver, BC
Lily of the Valley is a collaboration between singer-songwriter Tanya Gallagher and multi-instrumentalist Brandon Hoffman. Now that they live in the same city, they have ample of time to play together and argue about spirituality.
Logan ThackrayLogan Thackray, Canmore, AB
Logan is a folk rock indie artist from the lonely mountain town of Canmore Alberta. There she learned animalistic harmonies and choruses that chill the human spine and rouse a spirit of the wild.
Marley DaemonMarley Daemon, Victoria, BC
Marley Daemon (from Dirty Grace) creates songs that are both earthy and powerful, haunting and provocative. Backed by her dear friends Zoe Guigueno (Fish and Bird and Bull Kelp) on upright bass, Elise Boeur (Jenny Ritter) on violin, and Jesse Thom (Dirty Grace and Body of Birds) on percussion , Marley brings both high artistry and a courageous intimacy to her music.
Melawmen CollectiveMelawmen Collective, Ashcroft, BC
A contemporary aboriginal musical collaboration. Cofounders Meeka Noelle Morgan (vocals) is Secwepemc and Nuu-Chah-Nulth from the interior of BC, and Rob Hall (vocals, guitar) is from Ghengis Gandhis. Geo the Voice completes this powerful trio.
Miami DeviceMiami Device, Vancouver, BC
The West Coast’s premiere afrobeat machine, Miami Device is a ten-piece band borrowing members from Five Alarm Funk, Portage and Main and Rude City Riot. Pure syncopated decadence.
Michael DunnMichael Dunn, Edmonton, AB
When the lights go down and all that remains is wood, steel, and sound, the country and folk songs of Michael Dunn feel as natural as whiskey by the fire.
Mike MorneauMike Morneau, Wells, BC
Wells local virtuoso steps out his back door to bring his unique guitar styling to ArtsWells.
Mikkal WatersMikkal Waters, Vernon, BC
Combining foot stomping rhythms, enchanted melodies, moving lyrics, and an exemplary dose of old fashioned love, the Mikkal Waters Band lights long burning fires in the hearts of its audience.
Mine AgenteMine Agente, Vancouver, BC
Mine Agente is an exciting new international/multi-disciplinary group. Brazilian born musical sewing artist, Lisa Simpson, works with dancers Kelly McInnes and Rianne Svelnus and musician Ben Brown to create a performance piece that explores textiles, sound, and body. The group explores our society’s consumerist, materialistic culture using what we wear as the main focus.
Morag NortheyMorag Northey, Calgary, AB
Morag’s ability to open, listen, and feel stories of people present, accompanied through her voice and cello, offers healing vibrations that inspire change and move us toward acceptance, forgiveness, and loving kindness.
Myrtle FamilyMyrtle Family, Vancouver, BC
The Myrtle Family Band engage and delight audiences of all ages with their porch stomping wash-tub bass bouncing, jug-time traditional jazz; their twinkling-tap numbers and their on-stage family dynamic-antics.
NAMGARNAMGAR, Siberia, Buryatia
A multi-cultural musical experience fusing Gypsy, Middle Eastern, Celtic, Greek and Turkish styles with Rock.
Nawhuln’ah means “while the time is right” in Dakelh kuna the Carrier language. We are gathered for a mutual purpose; to preserve and protect our mother Naloo Yinka with pure intentions and practice…
Oh Oh Oh OgopogoOh Oh Oh Ogopogo, Victoria, BC
Oh! Ogopogo! encourages children to get up and dance, yell and sing along. This is fast, furious and exciting music for active kids who want to get down to some catchy tunes.
Old CabinOld Cabin, Carcross, YT
Old Cabin – stage pseudonym of Yukon singer/songwriter Jona Barr – is soulful, sincere folk music, gently steeped in old-time traditions without re-treading tracks. This is folk music done without pretension.
Oliver SwainOliver Swain’s BIG MACHINE, Victoria, BC
Oliver Swain, a Juno and WCMA nominated Americana and Folk-Noir musician from Victoria BC spent a dozen years in some of North Americas most loved roots bands.
OQOOQO, Halifax, NS
Jacques Mindreau (violin) and Ian Griffiths (accordion) of “The Tequila Mocking Bird Orchestra” are excited to share their new side-project with the world. Making dogs howl and spirits rise OQO will haunt and waltzfully mend your shattered heart.
Party on High StreetParty on High Street, Victoria, BC
With T-Rav’s hendrix-esque guitar melodies, Brin’s bouncy bass grooves, and Nick’s endlessly deep pockets, the Party will leave you with the best feeling slap in the face you’ve ever wanted.
Pernell RiechertPernell Riechert, Vancouver, BC
Pernell Reichert is a folk singer, songwriter, and fast finger picker. His songs reflect his experiences on the road of life and the highways of the world.
PetuniaPetunia, Vancouver, BC
Rich high & lonesome vocals, ferocious screams and yodels, and a country-swing or rockabilly beat with a twisted, punk edge help describe a Petunia performance
Quique EscamillaQuique Escamilla, Toronto, ON
“Modern day troubadour Quique Escamilla makes music that comes straight from the soul. The stories he tells are the stories we need to hear; socially and politically conscious lyrics paired with exceptional musicianship.” – Garvia Bailey, CBC Radio.
RainboardRainboard, Salmo, BC
Hailing from the mountainous West Kootenay village of Salmo, Rainboard has been making their brand of psych garage / shoe gaze music in a big way.
Red HavenRed Haven, Vancouver, BC
Two parts gypsy two parts blues. Mix well. Add a dash of accordian, saxophone and banjo. Complete with a splash of cajun and folks, you have yourself a good time.
RhoneilRhoneil, Victoria, BC
Rhoneil layers her vocals with electronic drums, field recordings, organ, and autoharp. The result is a danceable, subtle, dark, warm weirdness that crosses many genres.
Ross DouglasRoss Douglas, Delta, BC
Ross Douglas is an award winning songwriter performing in a variety of styles on several instruments with gusto, cunning and humour. Oh yeah – he’s got this great big voice too.
Sam TudorSam Tudor, Vancouver, BC
After a year full of genre-bending recording projects, Sam’s highly praised live show has become something communal, anthemic, and still poignant. People sing.
Honoured to be reunited for their first ever appearance at ArtsWells, Samsara spent 10 years playing Western Canada fusing rolling rhythms of reggae and soca with driving high energies of funk n roll.
Sarah BurtonSarah Burton, Toronto, ON
Sarah Burton has seen her way through acoustic folk beginnings, into country swing and steel guitars and electrifying blues-rock, but her new album “Make Your Own Bed” is a return to her first inspiration; the piano.
Scott CookScott Cook, Edmonton, AB
Alberta’s prairie balladeer has distilled the stories collected over years of touring Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia into straight-talking, keenly observant verse. Road-worn, painfully honest, and deeply human, these are songs to live alongside.
Scotty DunbarScotty Dunbar, Prince George, BC
BC’s newest super group, Apocalyptic Sex Folk, combine heavy mental breakdowns of enlightening folk genius with devastating apocalyptic R’n’B grooves that WILL turn you on.
Shawn StephensonShawn Stephenson, Ymir, BC
Shawn Stephenson is a solo multi-instrumental award winning musician from the small town of Ymir, BC. His signature sound is a blend of live loops, finger style guitar, hand percussion, vocals, and an occasional dose of woodwinds.
Shelder the Electric ClamfishShelder the Electric Clamfish,
Shelder the Electric Clamfish grew up on the small gulf island community called Mayne Island, where she began writing wacky songs about deflated soccer balls. She eventually migrated to the slightly larger community of Salt Spring Island, where she picked up the trumpet and ventured into the scary world of spoken word and ritualistic pagan songs about moonlight
Skye WallaceSkye Wallace, Vancouver, BC
Skye Wallace works to compile all of the stark elements of the Canadian landscape into a sort of musical archive. Inspired by historical non-fiction and field recordings, particularly the esteemed National Parks Project, her songs are made out of stories hidden in plain sight.
Smoke nSmoke n’ Bones, Saint John, NB
A mix of Atlantic blood and railroad grease, birthed by Mitch Pridham and Matt Soucy in October 2011. Incorporating many different members, any given time.
Sssnap… Granville Johnson, Jeff Postnikoff… Drum Story and Poetry… Improvised Jazz… Afro-Traditional R & B. Djembe Funk for every breathing body gyrating in the groove.
Svetka and The Raven Called CrowSvetka and The Raven Called Crow, Victoria, BC
An exquisite folkloric feast for the ears and eyes. Two songstresses/ shadow projection artists bring you an offering from the belly of their dreams. Tasty melodic tales from by A Raven Called Crow woven with the eccentric accordion folk-opera of Svetka.
The TailorThe Tailor,
“Like a Sexy Tom Waits riding a Camel through Africa and stopping in Romania for a drink” – somebody important
Tanya TagaqTanya Tagaq, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
Tanya Tagaq is an Inuk throat singer from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada, on the south coast of Victoria Island.
Tavis WeirTavis Weir,
Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Tavis has a degree in jazz guitar. His songs feature expansive guitar parts and simple poetry.
Tereza TomekTereza Tomek, Vancouver, BC
Tereza Tomek sings stories you probably haven’t heard before. Dark and humorous folk tales inspired by nature and history.
Tower of DudesTower of Dudes, Victoria, BC
The Tower of Dudes aren’t just your average East meets West gypsy punk accordion rock band. Their lively stage presence and shotgun delivery inspire frenzied dancing and reckless abandon.
Tower of SongTower of Song, Victoria, BC
Hear Cohen’s timeless songs arranged for two voices, banjo, string bass, piano and guitar. Oliver Swain and Glenna Garramone craft arrangements that will satiate and surprise the Cohen fan in everyone.
Twin PeaksTwin Peaks, Fort St. John, BC
Rich harmonies, a piano, a guitar, two ukeleles and unlimited wit are at the heart of Twin Peaks – an emerging folk roots duo with undertones of old country.
Twin VoicesTwin Voices, Ottawa, ON
Twin Voices is an indie electro-folk project featuring live looping of violin, voice, synth, percussion and guitar. The live performance is equal parts stunning simplicity and playful complexity.
The strings of Sunita’s Celitc harp and Gal’s fiddle resonate with the echoes of ancient footsteps. Hints of jazz improvisation, gypsy rhythms and even classical overtones are entwined with traditional Celtic and Jewish music.
VentanasVentanas, Lansdowne, ON
VENTANAS weaves in and out of upbeat Bulgarian dance tunes, Greek, Turkish and Sephardic love songs, and heart-wrenching Flamenco dances, leading captive audiences through windows into other lands and cultures.
WarlessWarless, Vancouver, BC
Warless is the pure, honest expression of the hearts and minds of six diverse individuals that all somehow ended up on BC’s beautiful west coast to play music together.
Warren HooleyWarren Hooley, Penticton, BC
Warren Hooley is a half Okanagan Indigenous man currently living in Penticton BC. He calls his music “Inspirational Hip Hop Fusion” which incorporates live instruments, looping technology and artists from other genres.
Wax MannequinWax Mannequin, Hamilton, ON
Band-backed or solo with electronics, Wax Mannequin offers Infectious art-punk and brooding folk tunes for the head and heart. Sombre satire in his lyrics is set on fire by a raucous and unforgettable stage show.
Willie KuklisWillie Kuklis, Prince George, BC
Currently residing in Prince George, BC, this singer/songwriter incorporates his unique vocal stylings with diverse songwriting inspiration which has been summed up with three words “What A Voice”.
WindmillsWindmills, Kelowna, BC
Influenced by the romantic soundscapes of film with strong vocals and heartbreaking lyrics, Windmills combines multiple musical elements to create an original singer-songwriter act.

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Visual Art

Glass Blowing with Redbeard and friendsGlass Blowing with Redbeard and friends,
Redbeard is one of Canada’s best-known glassblowers, melting glass since 1998. Recognized for his work in the cannabis industry, Redbeard has focused on making medicinal delivery devices for 16 years. Now Redbeard Glass has joined up with POT.TV to broadcast a weekly internet show, (The Redbeard Show). Redbeard will be joined by friends and colleagues Christie McPhee from the Kootenays, and Gibson’s Glassworks from Quadra Island. These three artists will entertain and bedazzle you with firy molten globs of glass all weekend long. Come Check out the demonstrations happening every day at ArtsWells, and join us for the live broadcast of The Redbeard Show, Saturday at 4pm.
Karl MattsonKarl Mattson, Rolla, BC
I was born and raised on my family farm in Rolla, a rural community in northeastern BC. I am a scavenger. The details in everyday experience, in things living and things dead, fuel my compulsion to create.
Lucas Glenn Co.Lucas Glenn Co.,
Lucas Glenn Co. is the running pseudonym of artist Lucas Glenn. Creating work as a recycling and construction company, Glenn uses found objects and materials to construct assemblages, installations, and collages with the primary function of addressing cultural issues; most commonly addressing mass media’s influence on culture.
Milan (Muralist),
is a mural artist who lives in Vancouver. Last ArtsWells Milan created an incredible mural on the side of the Community Garden Greenhouse. This year he will be creating one for the IMA Public Gallery. And many more to come!!!
Vaughn Warren - Pole CarverVaughn Warren – Pole Carver, Kamloops, BC
is a carver, airbrusher and graphic artist who lives in Kamloops BC Canada. Vaughn Warren also provides art handling & installation services across BC and Canada. He Will be coming out to ArtsWells this year to create a new pole carving behind the IMA Public Gallery.

Mini Mural Project

The 6th annual ‘Mini Mural Project’ features professional visual artists creating ‘mini murals’ on 4’x 4’ panels over the duration of the festival. Created by Wells artist Caroline Anders, the idea is to have a stimulating and fun creative space where the artists can work together or on their own in the ever-inspiring setting of Wells. The Murals are then auctioned off and put on display on buildings throughout town.  Thanks to Rona and Opus for sponsoring some of the supplies.

2014 Mini Mural Artists

Alison VogelaarAlison Vogelaar,
Having grown up as an only child living in more rural locations of Northern B.C. Alison has always had a taste for quiet outdoors and creating her own adventures. Through her art, she is able to express and communicate some of her introspective journeys and provide a way of sharing her lonesomeness.
Bubzee--a Tail Told by Uschi TalaBubzee–a Tail Told by Uschi Tala,
A Self taught creature of the night brought to the light, she has wandered threw worlds present and far as animal , human, witch, healing threw wands of holly horse hair, graced is the soul who shares her stories and finds in them secrets of their own truth.
Ben BlanchardBen Blanchard,
Benjamin Blanchard’s work is found mostly in oil and acrylic paint on just about any surface he can get his hands on and is primarily fantasy inspired by nature owls often find their way in to his work.
Natasha LepineNatasha Lepine,
Natasha Lepine is a newlygraded from Correlieu Secondary School in Quesnel, BC. She lived in Wells until she was 12-years-old, and enjoys bitter lemonade, road trips and slam poetry. In the future, Natasha dreams of becoming an art teacher.
Corey MatthewsCorey Matthews,
Born in Nova Scotia, Corey Hardeman has drawn since she could first hold a pencil. Her education in biology and architectural drafting have influenced her practice, which combines elements of illustration and technical drawing with a love of tonal painting, an abiding interest in biology, and an eye for tension and movement.
Lee-Anne ChisholmLee-Anne Chisholm,
I have always been intrigued by the way artwork can affect the way we see the world. My goal as an artist is to create art that will allow a person to think, feel, and imagine a deeper sense of what they see. My artistic experience began very young and started with my enthusiasm for portraits and the beauty of the feminine form. Throughout many years of developing my skills with acrylic paint I have also studied a variety of different mediums and styles that have enhanced my aptitude for fine art
Laurie LandryLaurie Landry,
Laurie Landry has always been interested in everything Art. She completed the Fine Arts Techniques at Emily Carr University in 2008, and has continued training with a mentor program and in-class workshops, including training in Paris at Studio Escalier. Laurie currently lives in Vancouver, and considers Wells her other home.
Gabrielle FunkGabrielle Funk,
I am an artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have experience in multiple mediums including collaborative mural painting. The natural world and the deeply authentic ways of the animal kingdom influence my art. People and their loveliness and imperfection and darkness inspire me. Nostalgia and memory seep into every aspect of my practice and guide my vision. If that sounds serious that is because it is.
Julia IredaleJulia Iredale,
Julia Iredale is a painter and illustrator from Vancouver, B.C. She grew up on a sheep farm on Mayne Island, but has since moved to Vancouver to attend Emily Carr University for Illustration. She uses surreal imagery to celebrate the strange and bizarre experience of being a human. Among many things, her work is inspired by history, nature, dreams, and the human heart.
Nick LakowskiNick Lakowski,
A Vancouver artist with an MFA, UBC 2012, and a BFA, ECUAD, 2004. Recent work includes themes of landscape, distress, civility, and collapse.
Laura McIntosh,
Cat life. Paint drank. Surrealist kitsch poisoned by a hint of seriousness.
Tahirih GofficTahirih Goffic,
After a tumultuous past as a goat milker, laundress, waitress and restaurant owner, She is now a mostly full time artist with brief breaks as a lodge receptionist in an effort to fake a social life. She lives a ridiculously idyllic existence in a fairytale village called Bella Coola with my charming musician husband, two amazingly creative children, and a couple of dogs whose favorite past time is eating rotten dead fish and rolling in poo.
Troy BenoitTroy Benoit,
Art saved my life and has helped me connect with so many beautiful friends and experiences. I’m grateful for this opportunity to share with you some of my visions and to be a part of something truly magical.

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The Anthropocalypse,
The Anthropocalypse is a prophecy of humanity’s imminent self-destruction. And The Anthropocalypse is the world’s first psychedelic talk opera—a view of the modern world through the lens of the two lone survivors of BC’s fabled Cadillac Mountains. Twisting reality into myth and myth into reality, 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac present the end of humanity in a way that is darkly comic and wildly light-hearted
Biography of a Voice - Written and Performed by Mia HarrisBiography of a Voice – Written and Performed by Mia Harris, Penticton, BC
Biography of a voice is a one-woman opratic vocal performance piece. It is preformed accapella and mostly improvized. Mia Harris received her opratic training at UNC and U of T. Her interests are currently steering her toward improvisation and performance art.
BITS - Written and Performed by Patrick Raymond Joseph KearnsBITS – Written and Performed by Patrick Raymond Joseph Kearns, Wells, BC
One of the “top-ten must-see shows of the season” featuring some of “the most promising writing at this year’s Fringe.” – CBC Canada Writes. Patrick shies away from labels, but shamelessly flirts with titles. Lately, he’s been trying to get The Artist’s number.
The Fred Wells Show - Written by Danette Boucher, performed by James DouglasThe Fred Wells Show – Written by Danette Boucher, performed by James Douglas,
“…even in the darkest of hours, somewhere in the world, there is a place where anything is possible…”
Have you ever wondered about the history of the very town that hosts the ArtsWells Festval? Here is your chance to find out the real story behind the founding of Wells, BC. This thrilling stage show reveals the inspiring tale of how this little town grew and prospered during the worst financial depression in living memory. The Fred Wells Show was created by Histrionics Theatre Company in 2007, and since then has played to great acclaim in the Cariboo, in Vancouver, on Vancouver Island and in the United States.
Given to Fly – By Doug Koyama,
Flying dreams are found around the world and have existed since ancient times, predating the invention of airplanes. What if this lucid imagery is not something that our subconsciousness creates but rather something that we remember on a molecular, genetic or perhaps spiritual level. What if, at some point in our distant past, the species of man was capable of unaided flight? Given to Fly is an exploration of dreams, a study of intention and a celebration of the raw abilities of the irrepressible human spirit.
Improv Ad NauseumImprov Ad Nauseum,
Actor, Director, Playright and owner of Serious Moonlight Productions, Bas has been teaching improv and theater for twenty years.
Kaliban - Written and performed by Andrew HamiltonKaliban – Written and performed by Andrew Hamilton, Wells, BC
What happened to Shakespeare’s immortal mythic-man-beast after the Tempest? Come and explore the darkly comic difficulties encountered by Kaliban, as the half-human immortal struggles to fit in with an ever-changing, perpetually-shifting contemporary society. Written and performed by Wells’ Andrew Hamilton.
Moth Orbit Object Theater.Moth Orbit Object Theater
With found objects and rejected materials Moth Orbit Object Theater transforms trash into treasure, static materials into spirited. The Death and Resurrection of Little Lumen Born under a dining table, hungry and alone, baby Lumen suckles a potato sprout in desperation, initiating a near-death experience, submerged in a chthonic world where he must face himself to survive.
Welcome to the DebbyWelcome to the Debby’s, Prince George, BC
Welcome to Debby’s is an experimental play conceived by and starring Jeremy Stewart and Raghu Lokanathan. The play takes the form of a conversation between Stewart and Lokanathan one night in Debby’s all-night truck stop diner, and here’s the kicker—the dialogue is improvised. Stewart and Lokanathan are no strangers to sharing the stage with one another, and have exchanged a great deal of onstage banter over the years, but always between songs. The two have been performing together since 2005 in such groups as The Cottonweeds, The Heel of the Loaf, and the Transfiguration Good News Band. But the radical level of risk in this piece is new to both of them. Ultimately, the potency of the play derives from the large amount of talking they’ve done, on walks, in cafés and diners, and to and from gigs. Welcome to Debby’s is a show that comes out of their mutual love of good conversation and interest in artistic experiments

1-min. Play

The 16th Annual International One Minute Play Festival,
The ArtsWells Festival is proud to present the 16th Annual International One Minute Play Festival. All are welcome to enter this perennial favourite festival event, as long as your performance is one minute or less! Hosted by Paul Crawford, the man with “Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!” all participants perform their piece in front of the audience and a panel of celebrity judges. Sign up at the IMA Gallery or enter at the event. You can also enter in the category of One Minute Excuses as to why you can’t enter a play. The subject matter and manner of the play or excuse itself is entirely open to personal interpretation.

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HenryHenry’s Glasses
In an internment camp in 1945, an eight-year-old boy has a mystical gift that makes the extraordinary happen. Even to the old and devastated Mr. Yamamoto, this gift may hold the power to make a skeptic believe.
My Prairie HomeMy Prairie Home
In this feature documentary-musical by Chelsea McMullan, indie singer Rae Spoon takes us on a playful, meditative and at times melancholic journey. Set against majestic images of the infinite expanses of the Canadian Prairies, the film features Spoon crooning about their queer and musical coming of age. Interviews, performances and music sequences reveal Spoon’s inspiring process of building a life of their own, as a trans person and as a musician. Official selection at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.
Northern GreaseNorthern Grease
Northern Grease follows Tamo Campos and friends as they travel in a vegetable oil fueled bus throughout British Columbia and Alberta. It is a travel-snowboard documentary focusing on environmental stewardship. Telling a story of awareness, criticism, and forward thinking, against a backdrop of our country’s beautiful wilderness and fascinating people.

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2 Dope Boys In A Cadillac2 Dope Boys In A Cadillac, Victoria & Vancouver, BC
2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac are preachers of The Anthropocalypse in the guise of barefoot beards with voices. They were also six-fifteenths of the 2013 Victoria Poetry Slam Team
Ann WalshAnn Walsh, Williams Lake, BC
Ann Walsh is a long time Cariboo resident and author of books about Canada’s history for young readers. She has recently begun performing her spoken word poetry.
Jaden WilkesJaden Wilkes, Quesnel, BC
“Jaden is the pen name of a girl living on the prettiest farm in BC. She shares her space with her husband, her children, and an Irish Wolfhound named Tiberius. She can now be found lurking in the dark corners of the internet looking for artful porn gifs, dirty poems and places to promo her work.”
Jeremy LovedayJeremy Loveday, Victoria, BC
Jeremy Loveday is the 2-time defending Victoria Slam Champion. His poetry “captures the magic of being alive”. His videopoem “Masks Off – A Challenge to Men” has sparked debate and attracted international media attention.
Julie Fowler - Grande Dames of the CaribooJulie Fowler – Grande Dames of the Cariboo, Penticton, BC
Co-founder of the ArtsWells Festival and Executive Director of Island Mountain Arts, Julie just published her first book – Grande Dames of the Cariboo – about her journey through Cariboo Art History.
Kathleen MinielyKathleen Miniely, Victoria, BC
Political, mischievous, perplexed, heart broken poet, can dance jigs, turn cartwheels, knit, and is exactly who you’d want if you were having a baby.
Shane Avec I GrecShane Avec I Grec, Victoria, BC

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7 techniques to transformation with Suki P Fox
Suki Fox, is a Teacher and Wellness Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in health and wellness support, and is based in Vernon, BC. She has been helping clients shift with Resonance Repatterning sessions for over 15 years now. Trained in New York, she remains one of the few practitioners of this cutting edge process available in Canada today.
Astrology with Martin Comtois
Bollywood with Get Bent Belly Dancers with Get Bent Belly Dancers
Get Bent is Western Canada’s largest Belly Dance & Performance School. In 2005, Get Bent created a new trademark dance-style called Get Bent Bollywood Bellydancing – a fusion of Middle Eastern and East Indian dance
Booking Shows and Touring in Canada with Joey Balducchi
After booking over 120 tours throughout Canada, along with 100’s of shows for many notable Canadian Independant acts since 2002, Spherical Productions President, Joey Balducchi, has learned the ins and outs of booking shows and tours in Canada. In this workshop, he will be facilitating an open discussion to help broaden the different techniques to booking successful shows and tours throughout Canada.
Burlesque Sass Class with Sasparilla Foxx
An intro class with dancer Jessie Herman and members of Bottoms Up Barely Burlesque. Bring all of your sass, and a pair of gloves if you have some!
Contact Dance with River
This workshop is for all levels and will offer an introduction to the basic principles  as well as discuss key concepts for those with a more advanced  understanding of CI. We will look at the physical principles of touch, momentum, shared weight, the foundations for flying and of course- the point of contact. Come and experience the joy of being in body, the joy of being present and being lost – the joy of co-creation through dance.
Drumspeak with Granville Johnson
Sssnap’s Granville Johnson lead the workshop “drumspeak” that focuses on technical tips that aid in the expression of hand drumming. Suitable for all level and genres of play. Djembes supplied and be for sale at the workshop.
Festival Producers in the Round
Festival Producers from all over BC will be sharing their concepts and methods to “putting on the show” and the tricks to managing events and artists. All organizers, produces, artists, and aspiring festival creators are welcome.
Friend With Benefits with David Simard
A display of friendship and solidarity between independent artists. Imagine having a handful of inexpensive download cards in your wallet that allowed you to promote the artists you know and love. Now imagine that they’re doing the same for you. Word-of-mouth becomes card-to-hand and you’re invited
Glass Blowing with Redbeard & Co.
Come check out the glass blowing bus in vendor village and look listen and learn how the this team of artists create these unique pieces of art.
Hatha Yoga with Angela Clark
Historic Tour of Wells with Mary Forbes
“Join Award Winning Interpreter Mary Forbes for a historic walk in costume through downtown Wells. Unions, heritage buildings, founding families, harlots, ghosts and shapely gams are all a part of this family friendly walk-kids and dogs on leash welcome to attend the entire wheelchair accessible route. Get in the spirit and attend in your best tickle-trunk olden days regalia. Best dressed get a prize! Meet Mary at HIGH NOON every day of the festival on the porch of IMA! Tours available by request at other times during the day-leave a message for Mary at IMA with the time you want to go for a walk the day before.”
Introduction to Swing Dance with Capri Aspe
Learn the basics of swing dance so you can fearlessly lead and follow, and bust the odd move. No partner required! Capri Aspe began producing ZarYevka Ballet in 2011 and has been creating colorful, energetic shows ever since. Jeff Wannop has been co-piloting since 2013, a dancing man himself.
Laughter Yoga with Hugh McClland
Mural Painting with Milan
We are excited that Milan in back at ArtsWells to create a New mural for the Island Mountain Arts Public Gallery. Come by and watch this masterfull muralist at the Wells Community Hockey Rink as he creates the newest member of the Wells Mural Family.
Neil Vant Wells Historic Tour
Join our long time Local Wellsian and historic enthusiast on his tour about town
Once Upon a Time… with Ann Walsh
Session 2 – Once Upon a Time… : Ages 8 to adult, length, 1 hour.
Pole Dancing Fitness with Vile Pole
A pole fitness workshop with Jenny Phillips and Joel Kolenchuk
Politics in Music with Tim Sarrs, Michael Dunn & Scotty Dunbar
Join Scotty Dunbar, Michael Dunn, and Tim Sars as they explore the world of “Politics in Music” in its various forms.
Raise your love vibration with Suki P Fox
Raise your love vibration! Participate in this fascinating group Resonance Repatterning Session, and resonate with more love! Would you like to attract more love into your life, and resonate with more of it for yourself, others, and the whole planet? All who attend or proxy into this group session will co-create this together, and shift with Suki! She uses muscle-checking (applied kinesiology) to objectively and accurately identify what is pertinent, and a intriguing pattern common to the group emerges. She then identifies all the specific healing modalities that will shift your resonanace in the session.
The Science of Spiritual Awareness with DOK AUK
A comprehensive look at things like sacred geometry, chakras, ancient knowledge, atalantis and many other interesting topics. Followed by some group activities this workshop will leave u feeling charged and informed.
Shout It Out with Ann Walsh
Shout It Out: For ages 6 to 15. Length, 1 hour. This workshop for young people will be an introduction to spoken word poetry. It will involve games, improv and the creation of a group poem. No writing, no pressure, just fun.
Vocal Improvisation with Doug Koyama
Improvised A Capella is the art of getting out of the way of the music that naturally wants to come from you. All you need to remember is take a breath, make a sound, keep going.
Wood Carving with Vaughn Warren
Join experienced artists Vaughn Warren of Kamloops, BC for a demonstration on carving and staining party as he completes his new ArtsWells pole carving piece at Island Mountain Arts Gallery.
Working with Dreams to Create Art, Songs, Music, Theatre and Ceremony with Cndy Charleyboy
Participants will learn dream skills – recall, capture & best times/ways to work with dreams to enhance the creative energy and create stories, drama, song, music, dance, theatre.
Yoga on the lawn with Angela Clark & Yael Wand
Join our lovely Yoga leaders for a morning Yoga Session in the school field to start your day.

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Capri and JeffZarYevka Ballet – Capri and Jeff, Wells, BC
A high-energy fusion of ballet & shamelessly romantic gypsy dance. Capri Aspe began producing ZarYevka Ballet in 2011 and has been creating colorful, highly-entertaining shows ever since. Capri Aspe began producing ZarYevka Ballet in 2011 and has been creating colorful, energetic shows ever since. Jeff Wannop has been co-piloting since 2013, a dancing man himself.
Get Bent Belly DancingGet Bent Belly Dancing, Penticton, BC
Each year, Get Bent performs hundreds of belly dance shows at community events, theatres and public schools in the Okanagan and BC.
Jake EvensJake Evans,  Penticton, BC
Jake Evans is an Urban Dancer and Musician from Halifax NS, now living in the Okanagan. He has been performing and instructing from coast to coast for the last 15 years and is currently touring his new children’s book entitled “Feelin’ The Beat.”
The Spin JinnyThe Spin Jinny, Comox Valley, BC
The Spin Jinny is a Vancouver Island belly-dancer and hula-hooper with a flair for fusing both with a circus aesthetic. Just add a dash of fire for some danger-singed entertainment!
Vile Pole ArtsVile Pole Arts, Quesnel, BC
Competing at the 2014, World Championships, Vile Pole Arts promises to deliver an unforgetable performance. Chemistry, artisty, strength and beauty like no other.

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ArtsWells Appreciation Party Aug 4th @ the Wells Community Hall

Los RastrillosLos Rastrillos, Mexico
Mexico City has been skanking to the cool-mestizo-reggae rhythms of the Rastrillos since 1989. Their 25th anniversary is the result of years of hardwork of its members, seeking to promote Mexican reggae music, self-management and artistic spaces.

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